Videos We Love: Watch This Dog Go Mad Over a Pile of Leaves

Admit it: You've always wanted to do this (and now you have an incentive to do fall chores).


You know how on a Saturday when you rake leaves all morning and get them into a crazy pile and you stand there for a bit and wonder what it would be like to be six again and charge into those leaves? And then you sort of halfheartedly scan the street for some neighborhood kids before you dejectedly push all those fun, youthful leaves into large, depressing trash bags before you watch football for five hours?

Jody Hartman doesn’t have that problem. He knows what to do with a crazy pile of leaves. He calls in his dog, Stella, this one:

Here she is again:

Stella went to dog school and majored in leaf pile. Stella knows what to do here. All she needs is Hartman to toss the ball into the leaf pile — a dog needs motivation — and she’ll take this leaf pile to its full potential. She’s like an artist in there, scurrying around under all that dead organic matter. What is she doing? There’s more going on than mere ball-retrieval. We like the way her tail sticks out. She’s like a deep-sea diver putting a little buoy on the surface to let everyone know where she is. All of us should get the opportunity to have our tails stick out of a leaf pile.

Watch the video:

As for those back legs, well, dogs do strange things after leaf pile. According to Hartman, “She is a perfectly healthy yellow Lab with no medical issues at all. She has been tested for EIC, and her funny way of stopping is just how she cools down on the grass.”

Here’s her tail again:

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