Cesar Millan Dog Whispers on “Ghost Whisperer” — His Side of the Story, Day 3

Thanks to "The Ghost Whisperer" and Cesar Millan for this artwork Don't forget to check out Cesar on CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer" tomorrow night! My...


Cesar Millan on Ghost Whisperer1.jpg

Thanks to “The Ghost Whisperer” and Cesar Millan for this artwork

Don’t forget to check out Cesar on CBS’ “The Ghost Whisperer” tomorrow night!

My history with Ghosts”

My wife Ilusion and our kids and I all love to watch the Ghost Whisperer” because it isnt just a supernatural show; its also a spiritual show. It really stresses the important lessons that I learn from my dogs every day to live in the moment and appreciate everything and everyone we love, all the time. My wife is a very spiritual person shes even seen ghosts and had visions in her life. But she was raised in America, where people are free to believe whatever they want. I grew up in a working class family in Mexico, where things were a little different. My family was more caught up in religion than spirituality. In spirituality you can definitely be more open to supernatural things, but since we were very Catholic, that would be like black magic or that would be like the wrong thing to follow. It wasnt until I came to America that I really started to open up to things like ghosts and the supernatural. And of course, falling in love with my wife, I began to see the world in a much more open-minded way. Sort of like how Melinda opened up a new world for Jim!

The funny part of it is that even in my family, there were certain superstitions that persisted, even though they might not agree 100% which what the religion teaches. For example, on the farm where I was growing up they always used to say that the dogs would sense death coming. The farm hands all believed that dogs would behave in a certain way and the next day or right after somebody would die. Then, once you went to church, theyd tell you not to believe that. It was very contradicting. It really confuses you, but even despite the religious rules, there were always stories like that. And I think they probably had some truth in them.

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