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Seal Point Park [view the full listing]

1901 J. Hart Clinton Drive
San Mateo, CA 94401

4posted: March 17th, 2009

Big park

But I\'ve run into some not so well behaived people there - with not so well behaived dogs. Because of the larger enviornment more crap can take place than at the Foster City Dog park. But my husband and dog really like this place.


Foster City Dog Park [view the full listing]

900 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404

4posted: March 17th, 2009

Small park, but typically nice owners and dogs

I like the fake grass and the multiple surfaces. Generally people here are really friendly. Although it's small so my dog can't run much here.


Fort Funston [view the full listing]

500 skyline boulevard
at john muir drive
san francisco, CA 94101

5posted: March 17th, 2009

Fort Funston is the best!

This place is doggy Disneyland for the confident, social dog. There's lots to explore and lots of dogs to play with. This is one of our favorite places.