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Goodbye, Cone of Shame -- Hello, Therapeutic Leggings for Dogs

A thoughtful, creative invention prevents injured dogs from bothering leg wounds.

 |  Feb 4th 2013  |   12 Contributions

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If you seek innovative alternatives to the “cone of shame,” we’ve found one that’s got legs: H4Legs, to be precise, which is the name of a company that’s invented H-Leggings, a cool, new, patent-pending product made of breathable, custom-knit, stretch nylon.

The invention was inspired by a handsome German Shorthaired Pointer named Harley, who's the H in H-Leggings. This sweet dog, who happens to be the model on the product box, suffers from severe food and environmental allergies, with all the self-licking and –biting those conditions sadly bring (especially when the seasons change).  

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H-leggings brought Harley relief and comfort, and might do the same for your dog. They’re a protective barrier for canine skin that’s been irritated by licking and biting, and they may also be worn over a vet-approved wound dressing or cast. Designed to be worn on both forelegs, even if only one limb is injured, the leggings help balance and distract the dog from the injury – very thoughtful, clever concept.  

Check 'em out on the H4Legs web site or on Facebook. 


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