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Do Shelties Like to Cuddle? Breed Facts & FAQ

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on April 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Do Shelties Like to Cuddle? Breed Facts & FAQ

Shelties, also known as Shetland Sheepdogs, are among the best herders and canine competitors in the world. They are also devoted family companions and make excellent pets for first-time pet owners and owners with children. They are playful, energetic, extremely intelligent, and affectionate. We could go on and on about the Sheltie’s amazing characteristics, but do Shelties like to cuddle?

Given that Shelties are affectionate and love to be with their owners, it’s likely your Sheltie will enjoy a little cuddle session; however, every dog is different, and it’s impossible to say for sure, but the odds are in your favor.

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Do Shelties Like to Cuddle?

Shelties form strong bonds with their owners and love to be around them—they don’t do well being left alone for long periods and are prone to separation anxiety. That said, they are always happy to greet their owners when they return.

Shelties are a medium-sized breed, and they are small enough to fit in your lap for some cuddle time, but we can’t guarantee your Sheltie will cuddle with you. However, given that Shelties are an affectionate breed, they may cuddle with you to show affection, or they may cuddle with you if they feel a threat. They are weary of strangers and may feel they need to protect you until they feel comfortable around the stranger.

adorable shetland sheepdog cuddling up with its owner
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How Do Shelties Show Affection?

Shelties are loving dogs, and one way they show affection is, of course, cuddling (if you have a cuddler), and they beg for belly rubs. Your Sheltie may cuddle in your lap for the belly rub and even pull your hand toward him if you stop.

As we’ve mentioned, Shelties form strong bonds with their owners, and it’s common for your Sheltie to follow you from room to room; these dogs just want to be in their owner’s presence at all times whenever possible.

How Do You Bond with a Sheltie?

The more time you spend with your Sheltie, the stronger the bond will be. Play sessions with your Sheltie are an excellent way to form a bond, as well as teaching him tricks and praising him with treats.

Shelties excel in canine sports, and another way to bond is to participate in these types of events with your Sheltie.

Tips for Keeping Your Sheltie Healthy and Happy

Shelties need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to be healthy and happy—they are herders, after all. They need a daily exercise routine of at least one hour per day, but more is better to keep destructive behaviors from arising. You can provide this through 30 to 60-minute walks, throwing a toy around in the yard, or giving them a purpose, such as herding (for those who live on a farm).

They also thrive on mental stimulation, and you can provide such enrichment through puzzle toys and games. You can also enroll them in agility and rally courses and obedience training events.

Ensure you feed your Sheltie a complete and balanced diet with high-quality protein, and don’t forget to always provide fresh water 24/7.

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Final Thoughts

Not all Shelties like to cuddle, and there’s no way to predict if your Sheltie will want to cuddle with you. However, they are loving dogs that love human companionship, and with that, we say you have an excellent chance of having a cuddly Sheltie.

Remember, bonding with your Sheltie is important, and through a strong bond, your Sheltie will likely love to cuddle with you, especially if you are dishing out belly rubs.

Featured Image Credit: Piotr Piatrouski, Shutterstock

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