Astrology Alert: What Are Scorpios Like as Dog Lovers?

Each year, the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 and stays until November 21. That means that right now it's time to shine the...


Each year, the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 and stays until November 21. That means that right now it’s time to shine the celestial spotlight on the divine sign of Scorpius the Scorpion.

Happy Scorpio Season, Dogsters!

If you’re a dog, this time of year is definitely cause for celebration, for Scorpios make wonderful animal guardians. Just look at the love and dedication of Scorpio dog rescuer and author Julie Klam, or Scorpioanimal trainerWilliam Berloni‘scareercommitment to discovering star-quality shelter mutts and prepping them for their well-deserved turn in the Broadway spotlight.

Mycosmic nicheis exploring how peoples star signs are revealed in their lifestyle choices I writethe Star Style column on astrology and lifestyle/design forTraditional Home magazine. Living with dogs is a lifestyle choice (and a brilliant one, in my humble opinion)so Im fascinated by the different ways people of different signs display affection for beloved pets.

Scorpios’ sting is legendary – piss them off at your peril! -but their beloved dogs never feel it. They’re too busy being loved and respected down to their toes (and their toenailswill probably receive regular trimming withthe popular, paw-friendlyPedi-Paws tool).

Scorpio happens to be the sex sign, and the seductivepower of Scorpio natives is the stuff of legend. Let other signs select a dog based on the animal’s ability to invitelong, backward glances in potential love interests; Scorpio is so confident in his/her charisma, so securein his/her magnetism, that s/he has no need to select a dog as a “mate magnet.”

Add to that Scorpio’s affinity for mystery – ruled byshadowy Pluto, Scorpiohas a psychic sixth sense that tunes him/her in to your deepest secrets, whether you like it or not! – and you get a person ofprofound substance whovalues the inner beauty of a plain,brown shelter mutt that other signs may overlookor dismiss as an”ordinary” mixed-breed. Mysterious Scorpiofeels perfectly at homewith a mystery dog of unknown origin.

“AScorpio dog lover would be fiercely loyal and would love their dog more than anything,”says astrologer Sonja Francis.

All dogs are loyal to us,of course,so theynaturally appreciate it whenwe humans reciprocate that Fido-lity. But it’s safe to say that Scorpio’s loyalty is unconditional, and on par with that of a dog.

Consider the ultimate Scorpio, inventor Joseph S. Sporn, the “Daddy of Doggie Daycare.” In 1986, Sporn opened the world’s first daycare center for dogs, Yuppie Puppy, creating the trends of cageless boarding, pack boarding, and pack daycare for dogs, and setting the global standard for how our best friends are treated by pet care professionals. Every invention Sporn creates -notably,the Sporn Anti-Pull Harness, the most-copied training tool in the pet product industry -is inspired by his love and concern for dogs, with the goal of enriching their lives. He has been deeply moved by the intelligence and unconditional love of dogs since early childhood, when his closest companion was a beloved Airedale named Penny who saw him through some difficult times. How’s that for loyalty?
A Scorpio nativeis likely to betrue to one breed for many years- most likely a water-lovingdog such as a Labor Lab mix, Portuguese Water Dog, Newfoundland, or Poodle. Scorpio interior designer Eric Cohler has three – count ’em, three – stylin’ standard Poodles. What’s more, Scorpio will be extra-loyal where it reallycounts, defending pit bulls,black animals (dogs as well as cats),and other maligned K9s, andenthusing aboutthese often-misunderstood dogs’ innately excellent qualities for all to hear.

“A Scorpio dog lover would have a deep connection to their dog and feel passionate about any dog activities and adventures,” Sonja adds. Leave Spot behind on a holiday weekend? Not on your life!

Scorpio is also generous to a fault, and will stop at nothing to ensure beloved dogs’ comfort and safety. I knowone Scorpio who lives in a very hot, humidclimate; in the dog days of summer, when he senses thathis two best friends would muchrather not walk all the way to the park (they “tell” him and he intuitively understands), he oh-so-gingerly lifts them into his car and ferries them there and back in air-conditioned style.

A Scorpio’s dogmay expect nothing less than such first-class service from his/her guardian. No wonder this hotguy’shot dogsgaze at him even more adoringly than the many humans who can’t resist doing a double-take when a Scorpio drives by! While we’re on the subject of passing and intersecting, no Scorpio’s vehicle will be without ample blankets and/or dog bedding (likely in crimson, black, or indigo, the favorite colors of Scorpius), to ensurethe mostcomfortable K9ride.

When a Scorpio’s dog suffers fromarthritis pain, that dog won’t want for a joint supplement tofacilitate ease of movement. The food eaten by a Scorpion’s dog will be nutritionally balanced and age-appropriateyet pleasingly palatable. And, being a water sign, Scorpio is very likely to take hound hydration very seriously,forgoing tap water in favor of filling his/her dog’s bowl with filtered wet stuff.The Scorpiomay even go so far as to usethe same high-tech purifier-ionizer for doggie drinks that s/he uses toimprovethe quality of waterserved tohuman family members.

Sublimely sensitive Scorpios adore music, and they have excellent taste, so their lucky dogs will fall asleep to the soothing strains of, say,Bach -and they’llfrolic along when The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds gets popped into the CD player!

If Scorpio is the sign you seek to love, know thatthe ones mostcosmically compatible withScorpioareCancer, Pisces, Virgo,and – although this may come as a surprise,for theBull is Scorpius’s opposite – Taurus. Stumped for a holiday gift for your sexy Scorpion? Consider gettinghim/her a pair of sign-specific flip-flops by Musewear(pictured at left).

Dogster Scorpions and friends/lovers of Dogster Scorpions, wed like to hear from you, so please share your thoughts in the comments!

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