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Akita Mastiff Mix: Pictures, Guide, Info, & Care

Written by: Kerry-Ann Kerr

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

Parent Breeds of Akita Mastiff

Akita Mastiff Mix: Pictures, Guide, Info, & Care

Akitas are known for being stubborn, loving, ferociously loyal, and regal-looking. On the other hand, English Mastiffs are imposing but affectionate giants of the canine world. They have a long history with humans and are now loyal companion dogs that take guard duty over their favorite humans very seriously. So, what can you expect from the Akita Mastiff mix? Let’s take a look now!

Breed Overview


26–34 inches


90–200 pounds


10–12 years


Black, brindle, brown, cream, fawn, pied, red, sable, silver, white

Suitable for:

Experienced owners, families with older children, active families with plenty of space, owners looking for a big guard dog


Loyal, loving, protective, courageous, intelligent, trainable

Puppies from a mixed breed inherit various traits from their parents, so figuring out what you’ll get regarding physical attributes and temperament can sometimes be tricky. However, there are some qualities you can rely on and others you can shape with training and socialization.

The Akita is a smaller dog than the Mastiff, but not by much; the biggest Akita can reach 130 pounds, and the smallest Mastiff can weigh 120 pounds. So, you can count on their puppies still being big, even if they aren’t quite as massive as their English Mastiff side, which can reach a whopping 230 pounds.

The Akita Mastiff mix can be imposing and powerful, making them excellent guard dogs. However, that is only one side of this beautiful dog. They are intelligent, gentle, and affectionate with their families, and you should expect an intelligent, friendly, loyal puppy.

Akita Mastiff Mix Characteristics

High-energy dogs will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy, while low-energy dogs require minimal physical activity. It’s important when choosing a dog to make sure their energy levels match your lifestyle or vice versa.
Easy-to-train dogs are more skilled at learning prompts and actions quickly with minimal training. Dogs that are harder to train will require a bit more patience and practice.
Some breeds, due to their size or their breeds potential genetic health issues, have shorter lifespans than others. Proper exercise, nutrition, and hygiene also play an important role in the lifespan of your pet.
Some dog breeds are prone to certain genetic health problems, and some more than others. This doesn’t mean that every dog will have these issues, but they have an increased risk, so it’s important to understand and prepare for any additional needs they may require.
Some dog breeds are more social than others, both towards humans and other dogs. More social dogs have a tendency to run up to strangers for pets and scratches, while less social dogs shy away and are more cautious, even potentially aggressive. No matter the breed, it’s important to socialize your dog and expose them to lots of different situations.

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Akita Mastiff Mix Puppies

Akita Mastiff puppies have large paws that they trip over until they grow into them. They require an experienced owner who will set strict boundaries and take the time to socialize and train them.

Akitas are known for being stubborn, while Mastiffs bore easily, so it’s essential to keep an Akita Mastiff entertained. Be mindful not to overtax a growing puppy or young adult; don’t let them jump from high places, and don’t take them on overly long walks. With a stubborn streak from their Akita side and their Mastiff parent’s notoriety for promptly lying down when they don’t want to walk any further, it’s safer to stay near the house because you will have to carry them back!

The Parent Breeds of the Akita Mastiff Mix
Image By: (L) Liudmila Bohush, Shutterstock | (R) Joseph Gruber, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Akita Mastiff Mix

The Akita Mastiff mix inherits their protective, loyal nature from their parents and is known to form tight bonds with their families. They’re fiercely loyal and devoted companions but aren’t needy dogs; the independent streak provides the self-assurance and independence you want from a guard dog and protector.

They are family-oriented, gentle, and intelligent. They need mental and physical stimulation to remain healthy and avoid developing undesirable behaviors. Although they are intimidating and wary of strangers, with the proper training and socialization, they will be more of a comforting presence for your family than a frightening one.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🧑‍🧑‍🧒

The answer to this question depends on your dedication to training and socialization. Akita Mastiffs are large dogs, and you must stay in control to keep everyone safe. An experienced owner can handle the dog’s intelligence, temperament, and strength.

They get along well with children, but families with infants should find another dog to adopt for two reasons. The first is their size. Big dogs forget they’re enormous, and boisterous play can knock over and injure a small child. Secondly, Akitas are also known for being unforgiving with rude behavior, whether intentional or not.

No matter how vigilant you are in supervising your child with a dog, accidents happen. Many dogs will put up with the odd ear pull or a child trying to ride them like a pony until you can correct the behavior, but Akitas won’t be forgiving. If you have older children and the expertise and time to train your pet, the Akita Mastiff mix will be the best friend you’ll ever have.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

You might assume a big dog like the Akita Mastiff mix might do poorly with other pets because of their size, but sometimes, having another dog in the house is a good idea. If they are socialized early enough, the Akita Mastiff mix will appreciate having a friend in the house they can play with. However, you must ensure the other dog is big and strong enough to keep up with the Akita Mastiff.

They don’t have a high prey drive and do well with smaller pets. However, make sure you make introductions carefully and gradually. As we said, the Akita Mastiff is a massive canine, and smaller pets can be easily injured, but training, socialization, and supervision will help them learn how to get along.

