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Are Dogs Allowed In Bass Pro Shops? 2024 Facts & FAQ

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

Are Dogs Allowed In Bass Pro Shops? 2024 Facts & FAQ

When you’re the proud owner of a furry friend, you want to take them everywhere with you. And one place that most people love to go, especially the outdoorsy types, is Bass Pro Shops. But are dogs allowed in Bass Pro Shops? Well, we have the answer for you! As of 2024, Bass Pro Shops now allows friendly dogs on leashes in their stores. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

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Dog Policies at Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shop allows pet owners to bring their dogs into the store as long as they are on a leash and accompanied by an adult. Additionally, customers must clean up after their pets both inside and outside of the store. For safety reasons, certain breeds may be restricted from entering the store.

Although dogs are allowed in Bass Pro Shops, some Bass Pro Shops stores may have designated dog-friendly areas. These areas are typically inside the store, near entrances and exits, or outside in their parking lots. There may be other areas inside the store where dogs aren’t allowed, such as in their café areas. If you’re looking to take your furry friend with you while shopping at Bass Pro Shops, be sure to inquire about which areas dogs are allowed before stopping by.

Also, some states and cities may have laws in place that prohibit dogs from entering any retail location. So even though Bass Pro Shops generally allows dogs, stores in certain states and cities may not allow dogs because of laws. So be sure to call beforehand to check.

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Does Bass Pro Shops Have Any Age Restrictions on Dogs?

For safety reasons, Bass Pro Shops prefers puppies to be 6 months or older. This helps ensure that all pets are mature enough to be handled and properly trained so they can remain calm in a busy retail environment. Additionally, puppies under 6 months of age may not have their full set of shots yet, which could put customers at risk of contracting any illnesses or diseases carried by the puppy.

Which Dogs May Be Restricted from Bass Pro Shops?

Dogs that may be restricted from entering Bass Pro Shops stores include any dog that is deemed to be aggressive. However, it’s important to note that store policies may vary in each location. Bass Pro Shops does not have a corporate policy that bans any type of breed from their shops, and the regulations they have in place are simply to protect the customers and staff, if necessary, not to disparage any particular breeds. Any dog found to be dangerous or destructive will be asked to leave, regardless of breed.

Can Bass Pro Shops Make a Service Animal Leave?

No. Service dogs are generally well-behaved and are specially trained to protect and aid their owners in the event of a medical situation or to help them with a disability. Service animals are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Bass Pro Shops cannot legally ask them to leave the store, even if their presence would otherwise violate a “no pets” policy.

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Are Emotional Support Dogs Recognized by Bass Pro Shops?

Yes! Bass Pro Shops recognizes emotional support animals as long as they are leashed and accompanied by an adult. However, customers should keep in mind that aggressive dogs may be restricted from entering the store due to safety reasons, even if they are considered emotional support animals. This is because unlike service dogs, emotional support animals are not considered service dogs under the ADA.

What to Do If Your Dog Has an Accident in Bass Pro Shops?

Accidents happen and Bass Pro Shops understands this. In the event that your dog has an accident, customers are asked to immediately notify a store associate or manager and clean up after their pet. Associates should have supplies and be available to help, but they encourage all who are able to clean up after their own pets.

What Other Pets Can You Bring Into Bass Pro Shops?

At this time, Bass Pro Shops only allows dogs into their stores. No other pets are allowed at this time.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Are Bass Pro Shops Employees Allowed to Bring Dogs to Work?

No. Bass Pro Shops employees are not allowed to bring pets or other animals into the store.

Does Bass Pro Shops Have Pet Items?

Yes! Bass Pro Shops carries a variety of pet items, including food, toys, and more. Be sure to check out their selection when you stop by!

What if I’m Allergic to Dogs?

If you are allergic or sensitive to dogs, Bass Pro Shops recommends that you contact the store prior to visiting and inquire about their pet policy. Additionally, customers can ask for assistance from an associate if needed.

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Can I Bring My Dog to Bass Pro Shops Restaurants?

Unfortunately, no. Dogs are not allowed in any of the restaurants located inside Bass Pro Shops stores.

Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops Hotels?

Yes! Bass Pro Shops offers pet-friendly accommodations at all of their Big Cedar Lodge locations. However, there may be a fee associated with bringing your pet when you check in. Be sure to call ahead before booking to make sure there are no restrictions or additional fees.

What If I Lose My Dog in Bass Pro Shops?

If you lose your dog in a Bass Pro Shops store, please notify a store associate immediately. Associates have access to security cameras and can help you locate your pet quickly. Additionally, Bass Pro Shops has an employee-run Lost and Found program that can be contacted if needed.

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Does Bass Pro Shops Have a Vaccination Policy for Dogs?

Bass Pro Shops does not have a vaccination policy, but they do recommend that all dogs be up to date on their shots. This helps ensure the safety of customers, employees, and other pets in the store.

Additionally, pet owners are strongly encouraged to bring proof of their pet’s vaccinations when visiting the store in case an accident happens. Proof of vaccination can save your dog from a ride in a police car and a rabies quarantine.

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Overall, Bass Pro Shops stores allow dogs on leashes inside the store as long as they are accompanied by an adult and are cleaned up after. There may be restrictions on aggressive dogs as well as laws in some areas that prevent dogs in stores, so customers should inquire about these before bringing their pets into their local Bass Pro Shops. Additionally, Bass Pro Shops stores may have designated dog-friendly areas as well as supplies available for cleaning up after pets if necessary.

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