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How to Keep a Dog From Jumping & Climbing the Fence: 12 Helpful Tips

Written by: Ed Malaker

Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

Black labrador jumping over the fence

How to Keep a Dog From Jumping & Climbing the Fence: 12 Helpful Tips

Having a dog that jumps over the backyard fence can be a huge problem because they can get hit by a car, fight with another animal, or even become lost, so keeping them safely in the yard is a must. Keep reading as we list several steps that you can take to keep your dog from jumping over the fence.

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The 12 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Jumping and Climbing the Fence

1. Walk Your Dog More Often

One of the reasons many dogs jump over the fence is that they are bored. Walking your dog more often can help burn off excess energy, so they are more relaxed in the yard and less likely to attempt to go over the fence.

dalmatian dog on a leash walking with the owner
Image By: absolutimages, Shutterstock

2. Add a Dog-Proof Fence-Extension Top

You can attach a dog-proof fence-extension top directly to your existing fence. While it looks similar to barbed wire, it’s quite effective at keeping dogs in the yard, and you won’t need to worry that they’ll jump out when you’re not looking. It also helps raise your fence higher and makes it difficult for your dog to detect the fence edges, making them less likely to try to jump out.

3. Make a DIY Extension Top

If you are having difficulty locating a dog-proof fence-extension top, you can make one yourself. Use L-footers turned upside down at the top of the fence as a base to attach netting to create the fence top. Doing this will likely be less expensive than buying an extension, and it will work just as well.

orange plastic fence mesh roll
Image By: Andropof, Shutterstock

4. Install a Second Fence

A great way to prevent your dogs from getting over the fence is to install a second, smaller fence about 3 feet inside the main fence. Doing so will help prevent your dog from building up enough momentum to get over the main fence.

5. Remove Jumping-Off Points

In some cases, your dog might be using an object to get over the fence, like a garbage can, a pile of rocks, a tree branch, etc. Try to watch your pet to see how they are getting out, and remove anything that might be helping them.

garbage can behind fence
Image By: SeeDesign, Shutterstock

6. Alter the Landscape

A great way to prevent your dog from jumping over the fence is to plant shrubs and bushes along it to create a natural inner wall. Besides being effective, it can help make your yard more attractive. That said, plants take time to grow, so this isn’t an immediate solution.

7. Make Your Yard More Fun

Adding tires, boxes, and agility equipment to your yard (away from the fence) can help make the area more fun for your pet, and they’re unlikely to hop over the fence while having a good time.

dog training obstacles_MuriloViviani_Unsplash
Image By: Murilo Viviani, Unsplash

8. Train Them

Hiring a professional trainer to teach your dog to stay in the yard can be an effective way to solve the problem quickly. You can also train your dog yourself by following online tutorials, but be aware that it can take longer to see results.

9. Use Coyote Rollers

A coyote roller can be a helpful tool if you are trying to keep your dog inside a chain link fence. It’s essentially a pipe at the top of the fence that rolls when your pet tries to climb out, making escape impossible unless they can clear the fence without touching it.

fence with metal pipes
Image By: Beekeepx, Shutterstock

10. Cover the Fence

If your dog jumps the fence because they see something on the other side that they want to investigate, covering it can help. For example, installing boards, lats, or another type of cover on your chain link fence can help block your pet’s view, reducing or eliminating the temptation to jump.

11. Keep an Eye on Your Dog

Your dog likely knows that you don’t want them to jump over the fence, so they will wait until you aren’t paying attention to make their escape. Keeping a close eye on them will make it harder for them to jump.

12. Reduce the Amount of Time That Your Dog Spends in the Yard

If your dog spends a great deal of time alone in the yard, bringing them into the house or going outside to play with them on occasion can help reduce the risk of your dog jumping over the fence.

gray dog hound running on grass along black steel fence
Image By: Tatiana Rodriguez, Unsplash

In Conclusion

If you’re trying to keep your dog in the yard, the best option is likely a fence extension at the top that will raise the fence and make it harder to see the edges. A smaller interior fence is also effective because it stops them from getting the momentum that they need to get over the larger one. Small commercial fences work fine, and you can also use bushes and hedges to create a natural barrier that looks more attractive in your yard.

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