Lisa Hertz

Lisa is a Southern California-based pet writer who combines her lifelong passion for animals with a background in library and information science. She has master’s degrees in English and library science and experience in both academic librarianship and non-profit research, indexing and abstracting, and information resource management. Her love of animals inspired a career change in 2014 to full-time pet writing, where she applies her research skills. When not writing about animals, Lisa volunteers with a local pet charity, enjoys native plant and waterwise gardening, going to the beach, and curling up with a good book alongside her two big and fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats.

Scotch Collie (rough collie) running in grass

Scotch Collie Dog Breed Guide: Info, Pictures, Care & More!

The Scotch Collie is often called the old-time or old-fashioned Collie because it is the ancestor of the Collie breed most people are familiar with today. The modern rough and smooth-coated Collies recognized by most dog breed organizations are descended from Scotch Collies, the original Scottish shepherds’ dogs. Scotch Collies have been around for centuries,

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