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Relievet CBD Dog Treats Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Written by: James Davis

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

Relievet CBD Dog Treats - Featured Image

Relievet CBD Dog Treats Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give Relievet CBD Dog Treats a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

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What Are Relievet CBD Dog Treats? How Do They Work?

Hemp, or the marijuana plant, has been used since before recorded human history began for many purposes.  These purposes include religious use, recreational use, pain control, mood stability, and other psychological benefits, including the control of anxiety (anxiolysis).

There are two major compounds in the hemp or marijuana plant responsible for these effects. They are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Tetrahydrocannabinol is known for its pronounced psychoactive effects, most commonly associated with recreational use in popular literature. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is not known to have recreational psychoactive effects, and especially recently has been used for ostensible medical purposes, including the control of anxiety and nervousness.

Relievet dog treat in mans hand

One major distinction for pet owners is the toxicity of these extracts in non-human mammals, especially dogs and cats. THC is toxic to dogs and cats, while CBD has a very low toxicity rating.  When a pet owner Purchases a product for their pet, they must make certain that the product contains little or no THC, or it may cause harm to the animal.

Relievet does an excellent job making their product content transparent in terms of active and inactive ingredients. They offer the lab-tested results for the latest batches on their website1, and previous batch results are available by email. Relievet CBD products contain so little THC it is effectively nonexistent. You do not have to worry about your pets experiencing THC poisoning with Relievet products.

Where to Get Relievet CBD Dog Treats?

Relievet markets their products directly from their online store at.

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Relievet CBD Dog Treats – A Quick Look

  • Transparency: Relievet has their products lab tested and posts results publicly.
  • Variety: Relievet offers products for dogs, cats, birds, and horses in multiple convenient doses, flavors, and product types.
  • Ease of Use: Relievet offers specifically dosed products for many weight groups and their products are very easy to give your pets.
  • Pricing: Relievet offers relatively low prices and lower prices if you subscribe to their products.
  • Safety: CBD is likely to be safe for use in animals.
  • Evidence: There is little rigorous evidence for the use of CBD in animals. Effectiveness must be judged by the owner.
  • Convenience: CBD oil is the most effective delivery vehicle, but it is inconvenient to measure and give to a pet.
  • Note: These cons are here for the sake of having them. I am impressed with Relievet’s apparent commitment to ease of use, transparency, and quality.

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Relievet CBD Dog Treats Pricing

Relievet CBD Dog Treats are available in 4 strengths based on pet weight. The table below shows pricing.

Dog Weight Strength Cost per day at 3 doses/day (costs rounded to nearest cent)
1-5 lbs. 240 mg $1.75 one time buy

$1.22 subscription

6-30 lbs. 1200 mg $2.15 one time buy

$1.50 subscription

31-90 lbs. 6000 mg $2.49 one time buy

$1.75 subscription

91-200 lbs. 9600 mg $3.00 one-time buy
$2.10 subscription

According to Relievet, not all dogs will need three doses per day, so these are prices at the maximum dose recommended. Monthly costs can range from $12 every thirty days if an owner subscribes to the lowest dose and uses 1 dose a day to $90 every thirty days at the maximum dose of the highest strength purchased without a subscription. These prices are comparable to other canine CBD treats on the market.

Relievet also offers 5 packs of CBD dog treats for dogs that only benefit from them temporarily (i.e., travel, thunderstorms).

Lastly, Relievet offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products. According to their website, if a customer is dissatisfied with their products for any reason and contacts the company within 30 days, they will be issued a full refund.

Relievet dog treat on the table

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What to Expect from Relievet CBD Dog Treats

Relievet CBD Dog Treats come freeze-dried in a glass jar. The jar is thoroughly wrapped and tightly packed in a cardboard box. The treats are of regular size and shape. Upon examination with a high-quality magnifier, they are homogenous in appearance, which is usually a good sign of quality production. The treats I received were the salmon-flavored variety. They had a faint, surprisingly pleasant fishy aroma.


Quality is very important to Relievet. Their CBD dog treats are made by a freeze-drying process, meaning they are not held together with cheap or potentially toxic binders. As they encounter moisture in pet food, pet saliva, or a drop of water, they rehydrate and melt easily in a dog’s mouth. It also means their products are tasty to a dog if the dog likes meat – and what dog doesn’t?

Relievet offers an unusual level of transparency on its third-party lab verification process, with records of product quality testing available for the latest batch on the website and previous batch data available on request.

My background includes professional training in health sciences, lab work, and engaging in freeze-drying/dehydration food storage techniques as a hobby. In studying this product for review, any flaws in smell, inconsistency in the product appearance, poor sealing allowing for early degradation, lack of opaque glass to prevent breakdown due to light, etc. would have been noted and criticized. The lack of criticism is high praise. Relievet’s quality assurance process will not disappoint you. The availability of their lot-based quality data to the end-user is better than that drug manufacturers provide for FDA-approved drugs in the United States.

Relievet dog treat open bottle


Relievet CBD products come labeled for use with dogs in several weight categories, parrots, cockatiels, conures, cats, and horses. Product types available (as appropriate for animal type) include treats, topicals, oil, and chews.

Flavors are complementary to the pet being treated. Treats come in flavors like sweet potato and salmon for dogs, and oil is flavored like beef liver.

