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Bailey’s CBD Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Arianna Irwin

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Bailey’s CBD Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Bailey’s CBD an overall rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars.

Variety: 4.8/5
Flavor: 4.9/5
Ingredients: 4.8/5
Value: 4.8/5

One of my dogs, Halle, is a Border-Collie Mix and has severe anxiety. She hates car rides and gets overstimulated with large groups of dogs and people. She typically sweats through her paws and just pants nonstop.

I wanted to give Bailey’s CBD Products a try because I have yet to find a CBD chew or a treat that actually works for her. But Bailey’s had chews and oils for large dog breeds that were flavored with peanut butter and banana. Two of Halle’s favorite things.

I always check the ingredients of products like these. I prefer to see natural ingredients with names I recognize or can pronounce on the back labels. Bailey’s dog CBD products are made in Oregon with high-quality, natural ingredients like chamomile, banana puree, and most importantly, USDA Organic Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Extract. This hemp extract is sourced from Boulder, Colorado, and contains a 60% concentration of CBD. This CBD has been thoroughly tested within the States as well, which is a plus. Additionally, there are no additives, preservatives, or toxins in any of their pet products. As a bonus, they also offer really clear guides on dosage, which I find super helpful.

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Calming CBD Yummies Calming CBD Yummies
  • Tasty
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • All natural ingredients
  • Second place
    Calming CBD Oil For Dogs Calming CBD Oil For Dogs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to administer
  • Free of GMOs and additives
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    About Bailey’s CBDBailey’s CBD Dog Products - products in the box

    Who Makes Bailey’s CBD Products and Where is it Produced?

    Bailey’s CBD company is based in Southern California and all of their products are made within the U.S. Their products are made with USDA organic hemp harvested and hang-dried by hand. Their subcritical C02 full-spectrum hemp extract is single-sourced from family-owned, USDA-certified organic Moon Mother Hemp Co. in Colorado. All of their products and recipes have been guided by Dr. Robert Silver, a highly respected Veterinarian. Additionally, their CBD products are all non-GMO, soy-free, vegan, and free of additives and preservatives.

    Which Types of Pets is Bailey’s CBD Products Best Suited For?

    Bailey’s CBD Products have options for cats, dogs, and horses! I love the variety of options they have with their dog product line. They give you options to choose which products are best for your pet based on their size and how strong you would like the product. Additionally, for the oils and chews there are directions for dosage so you know exactly how much to give your fur baby. They also have a CBD E-Book so you can learn more about the effects and potential health benefits of CBD.

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    Key Features

    Bailey’s CBD Dog Products - chews and cbd oil

    The Bailey’s Yummies and oil came in clutch with the holiday season and me hosting Christmas with both my and my boyfriend’s families. But below are my favorite features of Bailey’s CBD Dog Yummies and CBD oil:


    Something that really differentiates Bailey’s CBD products is the quality of the ingredients, where the ingredients come from, and that they are all-natural. You won’t see one ingredient on their lists that doesn’t sound at least vaguely familiar. There isn’t one ingredient listed that includes a preservative, additive, or toxin. And the CBD they use has been thoroughly tested. I also love that all their ingredients are vegan, organic, and sourced from the West Coast of the U.S. Even the oil only includes two other ingredients: Chamomile extract and L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea. Both are meant to promote relaxation and create a sense of balance.

    What to Expect

    These products work. Plain and simple. My parents have a very large Boxer-Shepherd mix 10-month-old puppy, named Frodo, and he is clumsy, crazy, and all over the place. They brought him with them to our house for Christmas and Halle was not happy. Halle, Indy (our second dog), and Frodo all got some CBD oil on their first meal together at the house and a couple of CBD yummies before, and what a difference. They also laid lazily near each other before falling asleep soundly. We ended up using the Yummies every single day during my parents’ visit.

    Bailey’s CBD Dog Products - calming chews on plate

    Supporting Rescued Pets

    A great additional perk to buying your CBD treats from Bailey’s is that you get to support “Bailey’s Rescue Initiative”. This month, they are donating one bottle of CBD oil for every four items that get purchased on their site to “Spoof Dawg To The Rescue 501(c)3 Non-Profit”. This is a donation-based organization that provides pet supplies to over 100+ vetted pet rescue organizations in the U.S. My two pups are both rescues and I know these rescue shelters need any help they can get, so I love this added perk that accompanies my CBD purchase.

    The Purity

    Bailey’s uses a cold-press process instead of baking, frying, or drying their treats. This process allows the treats to maintain all their wonderful nutrients and keeps the quality level high. Their treats and oil contain a 60% concentration of CBD, extracted using a solventless Subcritical CO2 method – which is designed to maintain the purity and benefits of the CBD extract.

