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Ask Frank: My Boyfriend Gave Me a Cat Turd As a Gift. How Do I Return It Without Hurting His Feelings?

Our wise Frenchie -- aka Mr. Manners -- helps a reader with this delicate dilemma.

dogedit  |  Sep 30th 2016

1. Cat Turd Isn’t Right


Dear Frank: My boyfriend got me a cat turd for my birthday. It was super nice of him, but it’s not the exact one I wanted. How do I ask him for the receipt so I can exchange it without making him mad?

Not Right in Napa

Dear Not: Even with a gift receipt, you’re not putting that thing back where it came from. Just enjoy your cat turd and appreciate the thought your boyfriend put into the gift.


2. Human Birth

Dear Frank: Are humans born with no fur?

Curious in Calabasas

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

3. Best Advice


Dear Frank: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Botwin in Las Vegas

Dear Botwin: Well, my grandpa always said, “Bark, bark. Bark, bark… bark.” So wise.