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9 Dog Friendly Breweries In The USA (2024 Guide)

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

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9 Dog Friendly Breweries In The USA (2024 Guide)

Dog-friendly breweries are becoming more and more common across the United States. Dog ownership continues to rise, which has caused more and more businesses to declare themselves dog-friendly. Restaurants and breweries that accept dogs are popping up all over the US.

However, there still aren’t that many dog-friendly breweries. You often have to go looking for them, and there likely isn’t one in your area. Traveling to visit one may be a great day trip, though.

Of course, not all dog-friendly breweries out there are good, and not all of them are close enough for a day trip. Here’s a list of the top dog-friendly breweries around the country, allowing you to find one near you.

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The 9 Dog-Friendly Breweries in The USA

1. Laughing Dog Brewing Company

Location: Ponderay, Idaho

Laughing Dog Brewery has been a dog-friendly establishment since day one. They have a dog-friendly patio and a dog menu with tasty treats like ice cream and beef sticks. It’s truly an establishment that welcomes dogs, not just puts up with them.

In fact, the brewery itself is named after the founder’s yellow Labrador.

2. Kinship Brewing

Location: Waukee, Iowa

Kinship Brewery is another dog-friendly brewing company that truly accepts dogs. They have an onsite dog park, so you can let your dog run off some energy while enjoying their delicious brews. They also have a dog-friendly outdoor patio if your pup isn’t in the mood to play.

3. Pinellas Ale Works

Location: Petersburg, Florida

This brewery is easily one of the most popular dog-friendly spots in the United States. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on their patio and in their beer garden. They’re even allowed inside their taproom, though they must be leashed at all times. This brewery caters to dog owners, complete with dog bowls and treats at every table. Most of their brews even have dog-inspired names.

They have a wide selection of beers for dog owners to enjoy, too, with over 40 different options on tap.

4. Armored Cow Brewing Co.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

This brewing company is so enthralled with dogs that they have their own resident “brewery dog” named Remi. They also host dog rescues and other not-for-profits that help dogs around the United States. You can also attend their dog-friendly events, which are often themed around the holiday.

Unlike many other companies, Armored Cow Brewing offers 100% gluten-free beer. If you are sensitive, this brewery is a great option. They offer seasonal craft brews like most companies.

5. Tidal Creek Brewhouse

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This whole brewhouse is dog-friendly. Your dogs can romp off-leash in their onsite dog park, or they can lay back and relax in the brewhouse or patio. Your dog is allowed everywhere that you are! The dog park is packed with toys and obstacles for your pooch to enjoy, including an obstacle course and selfie station. There is seating inside the dog park, so you can sip while your dog plays.

They also sell local dog treats, so your dog has something to enjoy, too. Some of these treats are even made from the same grains they brew their beer from. Their menu also has the ever-fun dog-inspired brews.

Even if you don’t like beer, this brewery has something for you. They also roast their own coffee and serve meals.

6. Switchback Brewing Co.

Location: Burlington, Vermont

At the Switchback Brewing Co., your dog is allowed everywhere but the production floor. Their dog-friendly taproom is full of beer, water bowls, and treats, ensuring there is something for just about everyone. You can also purchase dog-themed leashes and collars.

Like many companies, they host regular fundraisers for dog-related not-for-profits, like the local dog rescue. If you want to drink beer and feel good about it, consider attending one of these fundraisers.

They offer tons of different beers, including more “normal” offerings and unique options. Ales, lagers, and IPAs are all on rotation.

7. Lagunitas Petaluma TapRoom

Location: Petaluma, California

We highly recommend the Lagunitas Petaluma TapRoom for beer-loving dog owners. They truly welcome all dogs, not just put up with them. Dog bowls full of water and treats are available for all dogs who enter, and you can order from their dog menu to make your pup’s night really special. Staff members are trained to treat dogs just like they would any other customer.

They work directly with Best Friends Animal Society, which rescues pets of all sorts. If you purchase any of their dog toys, collars, or other doggie gear, a portion of the proceeds go to this rescue. You can also attend their dog-related events, which include vaccine clinics and more fun-related parties.

Of course, they wouldn’t be a brewery without beer, and they have plenty of beer. They offer their own innovative beers, which are highly limited and only available on draft.

8. Lakes and Legends Brewing Company

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

This brewing company really specializes in serving dogs alongside their owners. In fact, some reviews have complained that they focus too much on dogs!

They have treats and merch made just for dogs. They also regularly host adoption events, where they encourage customers to adopt from their local shelter. Like many breweries, they also host special events, often around the holidays. Often, dogs are completely allowed during these often dog-centered celebrations.

While they do have many common beers on tap, they include local breweries whenever they can. Therefore, you’ll find many unique, fun beers to try, too.

9. Four Quarters Brewing

Location: Winooski, Vermont

This brewery is another great option in Vermont. They are much more family-friendly than most breweries out there. Their taproom is completely dog-friendly and offers tons of different beers. However, they also have a kids’ menu and a long list of alcohol-free drinks for those under the legal drinking age to enjoy.

While they don’t focus on serving food, you’ll find cheese boards and sandwiches available to snack on while you eat. Many of their snacks are beer-related. For instance, they make pizza out of beer and yeast. Most of their food items are also house-made or made by a local partner.

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There are plenty of dog-friendly breweries opening up. Many of these are focused on dogs, to the point that they offer a dog menu complete with dog treats. We highly recommend visiting a brewery like the ones on this list, where dogs are welcome, not just put up with! Some breweries are labeled as “dog-friendly,” but they may only allow dogs in the taproom—and not offer dog-safe foods or water.

Always check the dog policies of the specific brewery you’re interested in before you go. Dogs are almost always required to stay on a leash, but other policies may also be involved.

While visiting a brewery with your dog can be very fun, it isn’t for every dog. Very friendly dogs often love getting out and about, but don’t make your dog participate if they’d rather stay home. Know your dog and ensure they’re properly trained before you go!

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