A Trio of Rescue Pups — Knox, Bear, and Harper — Light Up Instagram


Knox, Bear, and Harper are a trio of rescue pups who have turned into Instagram stars. Based in Boston, they love to goof it up for the camera while also spreading awareness of adoption and shelter issues. Let’s get to know these three pooches better.

Who’s who?

Bear. (Image via Instagram)

Bear was the first of the family. He’s a Labrador/Collie mix, and his human, Jenna, found him on Petfinder where he looked like “a little black furball.” Unfortunately, he developed the viral disease parvovirus after a few days in his forever home, although he pulled through after a spell in the intensive care unit. Today he’s a happy chap.

Here’s Knox

Knox. (Image via Instagram)

Knox joined the brood next. His backstory involves Jenna receiving a tipoff about a breeder operating in a “squalor environment.” She decided to give one of the pups a forever home and settled upon Knox.

“He grabbed onto our shoelaces and shook his head, as if he was trying to shake the life out of the lace,” she recalls of their first meeting. “We walked forward, and he pulled back. He acted resilient and spunky. He fought for our attention and loved us just as instantly as we loved him.”

Harper makes three

Harper. (Image via Instagram)

Three months after rescuing Knox, Jenna was browsing Petfinder for kicks. (Hey, we’ve all been there!) She noticed a female dog with “big pleasing eyes and a wrinkly face,” she says.

After successfully applying to adopt Harper, Jenna recalls how, “She immediately snuggled into our arms and has become the leader of the pack.”

Crazy, sassy, cool

The pack. (Image via Instagram)

When it comes to the dogs’ personalities, Jenna says that Bear is “extremely mellow and laid back” and something of an old soul who’s “wise beyond his years.”

Knox is the crazy guy of the bunch. “He requires a lot of attention and a lot of exercise,” she says. “If you are not watching carefully, he will chew through any coffee table, armoire, or floor molding. He loves to swim and retrieve sticks, balls, and anything else you throw in for him.”

Finally, Harper plays the role of the sassy pup in charge of operations. “She is the lady boss and always directing the boys around,” Jenna explains. “She has no concept of personal space, but we like it that way. She could spend hours chewing the same bone.”

Close bonds

The unit. (Image via Instagram)

Jenna says that the dogs have become an inseparable unit. “When one goes out for a walk, the other two sit on the window perch and wait and watch for their buddy to come back!”

She adds, “They are happiest when they are all together.”

Social media success

Happy Easter! (Image via Instagram)

With Knox, Bear, and Harper’s Instagram account recently hitting 40,000 followers, they’ve become online sensations. Jenna explains their success this way:

“I think the Instagram has become popular because we show the world how fun and beautiful rescue dogs are. These are three dogs that came from different places, have their own background stories, and are now living in Boston. We show people how important it is to take your furry friends everywhere with you, and although it isn’t always easy, it is possible.”

Also, fans love when the dogs dress up to celebrate holidays and festive events.

Always adopt, don’t shop

Rescue pups rule. (Image via Instagram)

While there’s a chunk of humor involved with Knox, Bear, and Harper’s photos, they’re also serious about using their position to spread awareness of rescuing dogs.

“We want the world to know that adopting a shelter dog is like treasure hunting,” Jenna explains. “Anyone can go to a breeder and pick a dog out, but what’s the fun in that? When you adopt a shelter dog you learn about their background, you see how the start of their lives were a struggle, and it is up to you to turn their lives around, spoil them, love them, and never leave them.”

“When you adopt you are not only saving a life, but you help combat the unethical practices that puppy mills profit from,” she continues. “You educate people to follow in your footsteps, and you share the happiness your adopted dog brings you.”

National Cheese Doodle Day

Happy Knox. (Image via Instagram)

Earlier this year, Knox celebrated National Cheese Doodle Day in the most traditional manner — by sitting in an oversized container full of the snacks while licking his lips.

Justifying his antics, Jenna says, “Call me crazy, but the thought of a pool filled to the brim with cheesy doodles calling you to dive in head first and with an open mouth is a dog’s dream — and, of course, a human’s too.”

Head over to Knox, Bear, and Harper’s Instagram page for more pics and adventures.

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