Labrador Friends of the South Hosts a Festive Holiday Party

The cuteness was out of control at the Lab rescue's bash -- just look at these photos.

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Labrador Friends of the South has a mission revealed in its name: to help Labrador Retrievers in the the Southeastern United States find homes. The nonprofit group is run by volunteers who adore Labradors. It helps homeless members of the breed as well as Lab mixes find families to love and care for them.

Labs are one of the most popular breeds in the United States — which also means shelters are full of them. Even though Labs make great family pets, their high level of energy, keen intelligence, and eagerness to please means they need families who are willing to consistently train and exercise them. A lot of families bring home cute puppies only to realize later that the dogs will eat almost anything in sight without proper training. Whether simply unwanted or orphaned by circumstances beyond anyone’s control, these dogs get back on their paws with help from Labrador Friends of the South.

Earlier this month, the website It’s a Lab Thing was on hand at Labrador Friends’ annual holiday party. The rescue organization treated folks to a silent auction, adoptions, training tips, and discounted microchipping.

And, as expected, the cuteness was out of control. Just look at these faces! Now that’s the holiday spirit.

Photos via It’s a Lab Thing and the Labrador Friends of the South

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