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How Much Should I Feed My Corgi? Vet-Reviewed Feeding Guide

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Should I Feed My Corgi? Vet-Reviewed Feeding Guide


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Dr. Luqman Javed

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The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

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Most Corgis love to eat. They’re food driven, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But while you’ll never have to question how to motivate your Corgi, one thing you might have to worry about is their overeating.

Corgis always want to eat, but you don’t want them eating more than they should. Of course, you don’t want to cut off their food supply if they need more either. It’s a fine line, and we’ll help you figure out the right amount to feed your Corgi for every meal.

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Corgi Feeding Guide

Important Note: The amount of calories each dog needs for healthy growth and development depends on many factors, including their age, breed, and activity level. These charts are general guidelines for healthy young dogs, but we recommend confirming any changes you make to your dogs diet with your vet.

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How Much Dry Kibble Should I Feed My Corgi?

If you’ve purchased a commercial kibble for your puppy, then the feeding guidelines on the label should be what you follow for your dog. The diagram above can be used as a general guideline for a Corgi puppy, aged 1–4 months, if you use the specific kibble brand listed on the chart. It will not be accurate for other brands or products.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that your pet food label will have storage instructions which you must follow in order to guarantee that the food does not lose its nutritional value throughout its use.

In addition, pet foods should have a “use by” timeline as well; this is how long the food is considered nutritionally adequate once it’s opened. If this time lapses, you should not use the food for your pet anymore. For example, if a product specifies that it’s good for up to 60 days after being opened, you should not use any leftover food from the bag once the 60 days have passed. To keep track of this, it’s best to label all pet food you purchase with the date on which you’ve opened it.

In terms of price though, dry food usually ends up being the most economical option among the popular feeding styles for pet dogs.

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Image By: 279photo Studio, Shutterstock

How Much Wet Food Should I Feed My Corgi?

If you choose to feed your Corgi with wet food instead of dry food, the guidelines again would have to match those listed on the label of the product you’ve purchased. For instance, if you opt for the product mentioned in the diagram we’ve presented, then a 10-pound Corgi puppy would need approximately 1.5 cans of the product in the chart.

However, the chart above is a generic guideline and your puppy’s needs may vary on an individual basis, as they are a unique biological entity.

In terms of cost, individually purchased cans of wet food often end up being the most expensive form of feeding one’s pet.

How Much Fresh Food Should I Feed My Corgi?

If you’re expecting a repetition of the points previously discussed, you wouldn’t be wrong or surprised to learn that the feeding guidelines of any fresh food should be those on the label or those presented to you by your veterinarian or animal nutritionist (for custom-made diets).

The costs involved with such a diet are highly variable, however, fresh diets on average do cost less than canned commercial diets (but more than dry kibble).

Hungry Welsh corgi Pembroke or cardigan puppy eats from ceramic bowl standing on fleecy carpet
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How Much Should You Feed a Corgi Puppy?

PetKeen_Calorie Requirements_puppies_Medium Breed Canine_v1_Nov 22 2023

If your Corgi is still a puppy, we recommend getting a puppy-specific diet for them. This is because puppies have different nutritional needs when compared to adult dogs.

The general feeding concepts of a juvenile or adult dog’s food apply to a puppy as well. However, the nutritional requirements of a puppy are often much higher than that of an adult dog (of the same weight). This is because puppies require additional nutrition for growth and development.

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Top 3 Factors That Affect How Much to Feed Your Corgi

While our guide is a great way to get a general idea of how much to feed a Corgi puppy, many different factors can impact exactly how much you should feed them. We’ve highlighted three such factors for you here:

1. Life Stage

The metabolic needs of a puppy are drastically different from those of an adult dog. Likewise, a relatively sedentary adult dog has different requirements from an active dog that receives plenty of exercise multiple times a day. Likewise, a pregnant or lactating dog has a much higher energy requirement than a spayed female.

Your dog’s life stage will also have an impact on their average weight range. For example, an adult Corgi weighs up to 25–30 pounds, however it’s impractical to expect a Corgi puppy to weigh as much.

2. Health Status

Welsh corgi enjoys meal
Image Credit: Paul’s Lady, Shutterstock

Our guidelines are for healthy dogs. Puppies that are unwell, underweight, malnourished, or severely ill (such as from canine parvovirus) have very different nutritional requirements. For such puppies, your veterinarian is the best source of information. It is worth noting that such puppies are also often hospitalized and placed on a prescription diet which aids in their recovery process.

3. Brand of Dog Food

Each dog food brand has their own recipe, and while they’re typically pretty similar, sometimes it can result in slightly different feeding instructions. It might not seem like much, repeatedly overfeeding or underfeeding your pet, even by seemingly small amounts, can quickly lead to an overweight or underweight pet. As such, it bears repeating that you should always follow the feeding instructions on the pet food you purchase. And as always, if you aren’t sure, your first point of contact should be your veterinarian.

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Final Thoughts

Many factors are at play when it comes to figuring out just how much you should feed your pet Corgi. In this article, we’ve provided a guideline which we hope has helped you gain a better understanding of the feeding process of these loveable dogs.

However, as we’ve mentioned, your dog is an individual with unique needs, and our guidelines are a general estimation of the products we’ve chosen. Therefore, we strongly recommend working closely with your veterinarian to ascertain just how much you should be feeding your Corgi. As pet parents, we owe it to our Corgis to ensure that we’re not taking any chances by feeding them an inadequate or surplus amount of food. As the saying goes “you are what you eat” – this applies to our pets too!

Featured Image Credit: Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava, Shutterstock

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