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Dogs Day Inn Inc [view the full listing]

1719 W Wrightwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 868-4001

5edited: March 13th, 2007


I checked out and called many a place to find a good day care. I was very happy that Dogs Day Inn screens their clients (you schedule to come in after hours to meet with the owner and her dog to make sure there's no aggression or behavioral issues). She also gives you a tour of the facility, which is very homey and clean. There is a separate small/elderly dog play area, which is something I was looking for. Also, there is no kenneling, except for meal time (or if they need a time-out). That was important for us as well. The staff is super kind and puts up with me calling to check on Junjie because I am lame and overprotective. Junjie seriously loves it...he realizes where we are as soon as he gets out of the car and can't wait to play! When I pick him up he is so happy and usually passes out in the car. We both highly recommend this place! Oh, I also had him groomed there once after daycare. He looked beautiful.

posted: March 13th, 2007