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Paws on Piedmont [view the full listing]

3974 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 601-PAWS

4posted: March 4th, 2009

I love this store!

Being so close to a large retailer, they've positioned themselves as a far more personal, and specialized pet boutique. This normally means higher prices but they've actually priced most of their product a bit lower to stay competitive. Take a peak in, you'll have a hard time leaving empty-handed!


Dog Bone Alley [view the full listing]

1342 Park St
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 393-4813

4posted: June 22nd, 2007

I love this Place!

Dog Bone Alley has a very helpful and sweet staff, good selection of high quality foods that are hard to find, and pet adoption days. A little bit pricey... but it feels great to support an independently owned local small business that cares about your four-legged family. *I also love that you have to option to sign up as a member and they log your purchase history. What kind of food did I buy before, that didn't work for Kuma? What flavor was it that he liked? Can you make a suggestion based on what i've already tried? I forgot my receipt...*


Drigon Dog Park [view the full listing]

Mission Blvd and 7th Street
Union City, CA 94587

3edited: June 23rd, 2007

Cutest Dog Park Ever!

I've never seen a dog park so cutely designed but it does worry me when Kuma runs full speed through this park from grass to pavement and under the obstacles. I don't stop him, but he has hurt his leg or stubbed his toe here. There certainly are off-peak hours here when the park is quiet and lonely for Kuma. But I really appreciate that there is a third fenced in lawn area to isolate a dog that might be aggressive, in heat, ill, or training. Street parking available. *Park closed on Mondays*

posted: June 22nd, 2007


Pet Food Express Palo Alto [view the full listing]

3910 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 856-6666

4posted: June 21st, 2007

Nice place to wash the dog~

I went early in the morning before anybody else was there. They showed me where everything was, provided plenty of towels, and tips on washing Kuma. He was shedding out his winter coat and after the blow dry...well let's just say it looked like a pomeranian exploded in the room. It was covered in his hair and the staff was STILL nice to me. But don't forget to bring your own brush, they don't supply grooming tools.


Pet Club [view the full listing]

1010 Rengstorff
Mountain View, CA 94043

4edited: June 21st, 2007

With prices so low..you can't complain much.

They have a lot of the same toys and products I bought at other places for much cheaper than I paid! Sometimes brands are featured at the end of the aisles so you can't find them where you might expect them to be. Example: the Furminator brush will be by the register with the rest of the Furminator line but not in the grooming section where you might go to find it... same situation for the for the Premier toy brand. But the staff is very friendly and helpful, so if you are looking for something...just ask! I just wish they'd sell the dog food I need!

posted: June 21st, 2007


Mountain View Dog Park [view the full listing]

Bill Graham Pkwy at North Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA 94041

3posted: June 21st, 2007

Hit or miss...

Overall it's a good clean dog park with a type of gravel/sand that is not bad to deal with when it get's rainy. There's a small shaded bench in both Sml. and Lrg. parks, doggie fountains, plenty of pick up bags, and easy parking. It's specially a treat when the pro dog walkers are there! The cons: No grass, can get very hot, and there are times when the park is empty. I wish there were some trees inside the park to create more shade and interest for the dogs. Sometimes Kuma gets bored enough there to innitiate a game of fetch with me. Weekends are packed and a lot of fun!


PetSmart Mountain View [view the full listing]

2440 East Charleston Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 968-1034

4posted: June 21st, 2007

The Best PetSmart!

Maybe because it is so new... everything seems so clean and shiny! It's very easy to navigate through this store, and the staff is very attentive. They have a huge window wall that looks into their doggie day care group and when Kuma ran up to it with his tail wagging, all the dogs inside went nuts! The employee inside with the dogs glared at me. Why wouldn't they block the bottom 4 feet of the wall from view to prevent this expected dog interaction? Besides this store planning defect, I love shopping here!


Hobee's [view the full listing]

2312 Central Expressway
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 968-6050

5posted: June 21st, 2007

Red, White, and Blue Smoothies are the Bomb!

I get these almost daily and it just isn't complete without a healthy dollop of whip cream! Also they make a very rich vanilla latte with a hint of cinnamon that melts my heart.


Cascal [view the full listing]

400 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 940-9500

5edited: June 21st, 2007

Choice of water!

When we came here, we sat at a outdoor table and immediately were brought a dog bowl and a treat! Later, as it became cooler, we moved to another table close to a heat lamp and a second dog bowl was brought to us! (Hee hee, Kuma had his choice of water) They were not just tolerant of dogs...they LOVE them! The human food was SO tasty and at good prices. I went with a vegetarian friend and there were plenty of choices for her too~ Sangria was good and so was the octopus!

posted: June 21st, 2007