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Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Dr. Stacie Grannum DVM (Veterinarian)

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown


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Dr. Stacie Grannum

DVM (Veterinarian)

The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

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Our Final Verdict

We give Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Color: 4/5
Durability: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5

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What Is the Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash? How Does It Work?

Wrapping the leash around your hand to pull your dog closer to you is not always practical or safe. If your dog is a strong puller, the leash may slip right through your hand, resulting in injury, such as a painful leash burn. Leashboss has solved this problem with its double-handled leash. With it, you can quickly bring your dog closer to you, and it provides extra control through a second handle and acts as a training tool for dogs that don’t get the heeling concept just yet. The company prides itself in offering high-quality products that will keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy. It sells a variety of leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, feeding bowls, mats, and travel gear.

leashboss double handle 6 foot reflective leash with padded handle

Where to Get The Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash

The double-handled leash from the Leashboss pattern collection can be purchased directly from the company’s website, or it can be found on

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Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash — A Quick Look

  • Wide and padded handles
  • Traffic handle for more control
  • Reflective stitching
  • Bright, bold color
  • Easy to attach swivel-eye bolt-snap hook
  • O-ring loosely attached to the main handle
  • Slightly hard-to-reach traffic handle for people with short arms/small dogs

Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash Cost

Pricing for the double-handle patterned dog leash is affordable and can be purchased online.

leashboss double handle 6 foot reflective leash and tag

What to Expect From Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash

Leashboss has several different double-handled leashes available on its website. I was particularly drawn to the bright and bold colors of the patterned Double Handle 6 Foot Reflective Leash With Padded Handle. There are four patterns to choose from: blue wave, beige/red mountain, orange blanket, and purple/pink space. There are five additional solid colors in aqua, black, blue, pink, and red if you are not a fan of the patterns (they do cost more though). The orange blanket pattern stood out to me the most and I was not disappointed when it arrived—the colors are just as brilliant as in the picture! The product was packaged well by the company and arrived in a soft, brown recyclable envelope. The leash itself was protected in a thin, clear plastic bag with an information card containing the company email for any questions or concerns and highlighting additional products from Leashboss.

Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash Contents

leashboss 6 foot reflective leash

  • 6-foot long, 1-inch wide polyester lead
  • Dual neoprene-padded handles for comfort and protection
  • Traffic handle located 18 inches from the clip for greater control
  • Reflective threads on both sides allow for high visibility
  • Solid metal O-ring for clipping poop bags or keys for easy accessibility
  • Rotating swivel clip, preventing tangling the leash
  • Bold, bright, vivid colors

Dual and Comfortable Handles

The dual handles have a nice width and are comfortably padded with neoprene to prevent injury to your hands. Compare this to a regular, thin leash without the extra padding. You will recognize the difference immediately, especially with a large dog that loves to pull! The second handle, known as a traffic handle, rests 18 inches above the collar clip and is designed to bring your dog closer to you or for when you need extra control. The handle is soft and will not dig into your hands.

leashboss reflective leash with dual handle

Reflective Stitching

Both sides of the leash have three lines of reflective threads, which is a great feature if you like to walk your dog early in the morning or in the evening when visibility is low. This makes you and your dog stand out in a good (and safe) way!

Bright and Bold Colors

The 6-foot polyester leash is brightly patterned with colors ranging from orange, red, and yellow to blue, purple, and green, with different shades in between! One side of the leash has a blanket rainbow pattern, while the reverse side has a red-and-orange linear pattern with a yellow diamond-shaped design overlaying it. Leashboss also has matching collars and harnesses available so your dog can rock a fully stylish new look.

cheeto wearing leashboss 6 foot reflective leash

O-Ring for Attaching Accessories

The top handle has a solid black metal O-ring (described as a D-ring on the website) loosely attached around it as a convenient way to clip your poop bag dispenser, keys, or other needed accessories for easy access.

Rotating Swivel Clip

The clip is strong, solid, and sturdy. It swivels around its base to prevent tangling in the leash, which is great if you have an active dog! The clip is easy to attach to a collar or harness.

leashboss reflective leash rotating swivel clip

Is Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash a Good Value?

Yes! Leashboss is a great value for the quality and durability of its leash. It is comparably priced to other similar leashes on

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this leash be strong enough for a Great Dane?

Yes! The leashes were designed for big, strong dogs.

Can small dogs use this leash?

The leash may work for some small to medium-sized dogs. It was made for large, strong pullers, though, so it may be slightly heavy for small dogs and toy breeds.

cheeto wearing leashboss reflective leash

Our Experience With Leashboss Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash

My dog, Cheeto, is a spayed female Chihuahua mix weighing approximately 15 lbs. She tends to pull in front of me instead of heeling by my side. With a traditional leash, she enjoys wandering ahead, and I feel that I do not have much control over her if something were to suddenly occur. I’m also unable to completely prevent her from eating things, as she quickly gobbles them up before I know what it is. I always worry that it’s something toxic or harmful.

The leash is flexible and flows easily between me and Cheeto, which makes using it more comfortable than stiffer leashes. The handles feel soft, padded, and comfy in my hands without digging into them. The 1-inch width of the handles helps with this too. The stitching on the leash is secure, and the handles and clasp are stitched with a figure-8 pattern for an added level of strength. The clasp is easy to attach and remove from Cheeto’s collar and swivels effortlessly when she decides to change directions, preventing her from getting caught in the leash. At 6 feet in length, the dual-handled leash enables me to provide Cheeto with more space for exercise or to keep her safely at my side.

I like the addition of the traffic handle because I can keep Cheeto close when needed. It is also a great training tool when she decides to pull against the leash, as I can have more control without wrapping the leash around my hands. After a few short sessions, I already see an improvement in her behavior while walking on the leash. She is more obedient and does not pull ahead of me as often as before. Cheeto also enjoys grabbing onto this handle with her mouth as though she is taking herself for a walk!

The traffic handle is slightly difficult to reach if you have short arms and/or a small dog. Unluckily for me, I have both! Tying a knot or two in the middle of the leash can shorten it so the traffic handle is easier to reach. Regardless, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the positive benefits that it provides. For some dogs, though, the handle may be distracting, and they may be tempted to chew it since it is at their level. Dogs may also get their feet and legs caught in the handle if there is enough slack in the leash, so this is something to watch out for.

The reflective stitching and bright colors help you and your dog stand out, though I wish both sides had the rainbow pattern because it is quite striking. The weight of the traffic handle flips the patterned side upside down, so the reverse side is mainly visible and it’s not as appealing. Since the patterns do not match, I feel that it slightly distracts from an otherwise beautiful leash.

The O-ring is handy, but the downside is that the ring is freely movable around the handle and can interfere with your grip. A better, permanent placement would be right below the handle, where it would still be convenient and easy to use but not uncomfortable for your hand or hinder your grip on the leash.

The leash is a bit big for Cheeto because she is a small dog, and it would work better for medium to large-sized dogs. This doesn’t seem to bother her, though; she wears it with pride!

leashboss reflective leash at night

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As a shorter person, I’ve had my fair share of being pulled and dragged by dogs. I guess you can say that the dog would end up taking me for a walk instead of the other way around! With the Leashboss Double Handle Leash, though, I have greater control without sacrificing my hands, arms, and back when a dog decides to tow me along. The width, thickness, and padding of the handles help prevent leash burn while adding an extra level of comfort that traditional leashes seem to lack. Now I need the matching collar and harness for Cheeto too!

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