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Do Cockapoos Smell Worse Than Other Dogs? Vet Reviewed Facts & What to Do

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Do Cockapoos Smell Worse Than Other Dogs? Vet Reviewed Facts & What to Do


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Cockapoos are a well-known crossbreed that originated in America and won the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. The Cockapoo’s unwaveringly friendly temperament isn’t the only positive that draws people to them; they’re generally regarded as hypoallergenic and non-smelly dogs compared to some other breeds. They do not in general smell worse than other dogs, but their coats can become smelly if they’re not groomed properly.

While no dog is truly hypoallergenic (meaning unable to produce an allergic reaction in a person with dog allergies), Cockapoos can be a good option for some people with allergies, as most of them inherit their Poodle parent’s curly coat.

This coat holds a lot of hair and dander, but the general “doggy smell” is greatly reduced in the Cockapoo compared to other breeds. However, this means that your dog will need to be washed and groomed frequently to minimize smell and dirt build-up.

What Can Make A Cockapoo Smell?

Several circumstances can make your Cockapoo smell, some of which are medical and some environmental. Like any dog, Cockapoos love to explore and use their noses to find treasures, even if those treasures smell terrible.

Anal gland problems and ear infections are also some of the medical issues your Cockapoo can face, which can make them very smelly, but they aren’t limited to just the Cockapoo.

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Smelly Substances

Fox poop, cat poop, and garbage are all contenders for the smelliest substances a dog absolutely loves to get into, and if not cleaned off properly, they can make a dog smell awful for days.

Because Cockapoos have curly fur, it can be trickier to remove all traces of a bad smell. Regular grooming is critical for the Cockapoos coat health. While owners don’t have to clip them as regularly as Poodle owners, Cockapoos need bi-weekly brushing for the straighter-coated varieties and daily grooming for tightly curled coats.

Inadequate grooming will cause them to smell eventually and can also cause painful matting of the fur that can only be removed by shaving the area.

Ear Infections

While grooming your Cockapoo, checking its ears for signs of infection (as well as a bad smell) can help you identify a problem. Ear infections are often painful and can cause symptoms such as hearing loss, smelly discharge, and excessive dark ear wax.

Regular ear cleanings (making sure never to use a cotton bud on your dog’s ears, as it can damage them) can help to prevent infections and keep bad smells at bay.

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Tooth Decay

Bad breath isn’t inevitable for a dog. Good oral hygiene can keep a dog’s teeth clean and healthy; gum disease and tartar build-up can cause smelly breath and painful problems such as inflammation of the gums.

Anal Glands

All dogs, including Cockapoos, have two glands on either side of their anus. These glands hold a very smelly substance that almost all dog owners will recognize. This substance usually empties from the glands on its own when a dog poops, but sometimes the glands don’t express adequately, meaning they overfill, and blockages can occur.

Any discharge from these sacs is pungent and will cling to fur, meaning that your Cockapoos curly fur may potentially hold more unpleasant smelling fluid. If you suspect your dog has problems expressing their anal glands, such as redness or swelling of the area, or if they’re “scooting” their bottoms on the ground, they should be seen by a veterinarian.

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Do Cockapoos Make Your House Smell?

If a Cockapoo smells due to poor hygiene, lack of grooming, or a medical condition, the scent will linger. Washing your dog’s bedding and any fabric toys in a pet-safe detergent will significantly reduce any odors that may stay in your home. Still, ultimately, dogs do have a natural odor that some people notice more than others.

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Final Thoughts

Cockapoos are a “designer” dog breed known for being friendly, low-shedding, generally suitable for families, and less likely to smell. As long as their basic hygiene is looked after and your Cockapoo is regularly bathed and groomed, they shouldn’t smell any more than the average healthy dog. However, remember that very offensive smells may indicate illness or infection, such as ea infections or dental trouble.

Featured Image Credit: shaymen99, Pixabay

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