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Asobu Green Buddy Bottle Dog Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Dr. Maria Zayas DVM (Veterinarian)

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Asobu Green Buddy Bottle Dog Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown


Dr. Maria Zayas  Photo


Dr. Maria Zayas

DVM (Veterinarian)

The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

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Our Final Verdict

We give Asobu Green Buddy Bottle a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4/5
Usefulness: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Value: 4/5

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What Is Asobu Green Buddy Bottle? How Does It Work?

Any pet owners who take their pets out and about, especially on hikes, will have a collection of gear for these outings. It’s likely that you’ve accumulated collapsing silicone bowls for food or water amidst gear like harnesses and leashes, blankets, and boots. Asobu, a company that makes a variety of high-quality drinkware, decided to ask a question no one in the pet industry did: What if we made a product that was both a portable food AND water bowl?

Asobu’s Green Buddy Bottle is a brilliant engineering feat, in my opinion. They’ve taken a high-quality insulated water bottle and adapted the base of the bottle. Like nesting dolls, the bottom boasts two nested bowls that each screw onto the bottom independently, one for food and one for water.

Without taking up any extra space, you now have a food bowl, a spot to store food (in the bowl), a water bowl, and a water bottle, all in the space your water bottle would have taken up anyways. It’s not heavier, it’s not bulkier, it’s pre-labeled, and it’s cute.

I can’t emphasize enough how genius this bottle design is and how well it does its job.

asobu buddy bottle packaging

Asobu Green Buddy Bottle – A Quick Look

  • 3 products in one
  • Sleek and modern style
  • Effectively carries both water and food
  • Each component is excellent for its purposes
  • Metal water bowl may be dented if the user is not careful

Asobu Green Buddy Bottle Pricing

Asobu’s Green Buddy Bottle is listed at $39.99 as of this article’s publishing date. While there is a charge for shipping based on your location, orders over $50 include free shipping. Considering all the other useful items in their online shop, I think it’s pretty easy to hit that mark.

*Use Code ASOBU20

Asobu Green Buddy Bottle Contents

asobu buddy bottle contents

  • 34 oz Bottle
  • 9 oz Water Bowl
  • 7 oz Food Bowl
  • 98-inch Height x 4.88-inch Diameter
  • Ergonomic Paw Print Handle
  • Leak-Proof, Pour Spout Top
  • Wide Mouth Bottle Opening
  • Double Walled, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Bottle Wall
  • Twist-on, Stainless Steel Food Bowl and Water Bowl
  • Non-slip Rubber Base

Overall Quality and Durability

This water bottle is comparable to other double-walled, steel, insulated water bottles. The brushed finish of the green color looks fantastic and doesn’t transfer fingerprints, become smudged, or collect dirt as far as I’ve been able to see. The twist-top pour spout and bottle top are indeed leak-proof. The two bowls at the base that twist off independently fit perfectly. There is no grinding or wiggling trying to screw those on or off; the action is very smooth.

In trying to get my three dogs into my car’s trunk, I did fumble the bottle, dropping it about 2.5 feet from the trunk to the cement driveway. The Asobu Green Buddy Bottle endured minimal damage and each component and the bottle itself continued to work perfectly, and the green finish of the bottle was unscathed.

I am impressed with the quality of the materials, and durability amidst my fumble, and believe it will hold up just fine for normal use.

asobu buddy bottle parts

*Use Code ASOBU20

Very Useful and Functional

Asobu’s Green Buddy Bottle accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. The food and water bowls are both good sizes for their purpose. I stored a full cup of kibble in the food bowl, screwed it back onto the bottle with the food already in place, then I put the water bowl around it before going on a hike. The water bowl does not store water in its space, but of course, that’s what the bottle is for.

Combining these three products, a bottle, and necessary bowls, takes down the gear I need for a short excursion by about 50%. I consider this a huge win since it’s just me juggling three dogs. No need to complicate things with an overburdened backpack of supplies too. Even better that this bottle doesn’t look any different than any other insulated water bottle while still accomplishing so much.

