Check Out the Pet Relief Area at JFK

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With the heightened security at airports these days, quick pup potty breaks aren’t easy. So, in an effort to meet the needs of canine travelers (and their people) at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4, JFKIAT (the management company that operates the terminal) has created the airport’s first post-security pet relief area through a partnership with the Guide Dog Foundation, a guide and service dog school based in Smithtown, New York.

“In order to accommodate for the growing number of passengers traveling with animals, Terminal 4 is happy to provide pet owners with this amenity allowing for a more stress-free travel experience,” said Susana Cunha, Vice President of Operations at JFKIAT.

Potty break time! (Photo courtesy JFK International Airport)
Potty break time! (Photo courtesy JFK International Airport)

The 70-square-foot area features artificial turf, fun paw print decorations, and even a little red fire hydrant! A hose and dispenser of plastic doggie bags are also provided, so owners can clean up the area for the next pet.

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