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7 Best Eye Drops for Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

7 Best Eye Drops for Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks


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close up applying eye drops to a corgiDogs can battle all kinds of eye issues, whether they be temporary or lifelong. But that does not mean your pup should have to suffer. There are tons of eye drops on the market to solve eye woes. But what products are the best for our canine friends? Your dog should always have their eyes checked by a veterinarian if you notice changes so that they can advise on the best treatment. If you are looking for a non-prescription eye drop for general maintenance we are here to help.

Luckily, we did all the hard work, rounding up this list of excellent products. We hope our reviews give you a good look at what to expect when you shop. Let’s take a look at what’s out there.

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A Glance at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops
  • Terrific for most minor eye irritations
  • Cross-species use
  • Nourishes without stinging or staining
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Curicyn Eye Drops for Dog & Cat Curicyn Eye Drops for Dog & Cat
  • For all animals
  • Works for infections, irritations, and injuries
  • Eliminates bacteria gently
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    OphtHavet Ophthalmic Ointment Eye Lubricant OphtHavet Ophthalmic Ointment Eye Lubricant
  • Supports healing
  • Blink-activated viscosity
  • Long-lasting lubrication
  • Vets Preferred Advanced Eye Wash for Dogs Vets Preferred Advanced Eye Wash for Dogs
  • Easy to apply
  • Breaks down gunk and tear stains
  • Simple, safe ingredients
  • NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse
  • Exceptional for flushing debris
  • Slows and removes tear stains
  • Antibacterial and great for allergies
  • The 7 Best Eye Drops for Dogs

    1. Dr. Goodpet Dog Eye Drops – Best Overall

    Dr. Goodpet Dog Eye Drops

    Brand: Dr. Goodpet
    Type: Dropper
    Amount: 1 ounce

    We reviewed some pretty terrific products, but our favorite overall was the Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops. It solves most minor eye irritations—plus, you can use it for dogs or cats, making it ideal for multi-pet households.

    The active ingredients in this product are vitamin C and zinc, nourishing the skin by providing moisture and lessening discomfort. It also works to prevent seeping and eye-staining, so you can help your pup’s eyes stop running on their pretty coat.

    We loved how easy this product was to use. It comes with an easy-to-open bottle top that doubles as a dropper. The formula itself is homeopathic and made in the USA.

    We want to be clear that this product is only for minor eye issues such as tear staining. If you believe your dog has an eye infection or injury, seeking a vet’s opinion is necessary before buying eye drops.

    • Terrific for most minor eye irritations
    • Cross-species use
    • Nourishes without stinging or staining
    • Won’t work for serious infections or injuries

    2. Curicyn All-Purpose Eye Drops for Dogs – Best Value

    Curicyn All-Purpose Eye Drops for Dogs

    Brand: Curicyn
    Type: Drops
    Amount: 2 ounces

    If you’re looking for a steal of a deal, we think you might be interested in the Curicyn All-Purpose Dog Eye Care Solution drops. From what we’ve found, they are the best eye drops for dogs for the money.

    We love that it would work for various eye issues, from cleaning to soothing irritated eyes. Not only are they safe for our dear canine companions—they also work wonders for nearly all domesticated animals you can own.

    This formula is gentle and easy to apply. The bottle itself is plastic with a dropper-style tip for one-step applications. It was meant to reduce inflammation and prevent infection, working very well against numerous eye issues.

    We saw the most success in issues like seasonal runny eyes and cleaning away debris. We thought it was a terrific product, especially for the price.

    • For all animals
    • Works for infections, irritations, and injuries
    • Eliminates bacteria gently
    • Affordable
    • Doesn’t clear tear stains

    3. OphtHavet Ophthalmic Ointment Eye Lubricant – Premium Choice

    OphtHAvet Ophthalmic Ointment Eye Lubricant for Dogs & Cats

    Brand: OphtHavet
    Type: Ointment
    Amount: 5 grams

    OphtHavet’s Ophthalmic Ointment Eye Lubricant may cost more than other top-rated eye drops for dogs, but the quality more than warrants the premium pricing. The sterile lubricant uses medical-grade sodium hyaluronate for dependable soothing comfort.

    As a viscous ointment, the application maintains a superior hold on the eye’s surface longer than many other drops. It’s blink-activated, limiting tear drainage while the eyes are open and softening when your pet blinks to prevent eye damage.

    OphtHavet’s ointment promises a longer-lasting solution to dry eyes and irritating inflammation, making it ideal for all-night relief. With greater effectiveness, you’ll only need a tiny amount with each application, helping you stretch its use and get even more value.

    • Supports healing
    • Blink-activated viscosity
    • Long-lasting lubrication


    • Relatively expensive

    4. Vets Preferred Advanced Eye Wash for Dogs

    Vets Preferred Eye Cleaner for Dogs

    Brand: Vets Preferred
    Type: Drops
    Amount: 4 ounce

    Vets Preferred Advanced Eye Wash is a convenient everyday solution to keep your dog’s eyes irritation-free no matter where you are. Formulated by vets, this eye wash combines boric acid with sodium borate and sodium chloride in a diluted solution to flush out contaminants, moisturize the eyes, and relieve allergic reactions.

    Using the eyewash is straightforward. Though applying only a few drops can be tricky, squirting a small amount in the eye to flush and hydrate it is easy. The solution also breaks down crusty buildup, so you can squeeze it onto a cloth to gently wipe your dog’s face.

    Dogs of all ages can use the eyewash, allowing you to make it a long-term part of your care arsenal. Vets Preferred formulates the product in the USA, using simple ingredients free of harsh chemicals so you can feel confident in its safe, effective use.

