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Louisville Metro Animal Services [view the full listing]

3705 Manslick Road
Louisville, KY 40215
(502) 361-1318

5posted: March 4th, 2007

Doing as good as they can with what little they have

It breaks my heart when ever I have gone to the Metro sight. The employees are underpaid and they are all understaffed, but I really feel like they are doing the best they can with what little the city gives them.


Pets Palace [view the full listing]

2817 Del Rio Place
Louisville, KY 40220

1posted: March 4th, 2007


This place used to be one of the best ma and pa type pet stores. Then it just went down hill. I don't even bother going there, havent for years. The owners were as rude as possible, and kept two amazons in the front area they they were wanting to breed to make a profit off of. They had no clue what they were even doing to these birds, let alone putting them out on display while breeding...I am surprised this place is even still open.


Sam Vaughn Dvm [view the full listing]

203 Moser Rd
Louisville, KY 40223
(502) 245-7863

5posted: February 27th, 2007

For the Birds

Dr Vaughn is one of the bestest Avian Dr's in this area. He also is great with other critters too! Before I was born, mommy had a beautiful parrot that got sick. Dr Vaughn took care of him and mommy always tells the story of how upset the Dr got when someone brought in a dog that had been hit by a car. He tried and tried to save the doggy. But he passed away. Dr Vaughn made even more special efforts to make the family comfortable by cleaning up the dog, before they came back to kiss him goodbye. There is nothing more special than seeing your vet cry along side you at the loss of your dear pet.


Three Dog Bakery [view the full listing]

3929 Chenoweth Square
Louisville, KY 40207

5posted: February 27th, 2007


Wow, when my mom took me to this place, I pretty much peed myself with excitement. Talk about wonderful tasty treats!! They even have a very kewl birthday party room just for me and my buds. They are always very friendly and just the greatest!


E.P. Tom Sawyer Dog Park [view the full listing]

3000 Freys Hill Road
Louisville, KY 40241

5posted: February 27th, 2007

Ahhhh I love this place

I met so many nice buddies when I was a member here. Hours and hours of frolicking with the guys while Mom watched and followed me around. It is just the kewlest thing since , wow, my tail I believe. Everybody played well with others, most of the time, every now and then somebody would stick their nose in the wrong place, but that was to be expected when the membership started getting larger. It is well worth the money. I just have not been back since Mom & Dad put a fence up for me at home, and since I got my new brother...he is very snippy and would not be welcome until he learns manners...


Dr Johns Pet Care Clinic [view the full listing]

9482 Brownsboro Rd
Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 412-6322

5posted: February 27th, 2007

I heart Dr John

We both Heart Dr John so much! He deeply cares about critters! He did have to mark his prices up this year, but his services are still the bestest!


Shamrock Foundation, INC [view the full listing]

12318 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, KY 40224

1posted: February 27th, 2007

I dont wike them

As much as I never like to bad mouth ANY shelter, this one really has a stick up their rear when it comes to stereo typing and being prejudice about who they let adopt. Since a lot of the people are volunteers, they tend to be gray hair adults, that are very snobbish. We could have adopted a brother or sister, I just did not find one I wanted to bring home. Mean while, overhearing very rude remarks about prospective parents and their families just made me hang my head in shame. If they didnt like the way you looked, you were not going to be adopting from them....