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Things to Know When Owning an Akita Mastiff Mix:

The Akita Mastiff mix is one of the more high-maintenance breeds, which is why inexperienced owners might struggle. Many dogs are surrendered, not because of something they did, but because their owners didn’t do their due diligence initially and unrealistic expectations weren’t met. So, let’s take a closer look into what goes into keeping the Akita Mastiff happy, healthy, and safe!

Food & Diet Requirements🦴

Big dogs have big appetites, and they can be costly to manage. It might be tempting to cut corners regarding food, but a dog’s diet is incredibly important. High-quality food for your dog’s life stage will provide a balanced, nutritionally sound foundation to promote healthy development and growth. The Akita Mastiff is also prone to some health conditions, so maintaining a diet that will keep them in the best shape possible is essential.

It’s best to shop for dog food that is high in protein from quality meat sources, and it will also need a combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Avoid food that uses preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavors and colors. They are filled with empty calories that will fill your dog up but lack nutrition. You can talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s diet and whether they need supplements to keep their joints healthy.


An Akita Mastiff requires at least an hour of exercise, including walks, playing catch and other games, hiking, or swimming. They will also appreciate playtime with the kids in a large, fenced-in yard. Maintaining a daily exercise routine and playing with your dog will prevent them from becoming destructive or aggressive.

Avoid exercise an hour after eating, as it can trigger bloating in large dogs, which can be fatal. Also, keep your dog from jumping from high elevations since their weight makes them more vulnerable to tendon and ligament damage.


The Akita has been known to be stubborn, and clear boundaries and short training sessions are necessary. Mastiffs get bored easily, and if you don’t make it interesting enough, they’ll lie down and start snoring. Their feelings are also easily hurt if you use harsh corrections.

This gives you an idea of what you must do for their puppies, and it’s best to keep training sessions short and exciting, be firm, and use positive reinforcement to keep them motivated. Make sure you take them out to experience new people and places to help them stay calm and confident in new situations when they’re older.

Grooming ✂️

The Akita Mastiff has thick fur but isn’t as fluffy as other large breeds. However, they shed a lot, so they’ll need to be brushed daily. If they take after the Mastiff side considerably, they will have skin folds that require regular cleaning to prevent infection.

Your vet can also recommend medicated shampoo. Particular attention will need to be paid if your Akita Mastiff mix gets wet; it’s vital to ensure the skin folds are dried gently but thoroughly. Also, it’s important to clean their teeth, clip their nails, and check their ears for signs of infection or irritation.

Health and Conditions 🏥

Some believe hybrids are healthier than their parents, but that isn’t true with the Akita Mastiff mix. Unfortunately, they’re prone to many conditions, some of which are severe. Thus, you must keep up with your scheduled vet visits and contact your vet as soon as possible if you notice anything is wrong.

You don’t have any control over which traits your dog inherits, but there is plenty you can control that will improve your dog’s quality of life and, ultimately, their lifespan. Diet, exercise, and proper care will all go a long way to improving your dog’s health. Although your dog may not contract any of the following conditions, it’s important to be aware of them.

Minor Conditions
  • Cataracts
  • Ectropion and Entropion
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Retina dysplasia
  • Sebaceous adenitis
  • Skinfold dermatitis
  • Vestibular Syndrome
Serious Conditions
  • Bloat
  • Cancer Degenerative
  • Myelopathy (DM)
  • Heart disease
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease

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Male vs Female

Females are slightly smaller than their male counterparts, but with the Akita Mastiff mix, you’re getting a large dog no matter what, so this shouldn’t affect your decision that much. Overall, both sexes are very similar. Males and females can be prone to aggression, which can be improved with training, socialization, and spaying or neutering. If you are thinking of getting two Akita Mastiffs, adopt two pups of the same sex, as different sexes can result in altercations, especially if they aren’t spayed or neutered.

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3 Little-Known Facts About the Akita Mastiff Mix

1. They Aren’t as Laid Back as Some Other Larger Breeds

Unlike some large canines, Akita Mastiffs are energetic and can become destructive if they cannot release their pent-up energy.

2. They’re Skilled Guard Dogs, but They Need You to Protect Them

Training and socialization are crucial for the Akita Mastiff, and they’ll guard you with their lives, but they need you to ensure you keep them healthy. You’ll need to maintain an environment that meets all of their needs and care for them if they develop any health conditions they are prone to. It’s a relationship that will thrive on mutual respect and love.

3. They Love Their Humans Fiercely

Akita Mastiffs can scare new visitors or someone unfortunate enough to choose your home to break into, but they are devoted and loyal companions to those who matter. They bond deeply with their family, and while this doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you, it means they won’t hurt you on purpose. They are big and excitable, and don’t all dogs think they’re the perfect size to fit on their owner’s laps?

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Final Thoughts

The Akita Mastiff mix is an imposing, fierce-looking guard dog that will do everything possible to ensure their families are safe. However, they’re also playful, affectionate, and very smart. They’re not suitable pets for first-time owners, but experienced owners with the time and patience for socialization and training are ideal. They are prone to several health issues that require careful monitoring and regular veterinary examinations, and with their dietary needs, the Akita Mastiff might be too expensive for some owners. However, those who can care for them properly will get a lifelong friend and protector.

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Featured Image Credit: (L) Olga Aniven, Shutterstock | (R) Joseph Gruber, Shutterstock

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