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At First Glance, You’ll Think These Needle-Felted Dogs Are Real

Artist Cindy Thompson brings an incredible realism to her work. Check it out!

Phillip Mlynar  |  Apr 11th 2017

If you’ve ever tried needle felting, you know that it takes a lot of patience and precision, especially to conjure up something resembling an animal rather than a misshapen blob of matted wool. In Cindy Thompson’s case, she specializes in creating dogs who look uncannily like their real life inspirations.

Felted need dog by Cindy Thompson.

Felted need dog by Cindy Thompson.

Completely self-taught, Cindy takes commissions through her Etsy page. Before you head there, let’s check out some of her needle felted canines.

Sorry but the video for this article is no longer available.

Check out more of Cindy’s work at Facebook.