Would You Carry a Handbag Made of Dog Fur?

Vet and designer Doris Carvalho makes them and wants to make more. See her Kickstarter video.


One day, Doris Carvalho, a veterinarian and fashion designer from Brazil, looked at the piles of fur on the groomer’s floor and hit on a million-dollar idea.

“Huh,” she thought. “Handbags!”

Well, maybe it’s not a million-dollar idea, but it’s certainly an idea. For the right person, it could even be a good idea. Would you carry around a handbag made of dog fur? Before you answer, realize that you could look like this:

And this:

Hey, look at you with a dog-fur handbag!

Doris, who seems like a very nice person, is very enthusiastic about her idea. She takes dog hair from groomers — “which would be garbage anywhere else in the world,” she says in her Kickstarter video — runs it through a sterilization process, then makes yarn out of it, “which is as soft as any other.”

And then: handbags. Like this:

“This handbag,” she says, holding up a handbag, “proves that high end can be made eco-friendly from your pet for you.”

“It adds value to a sustainable society,” she maintains.

What do you think? Is dog fur the next textile to rule the fashion world? Is Roberto Cavalli right now making a dog-fur cape for the smartly dressed urban male?

If you would like to see her vision turned into handbags, consider donating to her Kickstarter page, which is hoping for $15,000 by Oct. 29 to get the project off the ground. Here’s her Kickstarter video:

And before you scoff, sort of like we are, understand that Doris has already made considerable waves in certain fashion circles to her dog-fur creations. Here’s a video of her press coverage in Brazil, in which she created dresses, skirts, belts, and sandals for a client:

Now would you carry a dog-fur handbag?

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