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Does a Dalmatian Bark a Lot? Tips, Facts & FAQ

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

dalmatian dog barking outdoor

Does a Dalmatian Bark a Lot? Tips, Facts & FAQ

If you’ve ever had a neighbor with an excessively barking dog, you understand how annoying it can be. Now, imagine you’re the owner of that pooch. Listening to constant barking, for good reasons and no reason at all, can be difficult to live with. For this reason, many potential dog owners wonder if the dog they are considering is a barker.

For dog lovers who can’t seem to get spots off their minds, it makes sense to wonder about Dalmatians. Does a Dalmatian bark a lot? Will having one in your home drive you batty? The answer to this question is not really. Dalmatians are known as occasional barkers. In most instances, a Dalmatian will only bark when it needs to. For most dog owners, this is a perfect scenario.

Let’s take a deep dive into the barking tendencies of the Dalmatian so you can better understand this breed and whether it’s a good fit for your home.

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Do Dalmatians Bark a Lot?

On a barking scale of 1–5, the Dalmatian would score a solid 3. They aren’t the quietest dog breed in the world, but they are far from the noisiest. Dalmatians are ideal for barking when they should. Dalmatians keep their owners and families alert if something is happening around them. This is due to your Dalmatian history. While they are a breed that is shaded in mystery, Dalmatians have been used for a lot of things throughout their history. This breed has caught vermin, retrieved for hunters, guarded their families, and as we all know, worked as carriage dogs. These many jobs have led Dalmatians to be occasional barkers who are quick to alert their owners. Fortunately, these same jobs also keep this breed from being excessive when it comes to barking. This makes them much more tolerable than other breeds.

dalmatian dog on a leash barking at the park
Image Credit: Susan Edmondson, Shutterstock

What Makes a Dalmatian Bark?

With Dalmatians having lower barking tendencies, you may be curious about what will initiate their voices. There are lots of reasons your Dalmatian may bark. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons below to help you better understand your pet.

Your Pet Is Excited

Have you ever grabbed a bag of treats only to hear your pet start barking? What about telling them it’s time to go outside? This is your dog barking out of excitement. Most dogs, even the quietest of breeds, can let out a bark when you do things that excite them. Dalmatians are no different.

Your Dog Wants Attention

When a Dalmatian wants something, barking is often their way of communicating this to you. If your pooch wants to play, have a treat, go outside,  is hungry, or even thirsty, using their voice is their way of communicating their needs. As a pet parent, it’s up to you to learn your pet’s needs and how they act when in need. Once you have a better understanding of your pet, you’ll instantly know what your pet is trying to communicate to you.

a young dalmatian dog stretching and barking at the park
Image Credit: f8grapher, Shutterstock

Separation Anxiety/Boredom

Separation anxiety is common in some dog breeds. Dalmatians are pack animals, therefore, they like being with their families. This means leaving a Dalmatian on its own for too long can lead to boredom. For many dogs, this boredom results in barking or excessive chewing. Families who are interested in bringing a Dalmatian into their home should ensure they have time for the pet.


Dalmatians are a territorial breed. They will bark if they think another dog is trying to take their food, toys, or invade their territory. They also have a history of being guard dogs. With the love these dogs can have for their families, it’s only natural that they would feel protective of their people.


Yes, dogs can be afraid. If a strange person or dog is around, they’ll bark. You may also notice a Dalmatian barking thanks to strange sounds in the house or throughout the neighborhood. Even raised voices or arguments in the household can affect your Dalmatian.

dalmatian dog sitting on the grass
Image Credit: Poter_N, Shutterstock

Other Sounds Your Dalmatian May Make

Dalmatians aren’t the noisiest dogs, but we can’t pretend they don’t make noise. We also can’t say the only sound you’ll hear from your dog is barking. Dalmatians make a variety of sounds. You may even find that some of the sounds they make could be considered unusual in comparison to other dogs.

Dalmatians will grunt and groan, growl, whine, and sigh. Some Dalmatian owners even claim their pet makes a sound similar to a purr. Don’t be shocked if your Dalmatian isn’t big on barking but displays a plethora of other sounds for you and the family to enjoy.


How to Stop Your Dalmatian’s Excessive Barking

While it isn’t common for Dalmatians to excessively bark, it can happen. Luckily there are ways you can work with your pet to stop these unwanted actions. Take a look at a few tips for stopping excessive barking below.

Tucker Your Dalmatian Out

Dalmatians are an active dog breed. On average, a Dalmatian needs an hour or more of exercise a day. This can be several long walks a day, long hikes, obstacle courses, and even interactive toys. Trips to the dog park are also great ideas to tire out your pet. No matter what course of action you choose, ensuring that your pet has enough exercise will tire them out and keep them from barking too much.

Mentally Stimulate Your Dalmatian

Dalmatians are intelligent dogs. They have been used as carriage dogs and have done other jobs throughout their history. To keep them from being bored, Dalmatians need lots of mental stimulation. Puzzle toys are a great way to do this.

woman playing with her dalmatian dog with a ring toy
Image Credit: Stenko Vlad, Shutterstock

Ignore the Barking

If your Dalmatian is barking to get your attention and you know their needs are taken care of, the only other option is to ignore your dog’s barking. Often, this lets your Dalmatian know that you aren’t fond of the action and they will move along with their day.

Reach Out to Experts

When all else fails, reaching out to an animal behaviorist or dog trainer could be the last course of action. Professional trainers know how to work with dogs and ensure they learn what they should and should not do.


Final Thoughts

While Dalmatians aren’t silent dogs, they aren’t a breed that is known for excessive barking. If you live in an area where barking is frowned upon or aren’t a fan of it yourself, this dog breed can be a good choice. However, you shouldn’t expect them to be completely silent. Luckily, there are ways you can keep your Dalmatians barking under control and live a relatively quiet life with your pooch.

Featured Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

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