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15 DIY Dog Crate Table Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Krysha Thayer

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

15 DIY Dog Crate Table Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Kennels are essential for making your pup feel at home. You may not have the space for one, or you may want your dog’s kennel to look… well, less like a kennel and more like part of your home!

With these DIY dog crate table plans, you can build something from scratch using new building materials, repurpose items around your home, or find a way to cover the kennel you already have. No matter how you choose to go about it, giving your pooch a kennel both of you can be proud of is easier than you think.

No matter what you’re looking for or your experience with DIY projects, you’re sure to find something inspiring and perfect for your room’s décor!


The 15 DIY Dog Crate Table Plans

1. DIY Dog Crate with Sliding Door by Woodshop Diaries

Materials: ¾” plywood, 2x2s, pocket hole screws, wood screws, drawer slides, wood glue
Tools: Pocket hole jig, drill, miter saw, circular saw, square clamps
Difficulty Level: Advanced

This unique dog crate doesn’t look much like a crate or a table! The design offers a bit more privacy for pups but is intended for medium and large breeds. Although this requires some experience using woodworking tools, the builder goes through the entire process step by step, and the plans are easily adjusted to fit smaller or larger dogs.

2. Repurposing a Crib Into a Dog Crate Table by My Love 2 Create

DIY Dog Crate Table
Image By: My Love 2 Create
Materials: Crib, 1x2s, plywood, reclaimed wood, screws, hinges, wood glue, paint, painter’s tape, vinyl flooring, casters
Tools: Pocket hole jig, drill, miter saw, circular saw, right angle clamp
Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you happen to have an old crib or just love repurposing furniture projects, this is a fun one. Many cribs are the perfect size for medium and large breeds, and they are available in many styles so that every crib design will result in a unique crate. The designers used reclaimed wood for their top, but you could easily use something that matches your décor.

3. Another Way to Upcycle a Crib by HGTV

DIY Another Way to Upcycle a Crib
Image By: HGTV
Materials: Crib, ½” plywood, drawer pull, screws, throw bolts
Tools: Circular saw, drill, Allen key or screwdriver, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This crib conversion is a bit easier and calls for fewer modifications. You may need a simpler crib design for this to work, but it’s a great way to turn a piece of furniture you no longer need into one you do. If you still have the crib mattress, your pup may also be able to use it, as it will still fit inside the finished piece. Step-by-step instructions and a video are provided.

4. Removable Wooden Dog Crate Cover by Heather Laura Clarke

DIY Removable Wooden Dog Crate Cover
Image Credit: Heather Laura Clarke
Materials: 1x2s, 1x4s, stain, paint, screws
Tools: Saw, drill, sander
Difficulty Level: Easy

Heather made this entire removable wooden dog crate cover without even measuring a single piece of wood! If woodworking isn’t your strongest skill, but you know how to use a saw and a drill, this would be a great project to help make your dog’s existing kennel look just a little bit nicer and function as a table. It’s a super simple project, and you may already have the materials lying around the garage.

5. Single Dog Kennel DIY Plans by Build Blueprints

DIY Single Dog Kennel DIY Plans
Image Credit: Build Blueprints
Materials: 2x4s, 1x3s, 1x6s, 1x4s, 2x8s, 3/8″ rebar, T-hinges, barrel bolts, pocket screws, 3/8″ dowels
Tools: Pocket hole jig, drill, miter saw, circular saw, screwdriver, sandpaper
Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you are comfortable with reading woodworking plans and are looking for blueprints you can take to the shop, these build blueprints are ideal. They provide a complete list of materials, broken down to size, plus required tools. You’ll have 2D plans and 3D diagrams with all the dimensions needed to complete the project in the assembly instructions.

6. DIY Large Dog Crate Plans by Breanna Marion

DIY Large Dog Crate Plans
Image Credit: Breanna Marion
Materials: List included with plans
Tools: Circular saw, miter saw, drill, pocket hole jig, speed square, brad nailer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This large dog crate DIY project is a beautiful kennel that is solid but also a perfect canvas for painting or staining when you’d like to match your room’s décor and turn the crate into a helpful table. The plan’s designer welcomes messages if you have questions during the project.

7. IKEA Hack Dog Cage Cover Table by IKEA Hackers

DIY IKEA Hack Dog Cage Cover Table
Image Credit: IKEA Hackers
Materials: IKEA Tarendo Table, dog kennel, magnets, glue, privacy panels
Tools: Saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

This dog cage cover table hack is undoubtedly the work of a creative genius. Why build a table when you can use one? This IKEA table is the perfect size to fit over a standard kennel, and the frame is magnetic. Simply add magnets to your favorite design of privacy panels, cut to size, and you’ve cleverly disguised your pup’s kennel as a table. Brilliant!