Relievet wins again in this category. The clear labeling, and doses for precise weight categories, make it unlikely that you will mistake the wrong treat for the wrong animal if you purchase multiple strengths for different pets.


These dog treats are made using a freeze-drying process, and that sets them apart from traditional dog treat (medicated or not). Usually, treats are made with flavoring, active ingredients, preservatives/stabilizing agents, and binders. The flavoring may or may not be natural or highly processed, and the active ingredients may require preservative or stabilizing agents to have a useful shelf life. Binders are present to ensure the treat holds its shape without falling apart.

Of these, the only part of the treat good for your pet is usually the active ingredient.

Freeze-drying is superior to the above process in almost every way. Freeze-drying involves removing 97-99% of water. This makes the treats stick together without binders, simply because dehydrated treats get hard and keep their shape. Freeze drying acts as a preservative because the treats will not degrade in the absence of water, and the vehicle can be sweet potatoes or salmon, which provides the flavor.

As a result, these treats have two ingredients. Just two. CBD oil and healthy food used as a vehicle for dosing.

Relievet dog treat on wood

Are Relievet CBD Dog Treats a Good Value?

Relievet CBD dog treats are a good value in almost every way except perhaps the most important – but even there, the company has you covered against risk.

There is very little rigorous scientific evidence for CBD’s efficacy in humans, and even less for pets. This is a buy-and-try proposition. You will have to purchase the product and try it at the given dose to see if it works in your pet.

Relievet’s excellence in manufacture and presentation extends to this problem as well. Per their website:

“If you are not satisfied with our products in any way, you can contact us within 30 days for a full refund.”

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FAQs: Relievet CBD Dog Treats

What is the guarantee/warranty for this product?

  • Relievet will refund any unsatisfied customer within 30 days of the purchase of an unsatisfactory product per their website.

Can humans take Relievet products?

  • The ingredients are human grade, but the products are not designed or dosed for human use.

What dose does my dog need?

  • The products are dosed by weight. Weigh your dog and buy the appropriate product, then follow the directions on the label.

Is giving a freeze-dried treat different than normal treat-type dog medications?

  • Yes and no. You can give the treat to the dog directly, but they are quite small. It may be more appropriate to mix it with wet dog food or add a drop of water and add it to their regular food bowl.

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Our Experience With Relievet CBD Dog Treats

I received the salmon flavored version of Relievet’s CBD dog treats for review. The treats came in a sturdy box and were exceedingly well-wrapped in cardstock cling wrap. This packaging is not only effective in protecting shipping contents, but also compostable and was fed to the author’s vermicomposting worms. Talk about being environmentally friendly!

The salmon treats themselves were in a glass jar, tinted against light degradation. This is important because many medications and formulations are subject to a process called “photodegradation”, or the breakdown of chemicals by light. The cap was tightly sealed and there was a vacuum-sealed “for your protection” seal underneath with no signs of tampering. Overall, the packaging was excellent. Opaqued glass is nonreactive and ensures the product has no plastics in it.

The label is easy to read with an easily understood dosing table.

The treats themselves are surprisingly pleasant to smell for being salmon flavored. They were well-liked without needing to be added to food or reconstituted with water by our patients.

Speaking of our patients, the author’s two dogs graciously volunteered (upon scenting the salmon treats, anyway!) to test this Relievet product.

dog having Relievet dog treat

Penny is eight years old and mostly Catahoula Leopard Dog. She is tremendously active and a powerful hunter who loves nothing more than to run down and dispatch coyotes that would otherwise threaten livestock. She was an “extra” pup who was struggling to find a home when the author found out about her plight, and she’s been a beloved member of the family since. As a youngster, she would go coon hunting with the author. Early in her training, she was quite capable of yanking her lead hard enough to knock this 200 lbs., six-foot-tall man over like a bowling pin and drag him twenty feet or more before realizing what had happened. As she’s aged, her deep brown eyes and increasingly quiet smile make her a good companion to chat with or sit next to on a warm afternoon.

Luka is a purebred Australian Shepherd. He joined our family by extension when we “adopted” a medical student and her pet. He is a few years old and well-loved, still boarding with us after his owner’s graduation as her apartment is a little small for such an active breed. He is often described as “spastic” and I looked to see the most effect from CBD in him.

Both dogs found the scent/flavor of the treats to be tasty.

After about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes, Luka’s behavior was a little less like to get him labeled a spaz. He is capable of grinning much like a human and was more all smiles than usual. Penny, already more mellow, seemed to deepen into her mellow, and her already affectionate nature seemed sharpened. There was not a particularly pronounced effect, but as both dogs are kept outdoors with space to run and things to run after, they are not particularly anxious and do not have issues with chronic pain.

I agree with other reviewers online that this product is uniquely high quality, and the manufacturer takes extra steps to be transparent about the quality of what they make. They are proud of their operation, and I believe they have a right to such pride.

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Relievet CBD Dog Treats are high-quality products from a company that takes a start-to-finish approach to quality. They seek out and provide proof of third-party analysis to ensure their products are safe and meet the claims of their labeling. The only negative thing that can be said about their offering is that the active ingredients may not work for all pets and their efficacy can only be proven by empiric testing. That said, they even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the products are dissatisfying for any reason, meaning there is almost zero risk and possibly excellent reward if your pet needs a CBD product.

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