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How Much Does a Cockapoo Cost in 2024? Complete Price Guide

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Nicole Cosgrove

brown cockapoo puppy in the garden

How Much Does a Cockapoo Cost in 2024? Complete Price Guide

In the United States, the Cockapoo is always in the top 20 most popular dog breeds, and it’s a regular number one in the UK and Australia too. The breed is known by many names, including the Cockerpoo in the UK and Spoodle in Australia, and they make loving family pets and dedicated working dogs (such as service or support dogs).

When looking into the money needed to own a Cockapoo, there aren’t only initial outlays to consider. You will need to think about the money spent on everything from food to potential vet bills. This guide will help you calculate how much a Cockapoo may cost you in 2022, including some money-saving tips and tricks to help you enjoy your time with your new dog.

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Bringing Home a New Cockapoo: One-Time Costs

The initial costs for your pup will vary greatly, from adoption fees to paying breeders.


There may be times when owners struggle to care for their Cockapoo for a range of different circumstances, and regrettably, they may be looking for a new home for them. “Free to good home” posts may be tempting for those looking for a low cost when bringing their dog home; however, make sure you do your research when looking for a free Cockapoo.

Most of the time, rescuing a Cockapoo will be doing the owner a massive favor by ensuring their beloved pet goes to a good home, and you also get to add a new family member for free.

Some owners may be advertising their dogs for free because they just want to get rid of them. Doing your research before you pick up the dog and asking about problems they may have is vital before you bring them into your family.

a phantom cockapoo puppy lying on grass
Image By: Alena Veasey, Shutterstock


  • $50–$400

Most adoption agencies take a rehoming or adoption fee for all pets adopted from their shelter. This helps to support not just the pet you’ve only just adopted but also all the other animals, including helping to pay for their food, vet bills, and any other expenses.

This isn’t usually a high cost; it will vary significantly by the geographical location of the shelter. For example, a facility on the East Coast may charge $200 to $400 for adoption, whereas on the West Coast, you may be looking at between $50 and $300.

Some shelters also set the price for each pet, taking its age, history, and any other problems it may have into account when deciding on a price, including the length of time it’s been at the shelter.

Most of these pets come chipped, treated for worms and fleas, and vaccinated. The best way to find a Cockapoo in your area for adoption is to ring up local shelters and start your research there.


  • $1,000–$2,000

Researching reputable breeders is something every potential Cockapoo owner should practice. Purchasing a Cockapoo rather than adopting one is personal for many reasons, including if you want a certain color of Cockapoo.

Ultimately it is your choice, but knowing how to approach breeders and what questions to ask (including seeing the parents and how they are treated), is an important step.

The prices when buying a Cockapoo puppy vary dramatically since they’re a crossbreed. There are no true guidelines for the breed, such as AKC (American Kennel Club) registration or breed standards.

For example, the average price for a Cockapoo puppy in 2022 is between $1,000 to $2,000, but it can be as high as $4,000. The puppy’s parents may be registered with the AKC, but Cockapoos aren’t accepted into the AKC as a breed in their own right; however, every puppy can and should be health tested (which may increase the price) before being sold.

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Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $100–$500

Once you purchase a Cockapoo, it’s time to consider which items they need when they come home. Some things are more obvious, such as bowls for food and water, collars and harnesses, leashes, etc. Others are easily overlooked; items such as car harnesses, toothbrushes, ID tags, and even pet insurance can add up.

List of Cockapoo Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15
Spay/Neuter $145
X-Ray Cost $100–$250
Ultrasound Cost $250–$500
Microchip $45–$55
Teeth Cleaning $150–$300
Bed $30
Nail Clipper (optional) $7
Brush $8
Harness $25
Leash $10
Toys $30
Crate $40–$100
Food and Water Bowls $10
Cockapoo Family
Image Credit: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

How Much Does a Cockapoo Cost Per Month?

  • $100–$400 per month

The maintenance amount for your Cockapoo will heavily depend on the dog’s size, general health, and geographical location. General monthly expenses such as food, health treatments, and toys or consumables amounted to around $100 to $300 a month. However, this is an estimation, so let’s take a closer look at the breakdown:

Health Care

  • $20–$50 per month

For a healthy dog, health treatments for the month may include:

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Any additional care like vitamins or supplements.

Owners shouldn’t need too many other treatments for a Cockapoo, but if you’re adopting an older pet, they may have more healthcare needs, and this price may be slightly higher. We will cover veterinary treatment pricing in the sections below.


  • $30–$100 per month

The cost of food for your Cockapoo will vary dramatically depending on where you live, the availability and the type of food you’d like to purchase, and the size of your Cockapoo.

Toy or miniature Cockapoos will need less food than standard Cockapoos, and if they’re working dogs, they’ll need more. You can also factor treats into this budget for a more complete picture of your monthly Cockapoo food costs.

