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Are Dogs Allowed in TJ Maxx in 2024? Pet Policy & FAQ

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Dogs Allowed in TJ Maxx in 2024? Pet Policy & FAQ

When it comes to visiting your favorite store like TJ Maxx, what happens to your favorite four-legged friend? Do you leave your dog at home, or can you bring it with you?

The United States is a dog-loving country. With over 40% of American homes having at least one dog,1 most TJ Maxx stores allow shoppers to come in with their dogs. However, not all TJ Maxx stores allow dogs. Read on to find out more.


Do All TJ Maxx Branches Allow Dogs Inside Their Stores?

TJ Maxx has over 1,250 outlets throughout the country 2, and unfortunately, not all of them allow dog owners to come in with their pets. This depends on local regulations and the store manager’s decisions.

To start with, in some pet-friendly states like Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina, there are very few regulations restricting their visits to public places. However, it’s different in less pet-friendly states like Montana, New Mexico, and Connecticut. So if state laws allow pet owners to bring over their dogs while shopping, most TJ Maxx stores within the region will conform with the regulations.

Other than state regulations, individual TJ Maxx store managers have the right to set laws that allow or prohibit customers from bringing pets into the store. One reason behind this might be bad dog records. For example, if a dog attacked a customer in the store and the company had to pay for medical bills and probably fines, the manager may prohibit pets in the store.

Another example is if customers consistently break the rules regarding pets, such as unleashing them inside the store, the manager has the right to ban that specific customer from bringing over dogs.

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Are Service Dogs Allowed in All TJ Maxx Stores?

While a manager may decide to ban dogs from entering their store, they are not legally allowed to set restrictions that prevent the entry of service dogs. A service dog is a dog trained to provide basic help to people with disabilities. The dog may perform duties like guiding the blind, alerting deaf people, pulling a wheelchair, reminding mentally disabled individuals to take their medication at the right time, and helping a person with seizures.

Additionally, they are not classified as pets but as working dogs.

All businesses—such as TJ Maxx—that serve the public must allow service dogs inside their stores. However, a service dog may not be allowed in some areas, such as meat processing units, where the quality of the product will fail FDA approval if there are contaminations. Luckily, TJ Maxx does not deal with sensitive products, and you can visit any section of the store with your service dog.

A Guide on How to Shop With a Dog in TJ Maxx Stores

TJ Maxx employees and customers will only be at ease when your dog is leashed. Buy a sturdy, non-retractable leash. The main advantage of a non-retractable leash over a retractable leash is it leverages total control to you—you can keep your dog as close to you as possible.

Small and medium breeds such as Chihuahuas, Huskies, and Border Collies are best suited for shopping. It is easy to control them, and they can easily pass through narrow isles packed with shoppers.

A typical TJ Maxx has hundreds of shoppers flocking in and out every hour. Train your dog to be calm around new people and other dogs in the store.

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Most TJ Maxx stores allow shoppers to bring in their dogs. However, ordinary pets other than service pets may not be allowed in some stores. This depends on local regulations and the shop manager. Before taking your dog to a TJ Maxx, find out if they are allowed in that particular store first.

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