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Aosom Elite II Dog Bicycle Trailer Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

DOG_SAPR_Aosom Dog Bike Trailer

Aosom Elite II Dog Bicycle Trailer Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Aosom a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Assembly: 4/5
Durability: 5/5
Value: 4/5

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What is the Aosom Elite II Bicycle Trailer?

aosom elite II dog bicycle trailer

The Aosom Elite II is a dual-function pet carrier that works as both a stroller and a bike trailer. It has a thoughtful design that includes many safety features to ensure your dog remains secure when they’re inside it. You can also convert the stroller to a bike trailer relatively quickly without the use of any tools.

This product is definitely appealing to dog owners who love spending time outdoors with their dogs, as it provides a way to transport dogs between long distances safely. It’s also a viable option for senior dogs or dogs with health issues or disabilities that make it difficult for them to walk. Many dogs will benefit from the Aosom Elite II, but as always keep in mind your dog’s personality; if they are nervous, don’t enjoy car rides, or get car sick easily. The wheels do have suspension systems in them for a smoother ride but they may need some time to get used to riding in the carrier.

I tested out the Aosom Elite II with my own dog, Nora. She’s a fairly active dog and loves being outside, so we were excited to give the Aosom Elite II a go. My honest review is here to help you determine if the Aosom Elite II is a good fit for you and your dog.

In Summary

  • Made with durable, high-quality materials
  • Includes many safety features
  • Stroller has a hand-lock brake system
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Vague assembly instructions

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What to Expect from the Aosom Elite II

The Aosom Elite II requires some assembly after it arrives. It comes with a small set of basic tools and an instruction manual that includes step-by-step assembly photos, but it doesn’t have written instructions. If you’re experiencing any challenges with assembly, you can find tutorial videos online to help you set everything up.

While Aosom provides basic tools to help you assemble the product, you do have to use your own bike pump to put air into the three tires.

aosom elite II dog bicycle trailer contents


Stroller Dimensions: 32.75” W x 49.5” L x 42.5” H
Bike Trailer Dimensions: 32.75” W x 61” L x 42.5” H
Net Weight: 41.4 lbs
Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
Assembly Required: Yes
Materials: Steel, Oxford cloth
Entry Points: 3 entry points
Brakes Included: Yes

Sturdy Design and Safety Features

The Aosom Elite II has a very well-built design. It has a strong steel frame, and the cargo space is made with durable Oxford cloth. The overall structure is sturdy and more than capable of keeping dogs of the appropriate size and weight safe and secure.

Along with having a solid design, the Aosom Elite II has many thoughtful safety features. The interior of the cargo has a security leash that you can hook onto your dog’s collar or harness to prevent your dog from slipping around while in motion. The Aosom Elite II also comes in highly visible colors that are easy on the eyes and not blinding. It also has a reflective strip and reflectors on the front and back of the cargo, and the rear wheels have reflectors attached to them. To top it all off, the Aosom Elite II comes with a bright safety flag that you can insert on the back.

Aosom dog bicycle trailer inside open

Good Ventilation

Proper ventilation is a key feature of pet strollers. The Aosom Elite II design ensures that your dog is well-ventilated at all times. It has mesh siding on all sides, and you can unzip the top for additional ventilation. Your dog can also peek their head out through the top.

The cargo has a total of three entry points. Larger dogs can enter through the front or the back, and smaller dogs can be carried in and out through the top entry point of the cargo. The entry points are also reinforced with an additional wind-resistant flap that zips over the mesh.

Dual-Function Design

One of the highlights of the Aosom Elite II is that it works as both a pet stroller and a bike trailer. The bike trailer comes with a connector that’s compatible with most bikes, and it’s easy to attach it to the rear wheel of your bike.

The pet stroller has an adjustable handlebar that makes pushing it around a more comfortable experience. The handlebar also has a hand-lock brake system attached to it. Another excellent feature is the front wheel with a 360° swivel. This front wheel enables users to maneuver the wheel easily and provides a smoother ride for dogs.

No Collapsible Feature

The Aosom Elite II doesn’t have a collapsible feature for quick storage or to make it easier to carry when not in use. So, if you’re looking to fold it and store it away, you’ll have to partially disassemble it. This usually isn’t an issue if you have a separate storage unit or space, like a garage or shed.

However, if you live in an apartment or condominium, you may find that the Aosom Elite II can be a bit bulky and difficult to transport up and down a flight of stairs or on an elevator.


