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Avenues Pet Hospital [view the full listing]

2221 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 681-4343

5posted: March 12th, 2008

Very friendly and helpful staff!

The environment was so positive, and everyone oohed like usual over my adorable self. The appointments are very inexpensive! And only $3.30 for an anti-flea pill! I walked in, and although they only do appointments they were able to fit me in 20 minutes later! Such great people and the doctors are so knowledgeable, helpful, and great!


Ocean Beach [view the full listing]

Great Hwy
San Francisco, CA 94101

5posted: February 11th, 2008

Ocean Beach Small Dog Gathering Every Saturday at 10 AM!!

This small dog gathering held every week at this beach is so fun for my mom and I! I get to play with other dogs my size, off leash, and climb on top of sand castles!! My mom talks to other small dog owners about boring stuff while I run around in the waves and check out other dog booty! It is the hour I most look forward to every week!


Fort Funston [view the full listing]

500 skyline boulevard
at john muir drive
san francisco, CA 94101

5posted: October 21st, 2007

Awesomest Place EVERRRR!

This is my favorite place ever! I get to come off my leash, get dirty in the sand and ocean, and play with other dogs! It's like a daytime dog party! Sometimes I even dig up shells for fun! Once I met this big beautiful white dog there whose owner was a photographer, she took pictures of me and her pooch together and mailed them to me! Everyone is so nice, friendly, and fun! I come here anytime my dad comes up to visit me! We can ever visit the fort together!



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