Penalties will be charged to owners of dangerous dogs in Alabama. Photography ©humonia | Getty Images.

Owners of Dangerous Dogs on the Hook in Alabama

What are the charges for owners of dogs that seriously injure or kill a person in Alabama? Let's find out what this new bill entails and how it came to be.
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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey recently signed into law a bill that allows authorities to charge owners of dogs that seriously injure or kill a person with felony penalties.

Called Emily’s Law (in memory of 24-year-old dog-attack victim Emily Colvin who died in Jackson County in late 2017), the new bill distinguishes between dogs that were previously declared dangerous (Class B felony, with 2 to 20 years in prison) and those that were not previously declared dangerous but that the owner knew was capable of being dangerous (Class C felony, 1 to 10 years).

Thumbnail: Photography ©humonia | Getty Images.

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