Dogster Obsessions: The Dog Desk Caddy by Vacavaliente

Nov 13th 2012  |   4 Contributions

What's made of discarded leather scraps, rolls in on four wheels and may or may not bark and wag his tail depending on the pill you're taking?

If you guessed "the dog caddy from Vacavaliente," you likely know that we've written about it before, but hey, we didn't have a fancy video to go with it last time! 

On Dogster, we write about our obsessions several times a week, and I'm excited to announce that some of them will be made into little videos (like the one you see above) by the awesome video guys at Say Media. Special thanks go out to Jamie Vitt, a fellow dog nut, who is producing this series for us. 

My dog, Moxie, will be helping review products with me, and I hope the other Dogster HQ staffers and pups may make a guest appearance or three. 

If you have a product you think we should be obsessed with, send it my way: janine AT dogster DOT com. 


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