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Chicago Academy of Dog Training [view the full listing]

2338 w. Nelson
Chicago , IL 60618
(773) 325-0400

1edited: April 20th, 2009

Chicago Academy of Dog Training = AWFUL "BUSINESS"

This "business" is awful and a complete waste. I honestly think that the owner has a dependency issue that needs to be addressed professionally. I wish I had spent my money on comcast to watch Animal Planet for a much more informative, insightful training. Anatomy of her classes:
First "class": We sat for a half hour waiting for her to show up then read a document with VERY poor grammar obviously copied from an online source. Apparently I didn't even need to bring my dog to this. Then we went home.
Second "class": Consisted of asking dog to stay on a bed. She did not explain and could not come up with a thorough answer on why we were doing this task before she would get distracted. She gravitates towards the dogs that are following her lead and neglects the others. By the way, she had forgotten to tell us that we needed to bring a pouch, buy our own clickers, and bring treats. Forgive me but I had figured that something that amounted to ten dollars might have been included. Her printer was also broken so we didn't get that week's packet. Right. She forgot to email it to us. Just like the prior week.
I couldn't even make it to the third class because I was so upset about this absolute waste of time. The facilities are impressive but she tolerates employees that reek of pot and caging all dogs. This is the furthest statement from the truth: "We believe in a very strict regiment of food, fun, play, train, and potty". I watched many dogs placed to a small fenced in area for 10 minutes (their "outside time") then walked back to kennel.
Please do not waste your time. If you'd like, I can take your $200 and throw it into the garbage for you. Unless you'd like to watch a grown woman act like a six year old on speed.
Good luck trying to get someone to return your phone call if you have a problem. I've tried many times before writing this review.

posted: April 20th, 2009