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Fetch! Pet Care of NWLV [view the full listing]

8916 Happy Stream Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89143
(702) 448-4518

5posted: March 8th, 2008

Professional Company

This is my mom's company and you won't find a more dedicated team of in-home overnight. dog walkers, or pet sitters in Las Vegas or Henderson. Just ask my friends daisy, Jetter, or Peppi and Mugsy. Better yet, ask thier 100s of happy furry friends.


Bark Busters Home Dog Training [view the full listing]

10624 S. Eastern Avenue
Suite A-626
Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 257-2275

5posted: March 8th, 2008

Great Dog Training for All Types of Dogs

Christine, from Bark Busters, instantly put me (Molly) at ease. I'm a shy girl who takes some time to get to know people not in my people pack. My mom says Christine is a great dog trainer and I think I like her too! She helps all of my friends from Fetch Pet Care be the best dogs we can be! My dad says she has many puppies and dog clients from all over Las Vegas and Henderson. I give her 5 Barks and a Roll over!