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9 Best No Jingle Dog Tags in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Matt Jackson

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

9 Best No Jingle Dog Tags in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

dog with tag Dog tags can help ensure your dog is returned to you quicker, in the event it escapes or gets lost. But, if you leave the tags on at all times, the constant jingling of metal on metal can be annoying, especially if you have a lively dog that runs and jumps around a lot. Nighttime scratching sounds like a peel of church bells and your dog’s every move is announced with a sharp metallic clank.

Below are nine of the best no-jingle dog tags that still offer the protection that dog tags offer but without the annoyance of metal-on-metal sound effects.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Stainless Steel Slide-On Personalized Frisco Stainless Steel Slide-On Personalized
  • Can be customized
  • Stainless steel
  • Different sizes for different collars
  • Best Value
    Second place
    GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer
  • Rubber silencer
  • Rubber sleeve glows in the dark
  • Cheap
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    DOG iD Personalized Dog ID Tag DOG iD Personalized Dog ID Tag
  • Laser engraved
  • Unobtrusively slides on your dog’s collar
  • Good variety of sizes
  • GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer
  • Inexpensive
  • Can include up to four lines of text
  • The rubber silencer glows in the dark
  • GoTags Engraved AirTag Dog & Cat Collar Holder GoTags Engraved AirTag Dog & Cat Collar Holder
  • Holds and protects AirTags
  • Slides on and off the collar
  • Customized to include contact details
  • The 9 Best No Jingle Dog Tags

    1. Frisco Stainless Steel Personalized Dog Tag – Best Overall

    Frisco Stainless Steel Slide-On Personalized Dog

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Size: Varies

    Dog tags typically jingle when they consist of two pieces of metal that clank together, or a single piece of metal that clicks against the collar or metal buckle. The Frisco Stainless Steel Slide-On Personalized Dog & Cat Tag is made from stainless steel but it doesn’t clank or jingle because it slides over the dog’s collar and sits in place.

    The tag can be customized with personal information including the dog’s name and your contact details. The stainless steel will withstand poor weather and damp conditions and is sturdy enough that it won’t be easily damaged by your dog. The slide-on tag comes in four sizes fitting collars between 3/8 and an inch wide.

    The collar is reasonably priced, too, and because it can be customized, and is designed not to jingle, but is still durable and hardwearing, it is the best available no-jingle dog tag for dogs and collars of all sizes. However, the tag is quite flimsy, and it can be bent easily, so you may need to bend it back into shape if you have a particularly physical dog.

    • Can be customized with the dog’s name and contact details
    • Stainless steel stands up to weather and wet conditions
    • Different sizes for different collars
    • Bends easily

    2. GoTags Aluminum Silencer Dog ID Tag – Best Value

    Material: Anodized Aluminum
    Size: 1.3 x 1.1 x 1.1 Inches

    The GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer Dog ID Tag is made from anodized aluminum which means that, while it is still lightweight, it is much more resistant to corrosion. It can be worn in the rain and won’t corrode even if your dog regularly wades in muddy puddles or swims in the river.

    Aluminum does make a clanking sound when it hits metal bowls or even metal buckles on collars, though, but the GoTags ID Tag uses a rubber silencer that sits around the tag. The tag itself is still visible and can be customized to include a couple of lines of text, but the silencer, which is also glow-in-the-dark, helps stop the annoying jingle. The tag is bone-shaped and is designed to be hung from your dog’s collar.

    As well as being silent and etched with your chosen text, it is also affordable, making it the best no-jingle dog tag for the money. However, the silencer does take up some of the tag real estate, which means it won’t fit as much information as some of the other tags.

    • Rubber silencer prevents clanking and jingling
    • Rubber sleeve glows in the dark for better visibility
    • Cheap
    • Can’t include too many lines of text

    3. DOG iD Personalized Dog ID Tag – Premium Choice

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Size: Varies

    The DOG iD Personalized Dog ID Tag is a slide-on tag, but rather than use the stainless-steel tag itself as the slide mechanism, it uses strong elastic bands at either end of the tag. Simply run the collar through these and the tag will fit snugly against the collar. It won’t clank or jingle, despite being made from stainless steel, and it will stay firmly in position.

    It is a personalized tag which means you can have your dog’s name and your contact details added. Details are laser-engraved onto the tag, which means they won’t wear or rub off even after heavy and prolonged use. Small, medium/large, and extra-large sizes are available and will fit collars ranging from ½ to 1 ½ inches wide.