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    Reviews of the Bailey’s CBD Products

    1. Calming CBD Yummies

    Bailey’s Calming CBD Yummies

    These are the first CBD dog chews that have actually worked for my dogs. Indy and Halle love the peanut butter and banana flavor. They help Halle sleep and keep Indy calm and cuddly. I recommend giving them their CBD chews right before bed or if you’re going into a situation they might think is stressful. The dosage instructions are easy to follow. The treats don’t smell awful either, and I usually hate the smell of dog food and treats so that is a win for me.

    • Natural ingredients
    • Tasty flavor of banana and peanut butter
    • Different sizes and strengths based on breed size
    • Made in the USA
    • Affordable
    • Only comes in 3 flavors

    2. Calming CBD Oil For Dogs

    Bailey’s Calming CBD Oil For Dogs - bottle and box

    The Calming CBD Oil works faster, I think, than the Yummies. But they’re both great. I love that the CBD Oil has clean, natural ingredients and isn’t flavored with some kind of bacon or meat additive. Those always smell horrible and I have no idea how that flavor is achieved. The CBD Oil is really easy to either pop it in their mouth quickly or drip it onto their kibble. Both Halle and Indy have taken it both ways without complaint. This will be the go-to for long car rides.

    • Natural ingredients
    • Sustainable packaging
    • Affordable
    • Clear directions on proper dosage
    • No flavors

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    Our Experience With Bailey’s CBD Products

    My experience with Bailey’s CBD Products has been nothing short of amazing. I started using both the oil and Yummies on December 18, 2023. My boyfriend, Cris, and I were hosting Christmas with both sides of our families and were starting to prep. There were about to be fourteen people and three very large dogs in the house for a little over a week. Cris and I were really nervous about Halle, specifically. The vet diagnosed her with general anxiety last year when she turned seven. She gets anxious even on a normal day when one or two people come over or if there is another dog around that isn’t Indy. She pants, her paws sweaty, and she can get a little aggressive because she’s so scared. Sometimes it can get so bad that she pees herself in the house because she just won’t move to get to the backyard – she’s freaking out that badly.

    Then there’s my parents’ puppy, Frodo, who just has way too much energy and loves to be in everyone’s faces at all times. And then we have Indy, who can get very excited when people come over, she just sees them as perfect playmates. She can also get a little feisty when she’s feeling that her space is being taken over – which Frodo loves to do.

    So we tried out Bailey’s Calming CBD Yummies first on Halle and Indy. We honestly had low expectations. CBD chews had never worked for either of our dogs before, only the oils ever had any effect, so we typically avoid them. But we followed the dosage instructions based on Indy’s and Halle’s weight and, amazingly, we noticed a difference that night. Halle and Indy were so chill! They had their walk, their chews, and then they just chewed on their toys or cuddled with each other until it was time for bed.

    Then when everyone arrived for the holiday festivities we gave all the dogs chews, took them for a walk, and came back and they were calm – despite there being fourteen people (including a couple of kids) that they could annoy, mess with, or play with. So then we tried the Calming CBD Oil every night on all three dogs’ dinner kibble before it was time to wind down and get ready for bed.

    With Halle, we saw the most noticeable shift. She let family members pet her, she breathed normally, her paws were dry, and during the whole of our family’s stay she didn’t have a single anxiety pee incident. Not one.

    Frodo and Indy were, somehow, able to sleep side by side next to my side of the bed – which is amazing because Indy can be territorial of both her space and me. She is also not a fan of puppies, especially big ones, but they all did great. So we just kept giving them CBD and it was smooth sailing until everyone left. We continued giving Halle either treats or the oil to help her sleep at night. After everyone left, I was just so grateful for Bailey’s and I still am.

    Bailey’s CBD Dog Products - indy eating the calming chews

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    If you are looking for a CBD dog treat that actually works, no matter the size or breed of your dog I recommend Bailey’s line of CBD Yummies. I love that they have 3 different flavors dedicated to nurturing hips and joints, relaxation, or just to promote general health for our furry friends. I also appreciate the number of resources on their website dedicated to educating us, pet owners, about what CBD is, what is the right dosage, how CBD should be processed, and all of the benefits it can have for our dogs, cats, or horses.

    Halle and Indy have had their Bailey’s Calming CBD oil on their dinner kibble every night during the holiday season with all of the guests and for a few nights last week after everyone left. They both sleep more soundly. Halle’s panting and sweating have gone away, no matter who is around. It’s a blessing just to see her relax and be at ease. Lastly, I love that it is sustainably made with real ingredients from family-owned farms throughout the West Coast. All of this makes choosing Bailey’s line of CBD dog treats and oils an easy choice for me.

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