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"Dogster: Where No One Knows You're Human"

On a sunny autumn day in San Francisco we went down to the Marina with some friends, our dog suit and a video camera. This video is the result. He, he, he... we think it's pretty funny and we hope you do too.

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   •Bill Swerbenski & John Vars

   •Ted Rheingold & Steven Reading as Dogster
   •Maud & Molly as picnicers
   •June, Ted & John as the trio at the picnic table

   © Derek K. Miller at

Dogster: Where No One Knows You're Human!
© 2005 Dogster, Inc. &
Music © Derek K. Miller

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Thanks to
Bill Swerbenski, June, Molly, Maud, Dave Salmela, Derek Miller and big, big thanks to all the nice doggies and humans at the Marina!

COMING SOON: Dogster: Wouldn't it be great to be a dog?