    The DOG iD tag is expensive, but it slides on the collar unobtrusively and because it is laser engraved, contact details and other important information won’t be wiped away even if your dog takes a dip and the tag gets wet.

    • Laser engraved so details won’t rub off
    • Unobtrusively slides on your dog’s collar
    • Good variety of sizes to match most collars
    • Expensive

    4. GoTags Aluminum Personalized Dog ID Tag

    Material: Anodized Aluminum
    Size: 1.2 x 1.4 Inches

    The GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer Dog & Cat ID Tag is an anodized aluminum tag with a funny message on one side of the tag, reading “oh… I am lost!” and with your dog’s personalized details on the other side. The tag comes in a choice of colors—black, blue, pink, purple, and red, and all have a silencer that fits around the tag. The silencer is a transparent rubber, which lets the color of the tag through while also preventing clanking and jangling.

    The reverse of the tag can be customized with up to four lines of text, which are laser printed and won’t wear down easily. The silencer also glows in the dark, which makes it easier to read if your dog goes missing at night, and it is a really inexpensive tag option. However, the silencer does slip off the tag, which means you will have to keep replacing it if you want to avoid the annoying sounds of metal on metal.

    • Inexpensive
    • Can include up to four lines of text on the reverse
    • The rubber silencer glows in the dark for easy reading
    • The rubber silencer tends to slip off

    5. GoTags Engraved AirTag Dog Collar Holder

    Material: Silicone
    Size: 1.5 x 2.25 x 0.4 Inches

    A dog collar is an effective way of helping ensure that your dog can be returned to you quickly and easily if it goes missing. Anybody that finds your dog can check the details and call the number on the tag. But some dogs won’t approach strangers on the street, might go missing when there is nobody around, or people might not be willing to approach the dog. In these cases, the GoTags Engraved AirTag Dog & Cat Collar Holder is an effective alternative.

    It is just a holder, so doesn’t include the AirTag itself but the silicone holder will protect your tag and it will prevent it from clicking against other solid objects. The holder has a slide design that fits easily to collars or harnesses, and it is waterproof so it will prevent the AirTag from getting wet.

    The silicone AirTag cover is customized with your dog’s name, and you can include a phone number or contact details, so if somebody does spot your pup, they can contact you, so you are reunited as quickly as possible. The tag comes in a range of colors, but it doesn’t include the tags themselves.

    • Holds and protects AirTags
    • Slides on and off the collar
    • Customized to include contact details on the silicone cover
    • Doesn’t include the AirTags

    6. SiliDog The Silent Silicone Dog ID Tag

    SiliDog The Silent Dog Tag Silicone Bone Personalized Dog ID Tag

    Material: Silicone
    Size: 1.5 x 1.25 x 0.2 Inches

    The SiliDog The Silent Dog Tag Silicone Bone Personalized Dog ID Tag is a bone-shaped tag made from silicone which is tough and doesn’t make a sound even when it jingles against other tags, buckles, or bowls. It can be customized with up to three lines of text on the front and three on the reverse, which means you can include everything from phone numbers to the dog’s name and even any medical alert details for your pup.

    The SiliDog Tag includes a plastic ring to fix the tag to a collar or harness and it glows in the dark, which makes it easier to read the text at night. The tag is a little expensive and it is quite obtrusive, hanging down some way from the collar, when compared to other tags.

    • Made from durable, soft silicone
    • Can fit up to six lines of text
    • Glows in the dark
    • Expensive
    • Quite obtrusive

    7. Dog Tag Art Hello, My Name Is Dog ID Tag

    Dog Tag Art Hello

    Material: Metal, Polymer
    Size: 1.55 x 1.25 x 0.12 Inches

    The Dog Tag Art Hello. My Name Is Personalized Dog & Cat ID Tag is a metal dog tag that includes a tough polymer case that not only protects the tag itself but also helps deaden the noise the tag would make if it came in direct contact with another metal or hard surface. There is a choice of small or large tags, both of which can be customized with one line of text on the front and up to four lines of text on the reverse.

    It includes a ring, which is used to attach the tag to a collar and there is a good variety of different designs and colors so you can choose one that best matches your dog’s style. The tag is a little on the expensive side, and the materials are a little heavier than some of the silicone and even the thinner stainless steel models, but it is durable and the reading is easy to make out.

