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5 DIY Dog Fences You Can Make Today (With Instructions)

Written by: Oliver Jones

Last Updated on April 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

Dog Fence

5 DIY Dog Fences You Can Make Today (With Instructions)

Letting your canine play outside is a crucial part of being a responsible dog owner. But if they do go out, keeping them contained on your property can be expensive. However, the solution is to build your own dog fence so you can spend less.

That’s why we’re here to show you five DIY dog fence plans you can build for your pooch with some handy info to get you started! Oh, and don’t forget to wear protective gear if you need it.

The 5 DIY Dog Fences

1. Basic Mesh Fence by PetHelpful

DIY Dog Fences
Image By: Pet Helpful

Materials: Tenax 2A140073 pet fence 4’ x 100, studded T-post (5 ft), plastic cable zip ties, landscaping anchor pins
Tools: Speeco Farmex Post Driver
Difficulty level: Easy

The first DIY dog fence you can make on our list is this cheap option. It’s a basic mesh fence that can be shaped into any fashion that your property can accommodate, making it one of the most flexible dog fences available. All it takes is a few days of patience (it’s relatively easy to make), and you’ll have a fence that holds up well against tears. It’s a simple garden fence, though, so be aware that this fence can be trampled by larger wildlife, such as deer, or even larger dogs with enough force.

2. Hog Wire Panel DIY Fence by Gator_Overland

Materials: Flags/twine, shims, clamps, 2”x 4”x 8’ lumber, 2”x 4”x 10’ lumber, 4”x 4”x 10’ lumber, 2”x 6” x 8’ lumber, 50” x 8’ hog wire panels, 3” exterior screws, Quickcrete,
Tools: Miter/table saws, hammer/power drills, shovel/snippers, post hole digger/auger, sharpie and speed square, tape measure, safety equipment, 24” bolt cutters, hammer, level, T25 star bit, 5/32” drill bit
Difficulty level: Easy

The hog wire panel fence is a classic when it comes to DIY dog fences. This one requires a lot of materials and tools, but it’s super rigid and looks great once you complete the project. It’s also easy to build and is reasonably flexible for both irregular and symmetrical yards. The entire fence could take about 15 hours total to finish, which isn’t that bad, either. Due to the materials, though, it may cost a bit upfront, especially if you don’t have all of the tools.

3. Wooden Fence by Lowe’s Home Improvement

Materials: 4”x 4” lumber posts, 2”x 4” lumber, 1”x 4” furring strips, fence pickets, concrete mix, exterior screws, mason line, fasteners, gate hardware kit
Tools: Pneumatic nailer, air compressor, circular saw, a post hole digger, digging bar, shovel, speed square, tape measure, level/post level, wheelbarrow, ladder
Difficulty level: Advanced

We all know Lowe’s as the one-stop shop for DIY project supplies, but did you know they also make helpful tutorials? This one is a basic wooden fence made entirely out of lumber, which looks great and keeps your dog from trying to chase after animals on the other side. You can also build it with or without a gate, but there’s a catch. The build itself requires a lot of expertise and precision to ensure that everything is level and even. However, it has a lot of advantages—you can even paint it a different color!

4. Grand Empire Dog Run Fence by DIY Danielle

DIY Dog Fences
Image By: DIY Danielle

Materials: Grand Empire fence panels, Grand Empire posts/stakes, Grand Empire XL gate
Tools: Shovel, tiller, mallet,
Difficulty level: Easy

Next on our list is this super simple dog run made from Grand Empire fencing materials. The best thing about this one is that it doesn’t require any real digging! The whole thing is made of metal so it stakes into the ground, unlike wood, which takes quite a bit more work. The fence plans also include a large gate for easy in-and-out access, which doesn’t take too much time to add.

5. Chain Link Dog Kennel by Mom in Music City

Materials: Fencemaster chain link dog kennel
Tools: None
Difficulty level: Moderate

Made by Fencemaster, this chain link dog kennel comes with everything you need to build the project. Unlike our other mentions, you won’t need to go out and buy tools or transport lumber, so it’s great for those who have smaller cars. It takes some work to make, but its durability is what you’d expect for a tough metal fence. The size of it is also fixed, and it isn’t the largest out there, so the fence is best used as a typical kennel.


How High Should a Fence Be for a Dog?

The height of your fence will vary depending on what breed of dog you own. If your buddy is a Pug, you won’t need a very tall fence; however, if you’ve got a German Shepherd, it’s wise to go with something at least 6 feet tall. The best thing to do is look at the height of your dog on its hind legs. They shouldn’t be able to put their paws over the fence.

How Far Should Fence Posts Be for a Dog Fence?

Generally speaking, the best width in-between dog posts is about 7 or 8 feet. This ensures that the fencing will be taught, especially if it is made of netting or mesh.

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So, there we have it! Five DIY dog fence plans you can build for your pooch! All of these plans can be built in less than a week if you put in the labor every day. If you want something robust, go with the Lowe’s fence or one of the metal options. Then again, the others work quite well and are pretty easy to make! Hopefully, you found one that you like for your canine; good luck with the build!

Featured Image Credit: Ali Vidler, Pixabay

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