Cockapoo running on grass
Image Credit: Joe Caione, Unsplash


  • $30–$150 per month

Because of their Poodle heritage, semi-regular, professional grooming for your Cockapoo is recommended. However, owners can groom their Cockapoo at home to upkeep between appointments. To groom your Cockapoo yourself, you’ll need to be knowledgeable in how to groom effectively, and you’ll need equipment such as:

  • Brushes
  • Clippers
  • Shampoo and coat conditioner

The cost of the professional grooming appointment will vary depending on your dog’s size and the area your groomer is located.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $20–$50 per month

Besides the occasional vet visit or vaccination, medical treatment for Cockapoos generally involves preventative parasite treatment (for fleas and ticks), claw clipping, and regular wellness check-ups.

Vet exams and medications for sick pets have become much more expensive, particularly if you don’t have insurance. The average price for medications and treatment for a Cockapoo ranges from $20 to $50 per month.

vet examining puppy cockapoo dog
Image Credit: MT.PHOTOSTOCK, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance

  • $40–$135 per month

Responsible owners can get pet insurance for their Cockapoo, even if it’s not a traditional model. Some pets can’t get coverage, like elderly pets or pets with pre-existing conditions.

This price will vary significantly on the size of the Cockapoo, the dog’s age, general health, geographical location, and the owner’s plan choice. Shopping around to get a good deal on insurance will be well worth the time for a cheaper insurance deal; price comparison sites are great for this.


Environment Maintenance

  • $20–$50 per month

Environmental maintenance money for your Cockapoo could include replacement costs for poop bags, cleaning and disinfectant supplies, and replacement beds. While not a huge cost, it’s good to keep this price in mind as it all adds up to your total monthly bill for your pet.


Poop bags: $7/month
Deodorizing spray: $10/month
Replacement dog bed: $20-$40/month
Cleaning and disinfectant: $15/month


  • $40–$100 per month

Apart from replacement collars and leashes, entertainment for your Cockapoo can take many forms. Toys, trips out, and enrichment provided in items such as puzzle feeders are an excellent way to provide new and exciting experiences for your Cockapoo.

Dog subscription boxes are a fantastic way to get toys delivered to your door that are both new and exciting, and they ensure an average cost per month with discounts for multiple months purchased.


Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Cockapoo

  • $100–$400 per month

Rounding up and totaling the costs in this list gives you an estimate, but every situation is different. Try making your own list for a reliable base monthly price to help you budget for your Cockapoo, and remember that some prices will fluctuate month to month (such as food prices).

Additional Costs to Factor In

There are additional costs to consider when considering your Cockapoo’s overall costs. These may not just be monthly but could be bi-annually, such as pet sitting when you’re going on vacation.

Thinking about the specific services your Cockapoo needs, such as behavioral training, repairs on the home caused by enthusiastic tail wagging, traveling costs, or occasional splurges on them for being a good dog, can help you to establish a budget. Still, additional costs usually range from $30 to $50 per month.

red cockapoo standing in the grass
Image Credit: mountaintreks, Shutterstock

Owning a Cockapoo On a Budget

You can own a Cockapoo on a budget by making minor adjustments here and there, such as becoming familiar and confident with grooming. Getting creative with activities and toys can also save money, such as making homemade toys and puzzle mats or rotating the ones you already own to keep them fun for your Cockapoo.

Cockapoos will have costs that owners can’t skip, such as veterinary bills, food bills, and grooming, which should be budgeted for first. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make smart and savvy choices that can also save money.

Saving Money on Cockapoo Care

Firstly, spend some time shopping around for food brands and find the food that suits your dog. Once you’ve found a brand, buying in bulk can save you money, particularly if you can decant it into an airtight container for freshness.

Finding websites offering “subscribe and save” options can also save you money, with many providing free delivery.

You can also apply the same method to pet insurance, which can help you save money both in the short term and the long term. In the short term, finding customized coverage that offers you security and a price that suits your budget is the sweet spot for pet insurance. In the long term, knowing that you’re covered for expensive vet bills can give you peace of mind and a happier wallet.

Getting familiar with grooming is also a great way to save money on Cockapoo care if you have the time. Bathing, clipping, and styling basic cuts can all be learned from home via online courses or even on YouTube for free, which can be a fun way to learn a new skill and bond with your Cockapoo.



General costs apply to all breeds. Cockapoos might cost slightly more than other dogs because of grooming costs. However, owning the loving and sweet-natured breed is more than worth it. Putting aside around $2,000 to purchase your Cockapoo puppy or dog in any situation is wise, with an additional $800 to $2,000 for initial supplies and care.

Once the initial costs are paid, the monthly costs are not much different from any other dog, costing around $100 to $300. However, budgeting and making smart choices with their food and care can help to bring the general cost of a Cockapoo down, and it’s possible to care for the adorable dogs on a budget.

However, it is wise to remember that because the Cockapoo is a curly-coated and brilliant dog, a little more money should be put aside each month for providing new, stimulating toys or emergency grooming should the need arise.

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