With how useful this product is, I’m not clear on why a design like this isn’t a feature of every water bottle. You needn’t be a pet owner to take advantage of this bottle. Credit cards, keys, ChapStick, snacks, small jewelry, and more could be stored in those bowls forming the base of the bottle.

Asobu Green Buddy Bottle Effectiveness

The iced water I started my day with melted but was still refreshingly cold about 6 hours later at the end of my outing. At no point did any water leak from any opening of the bottle. The dog food I stored inside the food bowl never emitted a discernible odor and didn’t crumble into the water bowl it nests inside of. It also remained dry and free of moisture for the duration of my trip.

Each component of the bottle was good for each of their tasks. It kept my water cold in 90-degree weather, in direct sun, all six hours, with me opening it multiple times to pour out water for the dogs. The bottle’s metal also never got too hot to touch and handle, such as needing to twist off the bowls.

close up of asobu buddy bottle

Is Asobu Green Buddy Bottle a Good Value?

At first, I did consider a $40 water bottle a little pricey, if I’m being honest. While you can find a cheaper water bottle and may be able to purchase each component separately for about the same price, if you try to match the quality of each component, this is your best value by a mile. More than any other slightly expensive insulated drinkware bottle, this gives you so many reasons to find it worth the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Asobu Green Buddy Bottle come with free shipping?

Asobu offers free shipping on orders over $50. Since this product is $39.99, it doesn’t qualify on its own.

What is the return policy for the Asobu Green Buddy Bottle?

Asobu maintains a 30-day money-back guarantee for their products that includes covering shipping costs to return the item.

Does my purchase help dogs in need?

A portion of Asobu’s profits goes towards pet rescue and adoption, showing their interest in pet care goes beyond their own interests.

dog with asobu buddy bottle

*Use Code ASOBU20

Our Experience With Asobu Green Buddy Bottle

At the risk of sounding disingenuous, I cannot remember the last time I was this impressed by a pet product. That this bottle fits any normal day in my life but also solves a known space issue I have when taking my dogs out on adventures is a huge deal for my household.

I love that this bottle could be adapted for children, storing snacks inside, and working for a dog all in one.

The bottle itself is super cute, and the finish elevates the look. A lot of pet products neglect appearance, but this bottle could be the same bottle any high-end business worker or daily outdoor farmer uses.

I wasn’t sold on the pawprint handle to hold at first, assuming it wouldn’t be comfortable, especially if I had to hold the bottle for long periods. I was pleasantly surprised to find the paw is designed to fit your fingers, and the curve actually helps you hold it without strain, pain, or awkwardness.

My dogs using this bottle are each about knee height, ranging from 40–50 pounds, each with increasing muscle mass and muzzle size. None of them had any trouble using the bowls, and the sizes seemed perfect. While there isn’t enough space for a full meal for a large dog, it’s fine for smaller dogs or treats.

The non-slip base kept the dogs from moving the bowl around as they drank, which was great too. At no point did they tip it; there was no spillage and minimal splashed water.

The lightweight metal of the water bowl dented slightly when I dropped it but the bottle still looked perfect to passersby and its function wasn’t affected at all.

I loved this bottle so much, I wish it came in additional sizes and color options. They have multiple options for their other bottles (including ones with water bowl bases), so you aren’t completely without options, but I’m hoping the Buddy Bottle line, in particular, will expand.

dog drinking from asobu buddy bottle water dish

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The Asobu Green Buddy Bottle is a great product that combines an everyday insulated water bottle with food and water bowls and a small storage space. It looks professional and fashionable but also works great for all its purposes.

While designed for pets, the bottle could work for anyone in their day-to-day life. The best part is it’s ready to go whenever you are.

It features a lifetime warranty, free shipping over $50, and a no-questions money-back guarantee return policy. I highly recommend adding this to your water bottle collection. You and your pets will love it.

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