Watch Uncle Samsung the Dog Fall in Love with Geegee the Bird

How the Peke mix and Instagram star came to love an injured blackbird.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Phillip Mlynar

Is there any greater love than that which exists between a Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix and a common blackbird?

While you’re pondering that particular interspecies conundrum of the heart, here’s a roundup of recent videos that hit the Internet showing a dog and a bird, which prove that two can indeed become one.

The dog in question is Uncle Samsung, a refined 13-year-old who is deaf in one ear. Here he is in all his mop-topped glory:

Life was plodding along as usual for Uncle Samsung until a month ago when this happened:

Now Uncle Samsung and the rescued bird, who has been named Geegee, have become an inseparable duo. Swoon at some of their antics.

They enjoy taking serene walks together.

Geegee always likes to pick up the slack when Uncle Samsung is calling time-out on his ball-chasing duties.

They bathe together. Or, rather, they indulge in a “full-option spa,” as the high-maintenance Geegee likes to specify.

Naturally, they quibble over snacks.

And then they play nice and chow down together on a freaky-looking sugar apple.

After a hard day of snacking and spa treatments, they like to reward themselves with a cruise in the car. Geegee always snags shotgun.

Uncle Samsung and Geegee love to horse around. Like, they literally attempt to play horse.

And like any classic sitcom couple, Uncle Samsung and Geegee playfully fight over bragging rights in their shared bed.

You can keep up with the adorable duo’s antics over at Uncle Samsung’s Instagram account — which also includes footage of him doing the backstroke and dressed up in a pineapple helment.

Read more about rescue on Dogster:

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