Facts on the Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed

Though no one knows their exact lineage, the Black Mouth Cur is believed to descend from ancient European and Asian Cur-type herding and hunting dogs.


Proud parent of a Black Mouth Cur who’s looking to learn more or thinking about getting a Black Mouth Cur dog? Learn the facts about this breed here:

Quick Facts on the Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed:

A Black Mouth Cur dog.
A Black Mouth Cur dog.
  • Weight: 40 – 90 pounds
  • Height: 16 – 18 inches

Black Mouth Curs have large, muscular frames covered in short coats that are usually yellow, reddish brown or brindle. Their powerful heads have strong, square muzzles that sometimes have black shading. They have sturdy, athletic midsections and long tails that hang low. Overall, Black Mouth Curs look rugged and resourceful.

Black Mouth Cur Traits:

  • Rugged
  • Rustic
  • Dependable
  • Kind-hearted
  • Protective

Who Gets Along With Black Mouth Curs?

  • Active singles
  • Outdoorsy types
  • Experienced dog handlers

What Are Black Mouth Curs Like to Live With?

Black Mouth Curs are tough, resilient working and hunting dogs. Fearless and relentless in the wild, Black Mouth Curs happen to be very sensitive and gentle with people: Around children they tend to tone-down the play and become more mild and protective. They are outgoing, affectionate and very protective of family members. Black Mouth Curs are smart and curious canines.

Things to Know About Black Mouth Curs:

Born and bred in the outdoors, the Black Mouth Cur might feel a little confined in an apartment. She needs lots of daily exercise. If you can provide the Black Mouth Cur with a protected area for roaming and exploring, by all means let her run.

Black Mouth Curs can live as long as 15 years with relatively few health problems. Grooming the Black Mouth Cur is fairly easy. Simply brush her occasionally, check the ears for signs of infection and keep the toenails trimmed.

Black Mouth Cur History:

Curs originated in the Southeastern U.S., but you can find different “Cur” types throughout the country. Dependable and hardy, Curs were used by pioneers to herd cattle, hunt wild boar and guard property. Though no one knows their exact lineage, Black Mouth Curs are believed to descend from ancient European and Asian Cur-type herding and hunting dogs.

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11 thoughts on “Facts on the Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed”

  1. Adopted a black mouth cur who was rescued from a fighting dog operation. He was a bait dog. He has scars on his muzzle and chest from being used as a training target. He's the SWEETEST dog I've ever known, and is also extraordinarily athletic and fast. He's exceptionally tuned into emotional swings in my household, and loves nothing more than to be invited under a blanket for close contact and loves. This is an amazing pseudo-breed. He has an extremely high prey drive, but is also highly receptive to voice commands. Great dog.

  2. Adopted a 7 yr old rescue as obstinate as all get out, but so sweet. She loves to run full out at the beach & dog park BUT she’s way too rough with the other dogs. She wants to dominate & control while playing. I remove her from the play for a time out but she’s just not getting it. She jumps back in with the same behavior. She has no awareness of her size & strength. She bully’s the small dogs as well. Doesn’t bite or fight but over power’s. Will she change her behavior at 7 ?

    1. We have 2 of these awesomely smart critters in our family. They crave love and attention. The also do really well with training. If you can afford it, you can have her professionally trained. If not, you can get a training collar of some kind. They have ones with tone (for warning) and either citronella spray or a mild electrical current (think 9-volt battery) correction.
      We did this for both of my sons' dogs. Hooch (3 1/2 when we got the collar) was aggressive and an escape and runaway expert. He had NO training when we got him. Midna (8 mos.) was so spastic she couldn't sit still for training if she tried. The tones were enough to get her attention.
      Pet Smart carries a great line of training collars (no I don't work there). I don't recommend buying from chewy .com (My son got 2 collars from them, original purchase +replacement, and both were defective 😢).

  3. I adopted a 5 year old from the pound 3 months ago.listed as a shepherd lab mix. Hes a 94.6% pure bread black mouth cur. Never heard of that breed but he is one fabulous guy.

  4. They are a wonderful breed. Kind, sensitive, smart, but love/need to run and be active.

    After a good day of activity are then happy to spread out on the sofa and enjoy a snuggle.

  5. We rescued my dog at approximately 4 months old after abandoned on a country road. Have been told she is a Chinese Shar Pei/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She has the darker stripe down her back, however, the hair runs same direction as the rest. Even though told what the vet thought she was, when I look at pictures of Black Mouth Curs, I’m looking at my dog, with the exception of the 4″ wide darker stripe down her back. How do I determine what she actually is?

  6. Tobias is a yellow black mouth cur. He and I are very attached and close. When we hike he runs and looks for squirrels but always runs back to check on me. At age four he is very tall and weights 99.7 pounds. But he is very gentle,loving dog.

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  8. My cur is black with black mouth, but white on her chest. At 3 yrs she is built like a truck. Breeder says she had blue heeler, but she is much more musculer than the pics.

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