8. Corner Dog Crate Woodworking Plan by Do It Yourself Planner

DIY Corner Dog Crate Woodworking Plan
Image Credit: Do It Yourself Planner
Materials: List included with plans
Tools: List included with plans
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Another unique DIY dog kennel is this large corner crate design. When they say large, they mean large. It is ideal for big dogs or multiple pups since it has more square footage than most dog kennel furniture. It also has a sturdy, sizable top surface that can be handy as a display or for easy-access storage. If you need an oversized kennel, this is it. Instruction videos are included.

9. DIY Dog Crate Table Topper by DIY Danielle

DIY Dog Crate Table Topper
Image Credit: DIY Danielle
Materials: Metal dog kennel, wood, SafeCoat, milk paint
Tools: Hammer, nails, sander, sandpaper, paint brushes
Difficulty Level: Easy

For a quick and easy project, you can add a simple topper to your dog’s kennel to allow it to function as a table without much modification. The topper can be easily removed when needed. This beginner’s level woodworking project is a great way to use wood pieces you have around the house. If you need to purchase supplies, this is a low-cost project.

10. Dog Crate Side Table by The Palette Muse

DIY Dog Crate Side Table
Image Credit: The Palette Muse
Materials: Plywood, table legs, hardware
Tools: Drill, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

Another easy way to cover up your existing kennel is to build a table that fits over it perfectly. With this dog crate side table project, you construct the tabletop to the exact dimensions of the kennel and then choose table legs that match your décor. Paint or stain the top to your liking as well!

11. Melamine DIY Dog Crate by POPSUGAR Home

DIY Melamine Dog Crate
Image Credit: POPSUGAR Home
Materials: Melamine pieces cut to size, melamine finishing tape and dots, screws
Tools: Saw (optional), drill, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This melamine DIY dog crate looks like an authentic piece of furniture with a standard dog kennel at its center. The designer even has the inventive idea of having the melamine pieces cut to size at your local hardware store, so all you have to do is assemble them to have a chic new table.

12. Simple DIY Dog Kennel Table by Snazzy Little Things

DIY Simple Dog Kennel Table
Image Credit: Snazzy Little Things
Materials: Kennel, tension rods, table legs, pine boards, café style curtains, hemming tape, stain
Tools: Pocket hole jig, other tools as needed
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This kennel-to-table conversion is unique as it has removable curtains. These curtains are perfect if your pup likes privacy or their kennel is their safe space for quiet time. You can add to the room’s décor by choosing the type and color of stain and matching or contrasting curtains for a whole new look.

13. The Functional Dog Crate by This Old House

DIY The Functional Dog Crate
Image Credit: This Old House
Materials: Detailed cut list provided with instructions
Tools: Brad nailer, screwdriver, jigsaw, miter saw, drill, bar clamp, tin snips
Difficulty Level: Advanced

For a step-by-step guide to building a professional quality and beautifully designed functional dog crate, follow along with This Old House. Their instructions include a complete cut list so you can have everything ready before assembly. Decorative grates give this end table kennel a polished look perfect for any room.

14. DIY Dog Crate Console by Shanty2Chic

DIY Dog Crate Console
Image Credit: Shanty2Chic
Materials: 2x4s, 2x2s, 1x4s, pocket hole screws, staples, pin nails, wood screws, PVC coated welded wire, hinges, latches, wood glue, dog bowls
Tools: Miter saw, drill, pocket hole jig, nailer, stapler, jig saw, table saw, nippers
Difficulty Level: Advanced

For a piece of furniture that accommodates two pets and also provides storage, the DIY dog crate console offers much more than a standard kennel end table. The design is a bit more complex, so you should be comfortable working with wood and shop tools, but the result is a stunning addition to your living room or office decor.

15. Dog Kennel with Shelves by Mike and Katee Gebo

DIY Dog Kennel with Shelves
Image Credit: Mike and Katee Gebo
Materials: List included with plans
Tools: Table saw, miter saw, circular saw, drill, tape measure, straight edge, clamps, reciprocating saw, drill bits
Difficulty Level: Advanced

This dog kennel with shelves also provides additional storage for your pup’s belongings but is not as complex as the above design. It’s perfect for medium-sized dogs and a beautiful way to showcase your woodworking skills. Instructional videos are provided, but the designers suggest you need intermediate to advanced skills to complete the project.



Whether you choose a quick and easy DIY project to enhance the functionality of your dog’s existing dog crate or go all-in with blueprints to build one from the ground up, we are confident you now have all the creative inspiration you need to get started. Now, it’s time to grab your materials and tools to transform your room’s décor with a more practical dog crate table!

Featured Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

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