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Puptown [view the full listing]

Marine Drive & Lawrence
Chicago, IL 60640
(312) 742-DOGS

4posted: November 27th, 2007

Great Dog Park

We are not members of Pup Town, but we go from time to time. I've been impressed by the community that gathers there. It's fairly close knit, and large. This past Halloween they had a fun dog costume contest with great prizes. The organization that runs the park does a good job maintaining the area, and making people feel welcome. Every time we show up there's plenty of dogs to play with.


Montrose Dog Beach [view the full listing]

Wilson Dr and N Simonds Dr
Chicago, IL 60659

5posted: November 27th, 2007

our favorite spot!!

We're noon time regulars, year-round. There is a great group of folks that get together every day, rain or shine. Our favorite time is the fall and winter when the summer "picnic-ers" and unsocialized dogs are scarce. Mondog is the group that shares responsibility for the area with the city. You can find them at Mondog.org. This beach is one of the great things about living in the city. There's no greater joy than seeing a pack of dogs running free through the waves. Take advantage of it!


Pooch Park [view the full listing]

3220 Oakton
Skokie, IL 60077

4posted: November 27th, 2007

We're a fan

Yes, we're from Rogers Park (in the city) and paid the $70 to join. It's only 15 minutes away. We love this place. The grass is wonderful, there are bushes, agility equipment, fresh water, and lots of fun dogs. We spend three-four days a week here. Rosie always has a great time! It gets one less paw because of the price.


VCA Misner Holley Animal Hospital [view the full listing]

1545 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 888-4226

2posted: November 27th, 2007

not a fan

We've seen a different vet every time we go in. They try and sell us services that we don't need. It's expensive, too. One thing to note, however, they have 1/2 price vaccinations on Thursdays. It's convienent for us, so we've ended up here, but I don't think it will be our vet long-term.

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URBANIMAL [view the full listing]

1257 W. Devon
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 465-0600

5posted: November 27th, 2007

We Shop Here

They have great bones, toys, treats, and Rosie always mixes it up with the resident pooch. The owners have tried to talk us into going grain-free, but we like our Solid Gold Wolf King (and they carry it!). This is my favorite pet store in the city, and a must for Rogers Park dog owners.