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Are Maltipoos Smarter Than the Average Dog? Breed Cognition Facts & FAQ

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Maltipoos Smarter Than the Average Dog? Breed Cognition Facts & FAQ

The Maltipoo is a designer dog that was created by breeding the Poodle and the Maltese together. The result is a cute, wavy-haired pooch that has the smarts of the Poodle and the curiosity of the Maltese. With this pedigree, are Maltipoos smarter than the average dog? The short answer is that these dogs are indeed thought to be smarter than most dog breeds. Here is everything else that you should know.

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It All Starts With the Parents

It’s important to note that all dogs are smart — none are “stupid” or “slow.” But what makes the Maltipoo so smart is that they have a Poodle parent, and the Poodle is considered one of the smartest dog breeds.

The Maltese is also intelligent, but their stubbornness sometimes outshines their smarts. With two intelligent parent breeds to draw from, the Maltipoo typically performs above average in intelligence tests. The Maltipoo’s smarts enable them to efficiently learn from training and perform tasks and services for their human companions.

Their Intelligence Helps the Maltipoo Do Various Things

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Image Credit: marketlan, Shutterstock

The intelligence of the Maltipoo enables them to do many things that many other dog breeds aren’t known for doing well. For example, Maltipoos tend to take to obedience training extremely well and can learn a new trick or command in a few hours, if that. Other things that these dogs can do because of their intelligence include:

  • Agility competitions
  • Therapy support
  • Disability services
  • Elderly support
  • Tricks for entertainment

Maltipoos are also smart enough to figure out their owners and learn how to “manipulate” them into doing the things that they want and to offer the treats that they desire, so prospective owners should beware!

Intelligent Dogs Still Need Training and Direction

Although the Maltipoo is considered highly intelligent, this dog breed, like any other, must receive training and will benefit from direction from their human companions. If left to their own devices, they would not be able to figure the world out and determine the best way to navigate social situations.

A Maltipoo performs and interacts the best when obedience training is made a priority and started early in their life. These dogs should also be socialized as soon as possible by being exposed to new places, people, and animals regularly. With the right direction and training, a Maltipoo’s intelligence is sure to shine.

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Image Credit: Tadogami, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

Maltipoos are adorable dogs with plenty of personality and intelligence. They love kids, get along well with other animals, and enjoy spending time in social environments. These dogs require love, attention, direction, and training to be their best selves, but the work put into them is always worth it.

Featured Image Credit: Bokehboo Studios, Shutterstock

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