The price for Aosom Elite II is affordable for what you get. You can find some discounts and savings options on Aosom’s website from time to time. The Aosom Elite II can also be found through other online retailers and department stores. The prices will vary depending on the vendor.

Aosom dog bicycle trailer full view

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Is the Aosom Elite II a Good Value?

Overall, the Aosom Elite II is a good value because it’s priced at a comparable rate, and you’re essentially paying for two products for the price of one. You’ll find that it’s relatively quick and easy to convert the stroller to a bike trailer and vice versa once you get the hang of it.

Along with being convenient for people to use, it also offers the opportunity for dogs to enjoy spending more time outdoors. So, if you have an outdoorsy dog that has some mobility issues, it’s worth looking into investing in an Aosom Elite II.

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Can multiple dogs be in the Aosom Elite II at the same time?

It’s possible for two smaller dogs to fit inside the Aosom Elite II. Just keep in mind that there’s only one security leash to hook onto a dog collar. So, it may not be the safest option to place two dogs in one bike trailer if you plan to bike at faster speeds. The cargo comes with a padded mat, but it doesn’t provide any grip. So, you may also want to insert an anti-slip mat to prevent your dog from sliding around.

Is the Aosom Elite II waterproof?

The Aosom Elite II isn’t completely waterproof, so it’s best not to store it in outdoor spaces. The body of the cargo space is made with Oxford cloth, so it will keep some water out. However, the sides are made with mesh and aren’t reinforced with any water-resistant covering, so water can still get inside, especially in heavy rain.

Does the Aosom Elite II come with any storage space?

The Aosom Elite II has two storage pockets on each side. The pockets can fit smaller items, like your phone, keys, and wallet. Dog equipment that’ll fit inside includes leashes, treats, poop bags, and small toys. You may also be able to fit collapsible food and water bowls and a small water bottle.

front view of aosom elite II dog bicycle trailer

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Our Experience with the Aosom Elite II

Nora is an 8-year-old Cavapoo and weighs 20 pounds. She has a fairly active lifestyle and enjoys being outdoors. She doesn’t have any mobility issues or other chronic health conditions, but she doesn’t particularly enjoy car rides and can get motion sickness. So, I was initially feeling cautiously optimistic about getting her used to riding in a bike trailer.

I didn’t experience any issues with shipping, and the product arrived within the estimated delivery dates. It required some assembly, and I found the instruction manual to be a bit vague. Fortunately, the Aosom Elite II has a fairly intuitive design, so there wasn’t too much trouble with putting all the pieces together. I was also able to find an instructional video online that ensured I had pieced everything together correctly and also helped with attaching the trailer to my bike.

Since it was my dog’s first time using a stroller, I spent a little extra time getting her comfortable with it. With some treats and coaxing, I was able to get her to go inside the stroller on her own. We started with slow walks in the stroller to gently get her used to the experience. I noticed how easy it was for me to maneuver the stroller, and it was also very easy to adjust the handlebar height. It was also a very smooth ride for my dog, and I didn’t feel too much bounce whenever we walked over small pieces of gravel or flat grassy areas.

Once my dog was used to the stroller, I converted it into the bike trailer. It initially took a while for me to switch from the stroller to the bike trailer. I found that the most time-consuming part was unscrewing the screws holding the front wheel in place and screwing them to the wheel rack located at the back of the trailer.

I was most impressed by how safe of a ride the bike trailer was. I liked how the security leash helped keep my dog stable, and she eventually started to lie down once she got comfortable with the ride. The wheel suspension systems also worked well and kept the bike trailer stable whenever we hit some minor bumps along the road.

The only notable concern that I had with the Aosom Elite II is that it’s not very ideal for taking on outdoor trips that require driving. Since it’s not collapsible, it won’t lay flat in your car, and it takes tools to disassemble the pieces. So, if you’re looking for a bike trailer to use for camping trips and don’t have a truck or another vehicle that has room to carry it with you, the Aosom Elite II may not be the best choice. However, since it has a very sturdy and safe design, I’d recommend it for everyday use and when you plan to go on longer bike rides.

nora sitting in aosom elite II attached to a bicycle

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The Aosom Elite II safely allows dogs to spend more time outdoors. Many kinds of dogs will enjoy having one, but it seems the most beneficial for senior dogs with mobility issues, dogs with disabilities, and brachycephalic dog breeds. Overall, the Aosom Elite II helps dogs enjoy the outdoors while being kept in a safe and secure space.

So, if you’re looking for more fun ways to spend time with your dog, the Aosom Elite II is a viable option that’ll help you and your dog access and explore many new places together.

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