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Do Corgis Like to Cuddle More Than Other Dogs? Interesting Answer!

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Dogster Team

girl hug and kissing a corgi dog

Do Corgis Like to Cuddle More Than Other Dogs? Interesting Answer!

Every dog owner can agree that dog cuddles are one of the most calming and rewarding activities. Some dogs love to cuddle just as much as their owner, while others don’t particularly enjoy it. Corgis are known to be loving and affectionate, but their upbringing will affect how much of a cuddler a Corgi is. It’s safe to say that a Corgi won’t object to a cuddle session with its owner. Whether or not a Corgi likes to cuddle more than other dogs will depend on its temperament, history, health, and love for cuddling.

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Do Corgis Like to Cuddle?

The temperament of a breed, as well as its upbringing, plays a part in whether or not they enjoy a cuddle. A corgi’s temperament is known for being one of affection and love, and they are also known to love cuddles with their humans. However, like most dogs, some Corgis will enjoy cuddles more than others.

It’s up to the owner of a Corgi to nurture its natural temperament for affection, and the best way to do that is through early socialization.

corgi kissing a woman
Image By: Elena Rogulina, Pixabay

What Makes a Corgi a Cuddler?

Early socialization is vital in developing an all-around stable dog. Socializing your Corgi early allows it to become used to new environments, dogs, and humans and helps build confidence. A well-socialized dog is usually less stressed and less likely to be aggressive, and it is more socially prepared for new people and places.

A cuddly dog is also an affectionate dog. Any breed of dog can be affectionate with the correct amount of love and attention. If your dog trusts you, it will feel confident and relaxed around you and will likely show more affection. This is where early socialization also helps by developing confidence and trust in your dog.

Dogs also enjoy cuddling because it provides warmth and comfort, and it is a way for your dog to show affection. Dogs and humans share a very special bond, and cuddling is one way to show affection to one another. Cuddling can also be a stress reliever for your dog. Cuddling and petting can release oxytocin, the love hormone, which will strengthen your bond and trust and will help your dog feel calm and relaxed.

Why do Some Dogs Cuddle More than Others?

Some canines are bred as working dogs or guard dogs and are used solely for that purpose. While they will still show love and affection toward their owner, they may not enjoy cuddling as much. Some breeds are bred as lap dogs and companions, and these dogs usually enjoy cuddling. Corgis have a natural temperament for affection, so if they are cuddled from a young age, they will grow up to love cuddles with their owner.

Every corgi is unique, and a happy Corgi will show you its affection in some way or the other, but for some corgis, cuddles are not the way they like to show their love.

The history of your Corgi, or any other breed, may affect its love for cuddles. An adopted dog may have come from an abusive household or a place where love and affection were not shown. If a dog is not brought up with love, it may not know how to show that affection, and sometimes a cuddle can trigger trauma.

welsh corgi pembroke puppy on its owners arms
Image By: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Other Breeds that Love to Cuddle

Every dog is unique, and various factors will determine how much they enjoy cuddling, but some breeds are notoriously known for cuddling. Some of these breeds may surprise you!

Safe Cuddling

There may be various reasons your dog won’t want to cuddle at a specific time, which could include illness, heat, or pain. It is essential to read your dog’s body language and social cues to avoid potentially dangerous interactions.

  • Let your dog come to you for cuddles.
  • Body language that indicates your dog is happy to cuddle includes tail wagging, rolling over, and coming into your personal space.
  • Signs that your dog may not want to cuddle include growling, tensing up, baring teeth, and shifting their weight.
  • If your dog’s body is relaxed and its eyelids are drooping, this usually indicates they are enjoying their cuddles.
  • If your corgi gets up, let it go, and don’t force it to stay.
  • Only pet your Corgi in the areas that it enjoys.

Image By: ElfinFox, Pixabay



Some breeds are more prone to affectionate behavior while others aren’t, and their upbringing, history, health, and personal preferences will determine how cuddly they are. Corgis are known to be affectionate and usually enjoy cuddling. However, some may prefer to show their love in other ways. So, while Corgis generally like cuddles, we can’t say they enjoy it more than other dogs.

Featured Image Credit: Krichevtseva, Shutterstock

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