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Will a Dachshund Get Along with a Cat? How to Introduce Them

Written by: Greg Iacono

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

cat and dachshund dog on a rug

Will a Dachshund Get Along with a Cat? How to Introduce Them

The typical Dachshund is a funny, friendly dog that gets along with almost everyone, including other dogs. Of course, the lovable “wiener dog” is a small breed that’s not much bigger than a cat. For many, especially those who love Dachshunds and cats, that begs the question; will a dachshund get along with a cat? The answer is that, in some situations and under the right conditions, a Dachshund will get along with a cat like best buddies.

However, it doesn’t always work and depends on several factors, like the prospective animals’ age, socialization skills, and temperament. In other words, your Dachshund might get along with your cat, but there’s also the chance it won’t.


Do Most Dachshunds Get Along with Cats?

The Dachshund is typically a friendly, happy, outgoing dog breed that gets along exceedingly well with its humans and other pets. That makes the Dachshund a good candidate for living with a cat as they are already good-natured and willing to share their living space.

Of course, all dogs are unique. Some Dachshunds will gladly share their home with one or multiple cats, but others may have issues living with felines.

Socialization and introducing your Dachshund to cats at a young age are essential if you want your pets to get along. The good news is that thanks to their lovely disposition, the chance your Dachshund will get along with cats is high.

However, Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, and some still have strong hunting and prey instincts. For Dachshunds with a powerful hunting instinct, getting along with cats might be a problem, especially after they have become adult dogs.

happy senior dachshund dog at daycare
Image Credit: Ryan Brix, Shutterstock

What’s the Best Way to Ensure a Dachshund and Cat Get Along?

Animal experts agree that the best way to ensure any dog and cat will get along is to introduce them when they are puppies and kittens, respectively. The reason is that, at an early age, neither animal has established any boundaries or formed any habits or traits that would prevent them from getting along with the other. Once either animal becomes an adult, things get a bit trickier.

Remember, dogs and cats are territorial, so introducing a kitten to your adult Dachshund might be difficult. The same can be said for introducing a Dachshund puppy to an adult cat. The puppy will probably be pleased, but the cat might be very unhappy and angry about the new canine addition to its home.

All situations being equal, logic dictates that the highest chance of successfully seeing your Dachshund get along with your cat is to bring them together as babies and let them grow up together. They might occasionally fight, but most cats and Dachshunds raised together will get along like siblings.

Which Cat Breed Will Get Along with Dachshunds the Best?

If you already have a Dachshund in your home and want to bring a cat into the family, you should consider the cat breed when adopting. That’s because certain breeds of cats get along better with dogs, including the Dachshund.

If you’re not looking for a specific cat breed, the cats on the list below are good choices. However, any kitten will probably grow up to be great friends with a loving Dachshund in their home.

  • American Shorthair
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Birman
  • British Shorthair
  • Turkish Angora
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Tonkinese
  • Ragdoll
  • Siberian
  • Maine Coon
  • Abysinnian
  • Turkish Van

British kitten rare color (lilac) and puppies dachshund
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

Which Age Is Best to Introduce a Dachshund and a Cat?

Animal experts recommend introducing Dachshunds and cats when they are puppies and kittens, respectively. By doing this, you ensure that the two animals know and care about each other before their instincts start kicking in. If possible, as soon as they are weaned and vaccinated, you can introduce your Dachshund puppy to the kitten of your choice.

If introducing a cat and dog as babies isn’t an option, introducing your Dachshund to cats at an early age is recommended. Yes, they are amicable and affectionate dogs, but Dachshunds are still dogs. As they get older and set in their ways, some Dachshunds might find it difficult to accept a cat into their home. The earlier you introduce them to their new cat siblings, the better chance all will go well.

How to Introduce an Adult Dachshund to a Cat

If you want to have a Dachshund and a cat under your roof, and the Dachshund is an adult, the steps below will help you do it right. Keep in mind that things change if you introduce an adult cat to a Dachshund, as adult cats already have an established personality.

  • Having a well-trained Dachshund that will listen and obey commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “down” is essential.
  • Be sure both animals are fully vaccinated.
  • Create a “safe area” for both animals and keep them in that space for several days before introductions are made. This allows the pets to get used to each other’s scent.
  • Using a shared door, feed your Dachshund on one side and your cat on the other. While they won’t see each other, the sounds and smells will help both animals associate each other with a pleasant situation.
  • As soon as both your cat and Dachshund can eat on opposite sides of a door without freaking out, it’s time to introduce them gently. It’s highly recommended to keep your Dachshund on a leash the first few times or until you see that both animals are calm and friendly.
  • Bring treats for both animals that you can give them for getting along and being friendly and calm.
  • If you see or feel any tension, end the introduction session until the next time and bring both animals back to their safe spaces.
  • Once they seem to get along well, you can unleash your Dachshund. If any tension returns, do your best to interact calmly and, if needed, separate your pets until they calm down.

dachshund puppy playing with black and white cat
Image By: Ilona Ilyés, Pixabay

Why Do Dachshunds Run after Cats?

You may have been surprised to learn that Dachshunds and cats get along, especially if you’ve seen a Dachshund chase a cat with reckless abandon. The reason Dachshunds chase cats, however, has nothing to do with how well they get along but with how strong the former’s instincts are to hunt small prey.

Dachshunds deal with their high prey instincts every day because it was bred into them hundreds of years ago when they chased and killed badgers. Badgers are incredibly strong animals that, while small, can turn ferocious when cornered and are known to fight off much bigger animals.

Dachshunds fearlessly chased, fought with, and killed badgers by the thousands all over Europe, and the instincts they learned still follow them to this day. That’s why Dachshunds chase cats. However, if raised with a cat or socialized well with one, your average Dachshund will get along just fine with a feline.


Final Thoughts

Under the right circumstances, a Dachshund and a cat will get along like best friends and gladly share their home. Early introductions are a great way to ensure that your Dachshund and cat are best buds, and it helps to have a Dachshund with a low prey instinct and a high level of affection.

Thankfully, Dachshunds are intelligent, social, and friendly dogs to begin with, so getting yours to share their world with a cat shouldn’t be a huge problem. Best of luck with a match made in pet heaven!

Featured Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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