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St. John's Veterinary Clinic [view the full listing]

4818 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203

4posted: February 22nd, 2007

Great Vet!

I have not had any major problems, but I had a dew claw that grew back that Dr. Davis removed for me and I healed up really well! The staff there is super nice and I'm always excited to go into the clinic. It doesn't hurt that they give out these yummy treats that mommy says clean my teeth... they are delicious!


It S A Dogs Life Playcare [view the full listing]

8709 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97203
(503) 286-2668

5posted: February 22nd, 2007

Doggie Playcare

Mommy and daddy never have to feel bad when they go out of town anymore... they have traveled twice now to places they couldn't take me for 5 days at a time and I in the meantime have been in doggie heaven playing all day long and snoozing happily in my crate come night. Mom and dad have also been dropping me off once a week since September 2006 and love it. I'm always too tired by the time I get home to know what mom and dad are up to that night... but they seem pretty happy about it and pat my head or rub my belly when they pass by.