Atom the Pug Takes the Wheel and Becomes an Internet Sensation

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Atom is a Pug who’s become famous on the Internet for two things: driving vehicles and being scared of his farts. After video footage of the former went viral, this pooch has notched up more than 40,000 fans on both his Facebook and Instagram pages — not bad going for a dog who’s fearful of his own pungent bodily functions.

Keeping it classy, here’s your introduction to Atom.

Atom’s roots

Atom in the passenger seat. (Photo via Instagram)

Three years ago, Atom’s humans adopted a 3-year-old dog from a friend who felt they didn’t have enough time to dedicate to his needs. “We saved him,” they say now. “Atom started staring at his dad the second he laid eyes on him and hasn’t stopped staring to this day!”

Who’s Atom?

What a snappy dresser. (Photo via Instagram)

“Atom’s personality is that of your typical happy, funny Pug — but with some extra class,” says his human.

This pooch also has a foppish side, as he enjoys getting dolled up in all manner of fancy outfits. “I can hold a shirt open for him, and he will start to shove his head right in it,” explains his human. “He is so easy to get along with, and photoshoot time is a breeze with him — he just sits there until we’re done. He loves it!”

A driving star

Move it! (Photo via Instagram)

If you spend any time enjoying Atom’s Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll have noticed that this is a Pug with a talent for driving. According to his human, they were attempting to photograph a fake driving scene with Atom perched behind the wheel, but “we didn’t have to fake it because he just started steering the car around the parking lot at random!”

After the footage went viral and was broadcast on national TV, Atom decided to take the wheel of a number of different vehicles, including a tractor, a dump truck, a go-kart, a horse, and a jaunt going through a fast food drive-through.

‘Bout It, ‘Bout It

“The ultimate vehicle for Atom to drive would be an army tank,” says his human. “Actually, that dream has come true for Atom after a military vehicle museum recently gave us the green light to shoot Atom in control of an M4 Sherman tank.” Look out for the footage to hit the Internet some time after June.

Fart dog

Atom can touch his tongue to his nose. (Photo via Instagram)

According to urban legend, Atom is scared of his own farts. Apparently, this all began when one day he “let one go and looked back, turned his head sideways, and then ran off.”

As he took flight, this pooch would continue to keep letting out his little gassy emissions while “barking at his ass.”

Glad we cleared that one up.

A very helpful tip

Atom doles out advice. (Photo via Instagram)

So what if your own dog happens to suffer from Atom’s very specific farting fear? Well, according to his human, this is how you need to deal with the issue:

“If Atom has any advice to give to other dogs that are scared of their farts, it would be to stop eating so many beans. If you cannot stop eating beans, then just invest in some really good earplugs so you don’t have to hear the air rushing out anymore.”

You can follow Atom’s adventures over at his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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