    • Easy to apply
    • Breaks down gunk and tear stains
    • Simple, safe ingredients


    • Applicator can be challenging to use

    5. NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse

    NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse

    Brand: Nutri-Vet
    Type: Rinse
    Amount: 4 ounce

    NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse is a terrific formula that takes care of just about any eye issue. It flushes, cleans, and protects your dog’s eyes without adding irritation or causing pain. Sometimes, our pups can get into all sorts of things that could potentially get in the eyes—like dust, fur, pollen and other debris.

    If your dog is having issues with crust buildup or debris in the eye, this gentle formula flushes out the matter to relieve your dog. It contains boric acid, which is an antibacterial agent that fights against infection.

    You can also use this product to remove tear stains if that’s a problem for your breed. It lightens the fur, lifting the unwanted color effectively. It also slows down the formation of tear stains if you use it frequently on your pooch.

    We think this product would work especially well for dogs who have allergies, as it soothes irritation from pollen and other environmental allergens.

    • Exceptional for flushing debris
    • Slows and removes tear stains
    • Antibacterial and great for allergies
    • Many applications to remove tear stains

    6. PetSilver Dog Eye Wash

    PetSilver Dog Eye Wash

    Brand: PetSilver
    Type: Wash
    Amount: 4 ounce

    Petsilver Dog Eye Wash is an excellent product to have on hand for virtually any dog owner. If your dog ever gets any foreign material in their eye, this is a safe, pain-free way to clear things up.

    Plus, if your dog suffers from pesky tear stains, this formula eliminates that problem, too. We love the simple ingredients, based only on water and chelated silver without drying agents or stinging ingredients.

    Granted, this product doesn’t take care of more serious problems but it’s excellent to have in the cabinet for emergencies. However, for infections or existing injuries, look elsewhere.

    • Great for emergency flushes
    • Only 2 ingredients
    • Multi-use drops
    • Not for infection or injury

    7. Ocunovis Dog Gel Eye Drops

    Ocunovis Dog Gel Eye Drops

    Brand: Ocunovis
    Type: Gel
    Amount: 5 mL

    Ocunovis Dog Gel Eye Drops are easy to control during administration, which earns them a big thumbs up from us—especially if you have a rather rambunctious pooch.

    We love the consistency so you can get a perfect dollop every time without messes or over/underuse.

    Aside from the consistency, the product worked great for the intended use of eye lubrication. We really like that the thickness appears to coat and nourish the eye to reduce irritation and heal it at the source.

    Admittedly, this product won’t work quite as well as some competing products for irritation. But it is more long-lasting than drops and is useful for dry eyes.

    • Thick and long-lasting
    • Reduces irritation
    • Decent quantity
    • Less effective than some competing products

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Eye Drops for Dogs

    If you need eye drops for your dog, how can you know you’re choosing the best kind? Well, that depends on what outcome you’re looking for. Ultimately, you want eye drops that are both safe and effective. But let’s go over the criteria when buying eye drops for canines.

    Reasons to Apply Eye Drops/Ointment

    Eye Irritation

    Maybe your pup just needs a good all-purpose rinse. Some eye irritation could be from the environment, like pollen, dust, or airborne debris. Certain eye drops are designed to clear things right up. 


    Information can occur with certain eye issues like allergies and medical conditions. To prevent this inflammation from bothering your pup, anti-inflammatory eye drops are readily available.


    If your dog has a scratch or other eye injury, you might need to keep it clean and disinfected to prevent it from getting worse. Some eye injuries require medical assistance but others can clear up with over-the-counter eye meds. Get all eye injuries checked out by your vet.


    If your dog has trouble with eye dryness, it might be time to lube things up. Eye drops and gels can nourish, soothe, and combat dry eyes by providing adequate moisture. Prescription eye medications to help with tear production are available from your veterinarian.

    applying eye drops to an old dog
    Image Credit: fotorawin, Shutterstock

    Tear Stains

    Some breeds are prone to tear staining while others suffer from allergies. Regardless of the reason, many eye drops and gels are designed to break up these stains and bring the coat back to its vibrant original color.


    With some mild infections, such as conjunctivitis, you might be able to clear it up all by yourself at home without relying on a vet prescription. However, you might need to visit your vet for a prescription-strength formula, depending on the issue. Best to discuss with your vet before you start trying at home treatments.

    Product Specs


    Let’s face it—we can have adverse reactions to anything. But certain products can be more likely to cause negative issues.


    No matter your dog’s eye issue, the correction of the problem is key. Getting an effective formula will make sure to stretch your dollar and comfort your dog.

    american corgi
    Image Credit: Jeniffer Fontan, Shutterstock

    Ease of Use

    Since eye drops are liquid-based, an easy application is the best route—no complicated instructions. It should be as simple as a dropper full to the eye, but some bottles can be messy or easy to spill.


    Eye drops that sting or hurt can make your dog permanently fearful of eye drop applications. Making sure that the type you get is completely free of any ingredients that might irritate the eyes is crucial—especially if they are unfamiliar with the process. Oh and offer treats regularly!

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    We know that eye drops have different purposes, but we still think Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops is a fix for most canine eye issues. It’s terrific to have on hand and you can use them for virtually any pet you have.

    If you’re looking to save some cash, don’t forget the Curicyn All-Purpose Dog & Cat Eye Drops. They are easy on the wallet and good for most any minor eye problem.

    No matter your no prescription need, we hope one of these seven products does the trick for your little furry friend.

    Featured Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

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