Batman’s Burt Ward Helps Large Breed Dogs Through Gentle Giants Rescue

dogedit  |  Sep 20th 2007


(Joy note — It appears that Gentle Giants Rescue is not what it appears. Please read through the Comments for important information. Thanks to all the rescuers who have barked in!)

I always thought Robin looked like a really good guy! Turns out that Burt Ward has moved from saving humans on TV to saving dogs in real life. Now this is my kind of hero!!!!

And notice that Gentle Giants has its own line of completely made in America dog food! Looks tempting!

Thanks to Donna for barking in this good news.


Hi. The actor who played Robin in Batman (Burt Ward) now operates a rescue for large breed dogs like Great Danes. It is called Gentle Giants, and it has a website. I thought it might be nice to mention it on your home page on a day when you have some extra space (you may already have it listed somewhere on your site, but I couldn’t find it).

I think a lot of dogster members would enjoy knowing about it. I always like to read about the good things people do for “furry people”.