    • Customized and includes a choice of graphic
    • Polymer cover helps dampen noise
    • Includes ring to attach the tag to a collar
    • A little expensive
    • Heavier than other tags

    8. FreezeTag Dog Tag Silencer & Connector

    Material: Plastic
    Size: 2 x 0.2 x 0.8 Inches

    Stainless steel tags are a good choice because they’re durable, long-lasting, and they can be engraved so they include personal information about your dog. But they are likely to make noise when they are placed with another tag or a backing tag, or if they come into contact with the buckle or metal ring on the collar.

    The FreezeTag Dog Tag Silencer and Connector isn’t a tag itself, but the plastic connector connects up to four tags. When used to connect metal tags, it cuts the jingling noise that accompanies a collection of metal discs. It is easy to connect to a collar and is tested to withstand even rough players and vigorous runners. Considering it’s just a plastic connector, and you still need the tags, it is quite expensive, and it might be cheaper to just buy a new silent tag.

    • Connects and silences existing metal tags
    • Built to last
    • Connects up to four tags
    • Expensive
    • You still need to buy the tags

    9. PawsRealm NFC & QR Code Pet ID Tag

    PawsRealm NFC

    Material: Silicone
    Size: 1.32 x 2.03 x 0.22 Inches

    The PawsRealm NFC & QR Code Pet ID Tag is a silicone pet tag that, unlike most tags that have customized lines of text engraved or printed on, has an NFC chip and a scannable QR code. Both link to a web-based app. When you first buy the tag and put it on your dog, you install the app and add your dog’s details, which can include its name, address, and cell phone number.

    When somebody finds the dog, they scan the QR code or the NFC chip, which directs them to the web-based app so they can find your details and contact you to let you know they’ve located your pup. The tag itself is made from silicone, so it is silent, and it is very reasonably priced. And because the service is web-based, rather than an installable app, it means that whoever finds your dog can use it, regardless of what device they’re using.

    However, the app isn’t that intuitive, and it adds extra steps that some people might be willing to take.

    • The app isn’t platform-dependent
    • Silicone tags are resilient
    • Cheap
    • A printed or etched phone number is easier
    • The app isn’t intuitive

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best No Jingle Dog Tag

    Even if your dog has never tried to escape from your house and doesn’t leave your side on a walk, it only takes one escape attempt to lose your pup. If a passing car spooks your canine companion, they will be likely to run. If they see a cat or something that looks like a cat and their prey instinct kicks in, you will be left attempting to keep up with a dog running at full throttle.

    Every dog should be microchipped, but it takes time to find somebody who has a microchip reader and can get the owners’ details. A dog tag offers a quick and easy method to contact the owner of a dog. Read and call the number on the tag and the dog and its owner can be reconnected, often within minutes. In some countries, U.S. states, and cities, tags are a legal requirement because they do increase the odds of a lost dog being reunited with their owner.

    But dog tags can be incredibly annoying, especially if your pup has two metal ones that jingle together all the time. Even a single metal tag can click against metal bowls, hard floors, or the metal ring on a collar. Silent dog tags offer the same potential for reunification, but they don’t make the same annoying noises.

    The 5 Benefits of Dog ID Tags

    There are a lot of expenses and items you need to buy when getting a dog, but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of ID tags. They are cheap but can be a highly effective tool in your dog-owning arsenal. Some of the benefits of using them include:

    1. They Reunite Owners with Lost Dogs

    Dog ID tags should include some form of contact details for the dog’s owner. It is typical to include a cell phone or other phone number, but the tag can also include an address or email address. The aim is for somebody who finds a missing dog to be able to contact the owner as soon as possible. This means that a lost pup could be home with its owners within minutes of getting lost.

    medium-coated tan dog near grass
    Image Credit: Mia Anderson, Unplash

    2. They Don’t (Usually) Require Specialist Equipment

    Microchips need microchip readers, which are usually found at vets and with other professionals. If a dog is found at night, or nowhere close to a vet, it can take time to reunite the dog with its owner. A dog tag does not require any special equipment to be able to read the contact details, although some do use QR codes or NFC chips. While these do require a cell phone, phones are still more readily available and more easily accessible than microchip readers.

    3. Tags Can Include Other Information

    Some tags allow enough room for a cell phone number and an address. Others allow information to be etched or engraved on the front and the rear of the tag, which allows enough space to include the name of the dog, contact details for the owner, and potentially even any essential dietary or health requirements of the dog.

    4. They Can Alert You When Your Dog Runs Away

    Tags that include GPS trackers or can hold AirTags can be connected to a cell phone and activated when the tag leaves a certain area or is a certain distance away from a cell phone or watch. This means that the tag could potentially be used to alert the owner when a dog moves a certain distance away from the house.

