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How Big Will My Weimaraner Get? (With Size + Growth Chart)

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

Weimaraner in the outdoors

How Big Will My Weimaraner Get? (With Size + Growth Chart)

Weimaraners are one of the most beautiful and athletic dog breeds around. Bred by nobles, these dogs were designed for hunting big game. Now, the gray ghosts are family members that are extremely affectionate and loyal to their owners and have endless amounts of energy. For people new to the Weimaraner breed, knowing a bit about Weims and their potential sizes is important. These dogs can reach weights between 70–90 pounds when fully grown and stand 23–27 inches tall. Keep reading as we explain further.

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Facts About Weimaraners

female weimaraner dog in the forest
Image Credit: Tosha174, Shutterstock

The Weimaraner was first developed in the 19th century. These dogs were developed to see to the needs of the Nobles of Weimer who were big game hunters and avid sportsmen. What they wanted in a hunting companion was a dog with incredible tracking ability, courage, durability, and of course, speed. Using a strict breeding program, they developed the breed with these traits and perhaps by accident also created the gray color that is the trademark of the Weimaraner breed.

Let’s take a look at a few more cool facts about the Weimaraner that makes this dog so amazing and intriguing.

  • Weimaraners earned the nickname “gray ghost” thanks to their gray coats and intriguing pale eyes.
  • The Nobles of Weimer controlled the breeding of these dogs in the hope of protecting the breed and created the German Weimaraner Club for this reason.
  • Throughout the breed’s first century Weimaraners were converted from big game hunting dogs to “fur and feather” hunters.
  • Weimaraners are great swimmers and have webbed feet to make it easier for them.
  • Weimaraners are great family dogs and get along well with kids. Keep in mind, they are big dogs and they can knock over little children, so be careful.
  • Although there are long-haired Weimaraners, the American Kennel Club only recognizes the short-haired version.
  • The prey drive in this dog breed is strong. If you have smaller pets at home, you should pay close attention to them.

Weimaraner Size and Growth Chart

As a dog breed that was developed to hunt big game, the Weimaraner was designed to be a medium to large-sized dog breed. A full-grown male can reach weights upward of 90 pounds. You’ll find that female Weims are slightly smaller and can weigh close to 75 pounds when fully grown. Both male and female Weims reach their full height by the time they are one year of age, however, they can continue putting on weight until they are around 19 months old.

Here’s a look at the weights you can expect from your Weimaraner throughout their growing months.

Age Female Weight Range Male Weight Range
2 months 12–15 pounds 13–17 pounds
4 months 27–37 pounds 32–40 pounds
6 months 38–50 pounds 44–56 pounds
8 months 45–57 pounds 51–64 pounds
10 months 49–63 pounds 56–71 pounds
12 months 51–68 pounds 60–75 pounds
14 months 53–72 pounds 64–80 pounds
16 months 55–75 pounds 66–84 pounds
19 months 55–77 pounds 66–88 pounds

When Does a Weimaraner Stop Growing?

Your Weimaraner will reach their full height long before they stop putting on weight. By the time a Weim is 12 months old, they will be as tall as they are going to get. However, a female Weim will continue to add weight until they are around 18 months old. Male Weims grow for a bit longer. They will continue adding weight until they are around 19 months old. Now, this doesn’t mean your Weim can be considered mature, however. Most Weims will have puppy tendencies up until they are closer to 3 years old.

weimaraner dog standing in the grass
Image Credit: VKarlov, Shutterstock

Factors Affecting the Size of a Weimaraner

Of course, every Weimaraner is not going to be the same. There are a few factors that determine the size of your dog. Like all dog breeds, genetics plays a huge role in growth and size. If the parents of your Weim were above-average or average in size, most likely your Weim will take on the same traits. The same can be said if the parents are on the smaller side. Of course, your breeder can give you weight and size information on a pup’s parents so you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

Diet is another factor that plays a role in how big your Weim will get. A healthy diet will help your pooch grow to its full potential. However, if your Weim isn’t getting a complete and adequate diet, they will be below average when it comes to weight and size. These dogs need to consume a lot of calories throughout the day. Your veterinarian is the best source of information when it comes to your Weim’s dietary needs. They can provide guidance when it comes to how much you should feed your Weim and how often.

The dog food you feed your Weim is also crucial for ensuring they grow properly and reach their full size. A Weimaraner is an active dog breed. This means they need high-quality dog food that is high in protein. You’ll also need to choose food that is formulated for your Weim’s life stage. Puppies should have puppy food. Adult dogs need foods specifically for adults as puppy food may not give them all the nutrition they need.


Ideal Diet for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

As a puppy, your Weim will need dog food formulated for that particular life stage. A puppy will need to eat smaller-sized meals three times a day. The puppy food will have suggested serving sizes on the package. If you don’t feel those will work for your puppy, perhaps they’re smaller or bigger than average, reach out to your veterinarian for serving-size suggestions. You’ll also want to use puppy food that is specially formulated for large dog breeds. This will ensure your Weim pup gets all the calories and protein it should.

As your Weim grows, you’ll want the food to change with their needs. After a year of age, you’ll switch to adult dog food. This food should be of good quality, high in protein, and contain enough calories to cater to your dog’s activity level. Feedings will also be less frequent. Instead of three meals per day, an adult Weim will eat two larger meals per day.

Keep in mind, Weimaraners have digestive systems that are a bit sensitive. For this reason, you should try to avoid feeding them table scraps. These dogs are also prone to bloat. Make sure feedings are spaced out from exercise or play times by at least an hour before or after.

weimaraner dog eating food from metallic bowl
Image Credit: Laura Beach, Shutterstock

How to Measure Your Weimaraner

Measuring your Weimaraner’s height at home is easy. That is if you have a dog that will hold still long enough to get the job done. Simply use a soft tape measure and start at the floor. Measure up to your dog’s shoulder. This will be the area where the body meets the Weim’s head. This way of measuring will work with all ages of Weimaraners.

Weighing your Weim can be done using your bathroom scale. Simply weigh yourself, then weigh again while holding your puppy. Subtract the original weight from the combined weight for your puppy’s total. This trick won’t work so well as your Weim grows. Eventually, considering these are bigger dogs, you will have to take your Weim to the veterinarian for a weight check.



As you can see, Weimaraners are good-sized dogs that can reach weights between 70–90 pounds when fully grown and stand 23–27 inches tall. While these dogs are large, they are highly affectionate and great family dogs. If you’re planning on bringing a Weim into your home, make sure you have the room and activity level to keep up with the incredible “gray ghost.”

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