    5. Tags Might Be a Legal Requirement

    In some states and cities, dog tags are a legal requirement. Authorities know that they greatly increase the chance of a dog being reunited with its owners if they are wearing an ID tag when they get lost. A failure to put a tag on your dog could lead to a financial penalty.dogster paw divider

    The 5 Types Of Dog Tags

    There is a surprisingly wide range of different types of dog tags available, with pros and cons for each. The most common types are:

    1. Hanging Tags

    Hanging tags connect to a collar or harness using a ring and clip. These do dangle down, and they can catch on food and water bowls, and it is this type of tag, when made from metal, that is the most likely to make noise. If you do buy a hanging tag, choose one that is made of a softer material like silicone or rubber. These materials won’t jingle against one another or other surfaces.

    2. Slide On Tags

    Slide-on tags don’t hang down. They slide over the collar, so they aren’t loose and sit snug to the collar. They shouldn’t jingle because they aren’t loose, but if your dog has other tags or other hanging items around their neck, a slide-on metal tag can be the cause of a jingling sound. You need to ensure that the slide-on tag is an appropriate size for the collar that it will be fixed to.

    long-coated black dog
    Image Credit: Pierre Bamin, Unsplash

    3. NFC Tags

    Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a type of wireless communication that works at very close range. Most cell phones have NFC capabilities and NFC-enabled tags will connect to a cell phone and direct to a website or app.

    4. QR Code Tags

    An increasingly common method of including contact details on dog ID tags is to display a QR code on the tag. If somebody finds the dog, they can scan the QR code using the camera app on their phone, and it will lead to a website or app that displays contact information. Like NFC tags, this does mean that the person finding the dog has to take extra steps, but most people have a cell phone and know how to use QR codes. The tag can also include contact details in a physical form.

    5. AirTag Holder

    AirTags are Bluetooth trackers that can be found using an Apple device and the Find My network. The tag must be within about 100 feet of another compatible Apple device, but if it is, then the tag can be located using the Apple network. iPhones and Apple watches are ubiquitous but if you live in a very rural area and your dog likes to disappear in remote areas, an AirTag may still struggle to locate your dog’s collar.

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    The 4 Best Materials for Dog ID Tags

    The material of the ID tag will determine how likely it is to jangle, but also impacts the durability and even the look of the tag. The materials most often used in the manufacture of dog ID tags are:

    1. Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is very difficult to break, resistant to corrosion, and it is shiny and clean looking. Tags are usually made from quite thin stainless steel, however, which means it is easy to bend and can be scratched. Unsheathed stainless steel is also prone to catching on other solid items and causing the jingling noise you want to avoid. As such, it is generally combined with a rubber or silicone cover that protects and also prevents noise from contact with other items.

    dog, dog tag, dog id
    Image Credit: mattycoulton, Unsplash

    2. Anodized Aluminum

    Aluminum is lightweight and, once anodized, resistant to corrosion. Like stainless steel, it is prone to bending and makes a noise when it comes into contact with other hard materials.

    3. Silicone

    Silicone is soft and pliable, but it is very difficult to rip or tear. It can be difficult to mark in a meaningful way, which means it is challenging to get your contact details on the silicone, so look for those that offer customization before they are shipped.

    4. Rubber

    Rubber is another soft, pliable material. It is more often used as a cover for a metal tag than as a tag itself, but it is durable, and it won’t make noise.

    Dogs with nametag
    Image Credit: Jessica_Death, Shutterstock

    What Should You Include on a Dog Tag?

    It is usual to include your cell phone number so anybody who finds your dog can get in touch quickly and easily. You can also include your address. If the dog is still near your house, having your address means your dog could be home within a few minutes, rather than having to wait until the finder can locate a phone.

    If the dog is chipped, you can include this fact, and if the dog has any medical requirements and there is room on the tag, this is good information to include.

    Although many owners put the dog’s name on the tag, some experts claim this is a bad idea. If a thief knows the name of your dog, it will be easier to befriend and ultimately take the dog.

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    Dog tags help lost and missing dogs reunite with their owners more quickly. But, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the constant jingling of metal on metal.

    Above are reviews of some of the best no-jingle dog tags including the Frisco Stainless Steel Slide-On Personalized Dog & Cat Tag which slides on the collar, therefore eliminating most noise. The GoTags Anodized Aluminum Personalized Silencer Dog ID Tag is durable and inexpensive, while also being a lightweight option.

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